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The Safety Letterbox Company Ltd.

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Abbeville Apartments

The Abbeville Apartments project features multiple banks of wall recessed mail boxes and parcel delivery boxes. The products used in this project are of an in front / out front type that securely store deposited mail and parcels until later retrieval by an authorised resident. The Parcel Boxes use a full front opening door combined with a digital combination lock which allows for large items such as internet purchases to be securely left ready for later retrieval by specific resident.

Abel Homes – Swan’s Nest, Swaffham

Abel Homes are an award-winning independent housing developer specialising in the construction of “contemporary properties with a high specification and outstanding quality”. The Swan’s Nest project by Abel Homes is based is Swaffham, East Anglia – within close proximity to King’s Lynn and Norwich. The Swan’s Nest project features the popular MEFA Pearl wall mounted mailbox outside of the homes on the development. The MEFA Pearl mailbox is a design-led product that consists of a locked compartment for letters and an unlocked, covered compartment for newspapers and larger items.

Avant-garde Project. London.

The Avant-garde project features multiple banks of mailboxes that include both vertical and horizontal mail types. The mailboxes used in the project were produced using our high-quality Stainless Steel material with a 316L grade finish. The banks of mailboxes are divided between wall mounted and freestanding installation, providing a solution for a project where the available space is limited. The banks of freestanding mailboxes were mounted upon a support frame custom designed for the project to provide a secure and stable base for the banks.

Barratt Homes - Putney Rise

Putney Rise is a housing development created by Barratt Homes in the popular south-west London suburb. The MEFA Judo mailboxes used on the project are finished in RAL 7024 – Graphite Grey; a custom colour that is not typically offered as a standard option. A classic feature of the MEFA Judo mailbox is the contrasting band colour used in the range, Barratt Homes chose a grey mailbox finish with a contrasting stainless steel band. The Graphite Grey colour finish of the mailbox matches the window and door designs, with the stainless steel band reflecting both the window and door hardware.

Bradwell Street

Introducing the Bradwell Street project that features numerous individual COM 1 mailboxes that are wall mounted underneath an entrance porch to the homes of residents. The COM 1 mailbox is a versatile and popular solution that lends itself to being both used as a single product, or in a bank of multiple mailboxes popular in multi-occupancy residences.

Burj Khalifa - Dubai

The Burj Khalifa, Dubai, still holds the world record as the tallest building in the world. This skyscraper is a world-class destination and the magnificent centerpiece of Downtown Dubai, Dubai’s urban masterpiece. The Safety Letterbox Company Ltd manufactured and installed a completely bespoke mailbox system that is recessed behind luxurious oak panelling in the towers guest services marea. This enables all mail for residents to be sorted and allocated into individual secure mailboxes, providing them with a unique mailing address.

Canning Town

At The Safety Letterbox Company, we can manufacture a complete mailbox arrangement to house within the aluminium surrounds and replace a glazed screen. Panel boxes have a simple letterflap to the front face and house the mailboxes to the rear allowing the tenants ease of retrieving their mail and ensuring maximum security for the building. This arrangement complies with the Secured by Design Guidelines of eliminating the need for access into a building, even from the postman.

CITU Homes - Little Kelham

The Little Kelham project is a housing development created by CITU Homes consisting of 153 1 – 4 bedroom homes and a variety of creative spaces, cafes and shops. The project features the popular MEFA Letter mailbox wall mounted on to the external walls of the properties to securely store mail. The MEFA Letter mail box has been finished in a basalt grey colour to match the design guidelines set out for the project and used across the door frames, window frames and general hardware throughout the development.

Clapton Stainless Steel Project

The Clapton Stainless Steel project features a bank of wall mounted ECOM mailboxes manufactured using high-quality 304L grade material. The bank of stainless steel mailboxes were designed to meet the requirements set out by the project architect and design team. The mailboxes feature a wooden surround which compliments the boxes well, also hiding the joins between the banked mailboxes. The mailboxes are situated in the entrance lobby area in the ideal position for postal delivery workers to easily deposit items, and for residents to pick up mail as they pass.

Countryside Properties – Dragons Way

Countryside Properties are a UK housebuilding and urban regeneration company working throughout London and the South East of England. The company’s main focus is upon the development of new homes and commercial properties, creating Places People Love. The project at Dragons Way features numerous Safety Letterbox ‘Eurobox’ mailboxes throughout the site, providing a secure place for mail to be deposited for the houses. The colour chosen for the Eurobox matches the project branding throughout the site such as the door and window frame finishes.

Covent Garden - Floral Court

Floral Court is a mixed-use development featuring a high-quality residential, retail and restaurant space located in London’s Covent Garden. The mailboxes used in the Floral Court project are situated in internal lobby areas that residents pass through to access their apartment. Each bank of mailboxes is fitted into a bespoke timber frame with an internal steel frame support that ensures multiple mailboxes are securely installed in their respective locations.

