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Acoustic performance of pre-finished steel cladding systems

This guide has been prepared to give advice to architects, designers and other construction professionals on the wide range of acoustic solutions available when using a pre-finished steel building envelope and demonstrates the steps that can be taken to improve the acoustic performance of buildings. Find out more at https://www.tatasteelconstruction.com/en_GB/

Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra Technical Brochure

Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® is a super durable pre-finished steel product from Tata Steel. It offers exceptional and proven weather resistance and long-term colour and gloss retention. Its performance characteristics, together with the results of its rigorous testing, are detailed in this technical brochure.

Colorcoat® Aquatite

Colorcoat® Aquatite pre-finished steel for membrane rainwater systems, is specifically developed for industrial, residential, commercial applications. The water resistant membrane offers the perfect hassle-free rainwater management solution.

Colorcoat® LG

Available from Tata Steel (Formerly Corus), Colorcoat® LG is a leathergrain plasitisol product suitable for roof and wall cladding systems where good performance is required at a competitive price. This document contains product performance, technical and guarantee information for Colorcoat® LG.

Colorcoat® pre-finished steel for the building envelope

We are able to offer a wide range a products and services specifically developed for the construction market, these include Colorcoat® pre-finished Steel products. Colorcoat® is the internationally recognised mark of quality and metal envelope expertise exclusively manufactured by Tata Steel and covers a range of pre-finished steel products specifically developed for the roof and wall cladding system for the building envelope. This brochure gives an overview of our products, guarantees, and services as well as our commitment to sustainability.

Colorcoat® Technical Paper - The role of the building envelope in Part L 2010 compliance

The 2010 revision of Approved Document L requires an aggregate 25% reduction in the CO2 emissions from buildings other than dwellings. Tata Steel have worked closely with cladding system manufacturers with technical input from Oxford Brookes University School of Architecture, to assess the impact of enhancing different aspects of the building envelope and provide guidance on which aspects of the building envelope and services will provide the greatest reduction in overall CO2 emissions.

Confidex Sustain® The world’s first cradle to cradle CarbonNeurtal® building envelope

Confidex Sustain® offers the first CarbonNeutral® building envelope in the world, measuring and offsetting its impact from cradle to cradle i.e. from manufacture through installation and use to end of life in term of re-use, recycling or disposal. For every 1kg of CO2 emitted by the manufacture and installation of the pre-finished steel, cladding, fixings and installation Tata Steel will offset 1kg in climate friendly projects overseas. This brochure describes in detail this award winning guarantee as well as our other commitments to sustainability.

Creating an air-tight building envelope

This technical paper shows designers and constructors how a good level of air-tightness can be achieved using Colorcoat® pre-finished steel products from Tata Steel. It provides a short overview of the Part L Building Regulation requirements for air-tightness and practical guidance on the common methods of jointing both built-up and factory insulated composite panel systems.

Fire performance of pre-finished steel cladding systems

The focus of this fire performance technical document is specifically on the building envelope and understanding how to comply with Building Regulations and Insurance requirements. Included is an assessment of the current regulations in England and Wales as well as an overview of the main UK insurance requirements. Guidance is also provided about what to specify in terms of pre-finished steel, insulation and cladding system as well as information about the main UK, European, and insurance fire tests used to ensure compliance.

Showing 1-36 of 40