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Technal Confort 125 Sliding System Brochure

The C125 is a thermally insulated aluminium sliding and lift-sliding door system. With durability, stability this robust system solution is available in a 1, 2 and 3 rail version - making a 6-leaf configuration possible. Self-levelling stainless steel rollers ensure ease of use and an easy glide action, even with a maximum weight of 240kg. These wheels do not deform and guarantee a life-long performance for this system.

Technal Confort C160 Lift Slide & Slide System brochure

Confort 160 is a high performance, thermally insulated sliding door system with user-friendly lift & slide action. This system has an attractive aesthetic line, is durable, stable and energy-efficient. Confort 160 profiles are coupled with 40mm omega-shaped, glass fibre reinforced polyamide strips, reducing thermal conduction. These thermal values can be further enhanced through the selective application of thermal inserts. This results in Confort 160 achieving a high thermal performance level and improved total insulation, leading to lower energy consumption when the building is being used.

Technal Crown Flush Vent Casement Window Brochure

The flexibility of the Crown Flush vent suits a wide range of residential applications, from classic cottage aesthetics to sleek, modern designs. Externally, the suite offers two discreet styles - a traditional flush line mullion and transom or a slim flush line mullion and transom. With the traditional style providing a uniform exterior in keeping with the original flush window profiling is simplified allowing the window vent meeting style to have reduced sightlines as well as the flush appearance. Internal aesthetics are equally as important, so a choice of four profile styles is available. These are a traditional softline vent, contemporary square line vent both of which can be combined with full or step framing as well as full or flat central mullion.

Technal Crown Residential Door brochure

The Crown range of doors were designed for their aesthetics, strength, and durability. These fit into domestic projects with front and back door styling options. Whichever you choose, you can be assured your home is left secured each and every time. Replicating the square-cut aesthetics of traditional wooden doors, but with the strength and longevity of aluminium, the Crown Residential door is based on a three-chamber construction for greater strength and performance. With a symmetrically designed door and framing the Crown Residential Door has the simplicity of fabrication and installation at its heart. Our concept is simple, one door providing solutions for left and right-handed use, and opening in or out with a minimal number of components.

Technal Crown Sliding Folding Door Brochure

The Crown Sliding Folding Door is a unique way for your customers to make the most of their homes by bringing the outside in. Combining both form and function, the Crown Sliding Folding Door can be tailored to suit the needs of any project. The design of the Crown Sliding Folding Door is not only stylish, it is practical too. The door provides outstanding performance for everyday use.

Technal Dualframe 75Si Window System brochure

The Dualframe 75 Si window system has been designed to comply with the increasing complexity of meeting Secured by Design, Building Regulations, British Standards and other regulatory demands.

Technal GEODE MX 52 Curtain Wall Brochure

GEODE MX successfully combines the creative and visual demands of architects and the functional needs of contractors, developers, and occupiers. By simplifying the technical aspects, manufacturing, and the installation process ensuring high quality, convenience, and cost-efficiency.

Technal Spinal MY 62 Curtain Wall Brochure

Based on the 62mm module and with a patented assembly system, SPINAL MY combines pleasing aesthetics, large sizes, and interior comfort. The double skin creates a space between the façade and exterior wall enabling bioclimatic buildings to be created. This product is a true link combining technical and design expertise. All visual aspects can be created with easy integration.

Showing 1-15 of 15