CPS Homes - Corner House, Cardiff

We love working with innovative and progressive developers and architects on projects that think outside the box, and Corner House, Cardiff is no exception. Developers Quin & Co Ltd have produced yet another exciting development. Situated on the corner of Woodville Road and Crwys Road is Corner House – a brand-new block of student apartments managed by agents CPS Homes. The building comes with a secure video entry system to each flat, lift access to each of the six floors, 24-hour CCTV, storage for bicycles and of course a multi colourful bank of COM 2 mailboxes.

Dallston Junction

The Dallston Junction project features two banks of Stainless Steel 2 mailboxes that have been recessed into a wall and finished with an oak surround. Each mailbox is engraved with specific numbering to allow for easy identification by the users. Stainless steel 2 mailboxes both accept mail at the front and allow for retrieval of mail at the front of the product.

Fitzroy Place, London

Here at The Safety Letterbox Company, we are delighted to have worked on such a prestigious project where multiple banks of mailboxes are interestingly located throughout the project within the lobby area and mail room, in both freestanding and wall recessed arrangements, creating a visually interesting statement to compliment colour, tone and materials used within the project. As with all aspects of this project, the design and creative element is paramount throughout with great attention to detail.

Grand Designs - Corten Steel

The Safety Letterbox Company are the UK’s leading manufacturer of mailboxes with a standard range of over 130 items, but also providing bespoke storage solutions for projects where a specific product is required. The mailbox is a through the wall product, with mail posted into the front of the item and securely stored until being retrieved on the rear side of the mailbox with a coded key. The front side of the mailbox features the corten steel panel integrated with an intercom system for communicating with the residents of the property.

Great Minster House

The Great Minster House project is a high-end residence that features a freestanding bank of H1 lateral mailboxes. The mailboxes were fitted onto a bespoke table support created specifically for the project. Once mounted upon the table, the mailboxes were back-fixed to the rear wall to maximise stability and security of the items. The mailboxes were designed in conjunction with the project architects to ensure the style and design of the mailboxes chosen was the most appropriate for the project.

Great Suffolk Street

The Safety Letterbox Company manufactured two banks of freeestanding mailboxes for The great Suffolk Street project – a student accomodation building. The mailboxes used a bold Carmine Red as the colour which had a link to the classic Royal Mail postbox style. As with all mailboxes supplied by The Safety Letterbox Company, the boxes were banked in our UK factory and then sent out via a courier to allow for easy installation once delivered.

Green Quarter

The Green Quarter project features a single large bank of H1 type mailboxes that are recessed into the wall maximising the amount of space available in the location. Each row of mailboxes is divided by an oak wood insert, adding visual interest to the bank of mailboxes.

Highbury Square

The Highbury Square project features multiple banks of freestanding Steel 2 mailboxes finished in a classic Window Grey (RAL 7040) colour. The mailboxes used in the project feature jet black vinyl numbering, and the banks are securely fixed to the floor of the location with the use of a pair of supporting legs.

Imperial College London

The Imperial College London project features multiple banks of freestanding mailboxes designed and manufactured to offer a secure postal storage solution for both students and staff whilst conforming to the style branding guidelines of the university. The products used in the university project are the popular H1 horizontal mailboxes, combining a classic design with an affordable pricing and robust materials. The mailboxes are finished in a Dark Sapphire Blue (RAL 5003) that matches the design specification that was set out by the project architect.

Jackson Fire Rated

The Jackson Fire Rated project features freestanding mailboxes that conform to the BS476 Part 6 & 7. The small bank of fire rated mailboxes are installed internally in a residential building and securely store mail for residents. The mailboxes are fitted to the floor with the use of support legs which are secured to the concrete floor which the use of heavy-duty fixings. Support stands are colour coded to match the same finish as the bank of mailboxes.

King's Cross Gasholders Triplets, London

The Gasholders lobby displays extraordinary attention to detail in its integration of the building’s industrial heritage with contemporary design and style. A 24-hour concierge team operates from a bespoke desk made in natural stone, while polished concrete floors with brass inlay, a sweeping spiral staircase and feature light sculpture introduce guests to the drama of the interior. It also houses the bespoke brass mailboxes painstakingly developed and created by our Innovation team.

King’s Cross – The Tapestry

The Tapestry project is a high-end residential development located in the heart of King’s Cross, London. Our mailboxes were designed to blend into the background of the reception lobby area with a clean elegant finish, configured into a visually interesting layout staggering each vertical column of mailboxes. The mailboxes are located in the reception lobby area of the project where residents will walk through to access their apartments. The model of mailbox used in the project was chosen for its minimalistic and flexible design proven on other notable projects in London such as the Fitzroy Place building.

London City Island

A high-end residential and commercial neighbourhood development taking inspiration from the very best of global metropolitan communities.

