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TigerTurf (UK) Ltd

The UK's Premier Artificial Turf Manufacturer

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Founded in 2000, the UK division of TigerTurf, designs and manufactures artificial turf for sport, landscape and leisure applications, and is a major supplier to the European and Middle Eastern markets. Thanks to an unrivalled investment in product development, TigerTurf utilises innovative manufacturing processes to develop a comprehensive range of artificial turf which meets a variety of performance standards. TigerTurf selects the most advanced yarns from parent company TenCate – market leader in yarn extrusion – to create a full range of artificial turf for a wealth of sports, education, and leisure facilities. This commitment to quality is supported by a network of testing houses and the manufacturer's very own laboratory, which is equipped with the latest in testing equipment. To support its expansive product range, TigerTurf has a network of highly-skilled partners in construction and design, each of whom is able to extend the organisation’s industry-leading attention to detail, to the installation and maintenance of its artificial turf products. TigerTurf is a FIFA Licensed Supplier and maintains close affiliations with the FA, World Rugby, RFU, RFL, GAA, and ITF, whilst also having relevant products approved by FIH through the Preferred Supplier status of parent company, TenCate.

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