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Hand Dryer

Toto warm air hand dryers are low noise and designed for maximum hygiene performance. Feature built in drip collection tray and seamless gully

TOTO Bathroom Product range EU

The TOTO World of Well Being, EU collection. Comprehensive bathroom range of water saving, Innovative products, including WC's, Washlets basins and shower products.

TOTO Ceramic technology

In addition to ensuring long-lasting shine, CeFiONtect guarantees the utmost in hygiene – it makes it very difficult for waste, bacteria and mould to accumulate. The ultra-smooth glaze on these ceramic surfaces literally redefines cleanliness. Conventional ceramics have tiny rough surfaces, which cannot be seen with the naked eye. Under the microscope, they look like little mountain ranges. No matter how often these surfaces are cleaned, it is still possible for bacteria to collect in these uneven structures. In contrast, CeFiONtect creates incredibly smooth surfaces that give waste practically nowhere to hide. The special CeFiONtect glaze is applied to the ceramic prior to firing and provides a permanent extremely durable surface.

TOTO Rimless WC Brochure

Having created their first Rimless, Tornado flush WC in 2002, TOTO continues to provide the best in performance and hygiene standard across its entire WC range, with Water saving 4.5/3 Litre design

Washlet Shower Toilet

TOTO WASHLET shower toilet technology incorporates, a heated WC seat and personal washing via a built in wand device, that emits warm water to provide a new level of hygiene and comfort. Naturally, warm water cleans far more effectively than paper alone ever could. Its temperature and flow are easily user adjusted, in most models by remote control, the wand self-cleans before each function and after every use. The energy-saving mode can also be activated to increase efficiency. Every aspect of WASHLET Technology, including water flow rate, the angle at which water is released has been refined over more than 38 years to create highest levels of performance. Latest advances in WASHLET technology also include new Ewater anti-bacterial spray system and Actilight self-cleaning ceramics.

Washlet Shower Toilet Design

TOTO Hygiene-Mygiene: An introduction into the world of TOTO Washlet shower toilets. What makes a TOTO different by design? Class leading performance and Hygiene focused technology that has evolved over 40 years, trusted by more than 50 million users worldwide!

Showing 1-6 of 6