Manhattan Loft Gardens

The project required 148 mailboxes to securely store the mail deliveries for the residents living within this high-end development. The mailboxes are located on the ground floor in the entrance walkways with access to the mailboxes and building behind a secured external property door. The mailboxes are configured into multiple products in a bank, maximising the quantity of mail that can be securely stored in a minimum amount of space. The large banks of mailboxes are recessed into the walls of the walkways, fixed through the side, top and bottom faces of the product.

Modern Renaissance

The Modern Renaissance project maximises the space available, conforms to the styling guidelines set out by the project architects, and uses great looking secure mailboxes. The contrast of the mailboxes against the minimalistic backdrop combined with subtle down-lights result in a finished product that the client was extremely happy with.

myRENZbox Parcel Management System - BUGA German Horticultural Show

Much like the British Chelsea Flower Show, Germany has its own national horticultural festival, known as Bundesgartenschau, or as it is affectionately called ‘BUGA’. The theme of this year’s festival in Heilbronn is innovation, which is where supporting partner RENZ steps in!

Nine Elms Project. London.

The Nine Elms Point development features a collection of 645 one, two, three and four-bedroom apartments and penthouses that have been spread across seven distinctive buildings. The project features a large mail room that is used by both mail delivery personnel, property staff and residents to both post and retrieve mail. Mailboxes have been both recessed into the exterior walls of the room and used as freestanding islands with back-to-back mailboxes to maximise the available space.

Paddington Exchange - Fire Rated Mailboxes

The project features multiple banks of wall recessed ‘Fire Rated 2’ mailboxes located in the entrance lobby area. The mailboxes contain a series of features and benefits that result in a ‘one hour integrity’ rating that conforms to the BS476 Part 22 fire standards. The banks of mailboxes are completed with a surround trim used to mask the join between the mailboxes and the installation wall. Large panels are used in conjunction with the banks of mailboxes which allow for easy identification of the relevant mailbox for both the residents and postal delivery workers.

Queensland Curve

The Queensland Curve project features a high-quality collection of mailboxes fitted into a curved surround that gives a unique layout to this bank of Steel 2 mailboxes. The Steel 2 mailbox used in this project is an in front / out front box that securely stores mail until a user accesses the individual mailbox with a coded key. Each mailbox is engraved with an identification number that allows the mailbox users to quickly and easily find their individual mailbox.

Rasgas, Qatar

RasGas is one of Qatar’s leading energy companies and one of the most innovative and successful businesses in the global liquefied natural gas industry. To increase the secure handling and storage of the companies mail, The Safety Letterbox Company Ltd, were tasked with providing an effective answer to eliminate the problems in losing and misplacing their post. Outgoing mail was accommodated in larger individual freestanding posting boxes, with access via the digital locking system. Standalone battery operated digital locks provides the user with immediate and simple keypad access without the need for a key.

Royal Mail Pigeon Hole Boxes

The Royal Mail Pigeon Hole Boxes project uses a large bank of through the wall mailboxes that used a securely front panel on the box along with a open rear that allows for easy retrieval of the posted mail. These pigeon holes are built through a panel and access to the rear of the boxes is only available to security-approved personnel. This bank of pigeon boxes contains a larger box at the base of the bank which can receive large mail/small parcels.

Salisbury Stainless Project

The Salisbury Stainless Project features multiple banks of high-quality brushed stainless steel mailboxes manufactured using 316L grade material. The banks of mailboxes were designed to suit specific requirements set out by the project architect that would ensure the product would fit into the installed support frame. Both horizontal and vertically aligned mailboxes were supplied to the Salisbury Stainless Project, offering solutions that both maximised the amount of mail stored and minimised the space used in a restricted location.

SCAPE Corsham - Student Accommodation Mailbox Project

The SCAPE Corsham student accommodation project features multiple banks of freestanding mailboxes installed in the entrance lobby. The mailboxes are an in front / out front horizontal type finished in a variety of colours that adhere to the branding guidelines set out by the design team at SCAPE Students. The colours used progress through colour gradients which both complement and enhance the lobby area of the project.The banks of freestanding post boxes feature support stands finished in a Traffic White (RAL 9016) colour which provide a secure base for the boxes to be mounted upon.

Scape Student Living - Greenwich

The Scape Student Living – Greenwich project features multiple banks of wall recessed mailboxes designed and manufactured in a variety of bright and colourful colours that both adhere to the branding guidelines set out by the client, and help to enhance the project location. The colours chosen for the mailboxes match the branding of the client and the link between the mailboxes and the logo of the client can clearly be seen in the project photos.

Student Castle York

We are delighted to be supplying Student Castle, most recently on their York project. The Student Castle York project uses multiple banks of horizontal mailboxes to accept A4 mail were polyester powder coated in a choice of RAL Colour Finishes by our in-house facility to reflect the cool interiors, even greater enhanced by the quirky legs of the banks, creating a random and unusual effect that really beautifully enhanced the area.

Showing 1-36 of 52