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Triton Systems

Structural waterproofing, gas proofing solutions, damp proofing,

+44 (0)1322 318830 www.tritonsystems.co.uk

A market leading supplier of structural waterproofing systems including those defined as Types A, B and C in BS 8102:2009 - the code of practice for the protection of below ground structures from water from the ground. Key systems include BBA approved TT Admix (Type B), used widely in the construction of watertight concrete structures; Platon cavity drain membranes (Type C), and a range of fully bonded, liquid applied and cementitious Type A systems. For the specifier looking for a single point of supply and support, particularly when a combination of two or more structural waterproofing systems is employed, Triton supplies a comprehensive range of each type, plus ancillary products and a full range of maintainable pumps, alarms and drainage systems. Additional products in Triton’s range include ground gas protection systems and, for general and green roofing projects, Triton offers liquid applied systems, membranes for protection, drainage and water storage, mechanically fixed single ply membrane and high quality Isola Shingles. Triton also supplies products for waterproofing and protecting floors, for structural repair, masonry stabilisation including wall ties, a range of anti-condensation products and an ever evolving range of wood preservation and damp proofing systems.

Triton Systems is a RIBA CPD Provider

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