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Tata Steel

Tata Steel

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+44 (0) 1244 892434 www.tatasteelconstruction.com

Tata Steel provides a comprehensive range of products and techniques to create value for the construction industry and support sustainable development. The company works closely with its customers to deliver solutions aimed at improving cost-effectiveness and speed of construction, increasing the functionality and performance of buildings and infrastructure. The goal is to reduce the consumption of resources, including energy, both in the original construction process and in ongoing usage. The construction industry is Tata Steel’s largest single market globally, and the Group offers a range of products and systems – including Celsius structural hollow sections, ComFlor and RoofDek decking, Kalzip, Trisomet, Trimapanel and Trisobuild building envelope systems, and Colorcoat pre-finished steel. Among its credentials, the company supplies the widest range of construction products certified to BES 6001, the responsible sourcing standard. In addition to the product range, it has a team of experienced construction professionals, including structural engineers and architects, who can advise on optimal use of the products in your building to ensure that you meet your client’s requirements, Building Regulations and planning requirements.

Tata Steel is a RIBA CPD Provider

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