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Dorma Hüppe Variflex Moveable Wall Systems

Style moveable partition specialists are a company offering local service, nationwide. All systems are purpose made and designed with quality at the forefront of customer requirements. The Variflex system from Dorma Hüppe features an excellent range of products includes manual, semi-autoamtic and fully automatic operation with acoustic performance up to 60dB Rw.

Glass moveable wall - clear or opaque, at the flick of a switch

DORMA Hüppe Movable Walls offers intelligent solutions for flexible, acoustically efficient spatial management. And with its Magic Glass elements, you now also have the possibility of switching quickly between transparency and translucence to suit the moment simply by operating a wall switch or your hand-held remote control. Liquid crystals in a conductive layer create this amazing phenomenon witnessed in Magic Glass. As soon as an electric current is passed through the two layers, the crystals arrange themselves in tight order and the Magic Glass element becomes transparent.

Glass partitioning wall - Varitrans systems

Highly adaptive, the Varitrans glass moveable wall systems from Dorma Hüppe delivers a sophisticated solution combining impeccable aesthetics with functionally reliable technology.

i-track - intelligent track system for moveable wall systems

The Dorma Huppe i-Track is an intelligent, high-performing system with curves and switch point intersections designed to ensure easy and convenient partition deployment, particularly in the case of medium height to high and heavy movable walls. It offers user-friendly operation with mechanical coding enabling the elements to their own way home. The modular design of the carriers and tracks means that systems can be assembled to meet a wide range of different requirements. Depending on the pairing of the fenders and guides and their various height gradients and positions, i-Track can be used to produce a broad range of combinations offering high flexibility for individual customer configurations.

Movable Partitions for Education Facilities

Modern partitioning walls deliver flexibility to space within schools, colleges and universities. Style, sole UK supplier for Dorma Huppe partitioning walls, offers a wide range of moveable wall systems that are ideally suited to the education environment including glass walls, semi-automatic and fully automatic solutions.

Movable Wall Partitioning Systems

Our outstanding range of Dorma Huppe acoustic movable partitioning walls offer superb sound reduction properties and effortless manoeuvrability. The lightweight sliding panels have been expertly designed to allow users to quickly and effectively optimise space. The Variflex range is available with manual or automatic seals which stabilise the panels and ensure acoustic integrity when in place. For larger openings, or where ease of operation is preferred, ComfortDrive is a fully automatic system allowing the wall to be opened or closed at the turn of a key. The range includes acoustic walls up to 14.5m high with sound reductions up to Rw 59 dB with a panel thickness of just 100mm.

Skyfold - the moveable wall system for stepped floors

Descending from the ceiling at the touch of a button, the Skyfold moveable wall system is ideally suited for dividing any room with a tiered floor. Providing a firm seal with the staircase rising through the auditorium, conference room or lecture hall, the bottom edge can be customised to form a firm seal that delivers exceptional acoustic performance.

Skyfold Classic NR - noise reduction

The Skyfold Classic NR is a fully automatic, custom built partition that redefines space and sound control with its exceptional high noise-reduction coefficient (NRC 0.65). Conferences held in meeting rooms divided by Skyfold Classic NR will not only benefit from an excellent STC rating of 50, but will also gain an advantage from the sound being absorbed within that space. The Skyfold Classic NR effectively absorbs ambient noise within the newly created room, attenuating sound levels for increased comfort.

Skyfold moveable wall system - hospitality

Skyfold is the unique, vertical rising moveable wall system that offers a fully automated solution combined with outstanding acoustic performance. Ideally suited to use in a hospitality settings, the partitioning wall can be lowered into place at the touch of a button, making it quick and easy to reconfigure the room, as well as delivering the wow factor! Acoustic privacy is second to none, allowing events to run concurrent either side of the divide, entirely undisturbed.

Skyfold Vertically Rising Folding Wall Partitions

Breathtaking, innovative, and totally effortless, Skyfold is the movable wall solution for professional environments that not only want exceptional functionality, but a showpiece installation that promises to make a real impact on visitors. Fully automatic and housed in a hidden ceiling cavity, Skyfold systems offer phenomenal operational performance and aesthetic appeal. Skyfold is a vertical-rising room divider, that redefines space by stacking vertically within the ceiling void with acoustic values up to 59dB Rw

Stylefold Folding Walls

Stylish, easy to operate, and ideal for frequent daily use, Stylefold folding walls prove a highly popular solution for sectors such as schools and community centres, where maximising space to allow activities to run concurrently whilst maintaining privacy and reducing noise levels is the primary requirement. Offering a high level of acoustic integrity and simplicity of movement, Stylefold folding walls are the perfect choice for an economical, practical and elegant room division. And, as a truly versatile solution, theres a option to suit every kind of interior design: traditional timber constructions provide simple yet powerful privacy, whereas innovative glass walls offer the same level of acoustic performance whilst preserving the feel of a light, open plan office.

Varfilex Glass - transparency plus sound insulation

The DORMA Hüppe Variflex operable partition system with Variflex Glass panels is perfectly suited for dance schools, event centers or facility where good sound insulation combined with contemporary transparency is an essential requirement. Depending on the model selected, Variflex 88/100 will even achieve sound reduction indices of up to Rw 59 dB*, thus reliably preventing noise interference from one room to the other across the partition.

Variflex Comfortdrive - fully automatic sliding moveable wall system

The Variflex ComfortDrive is the fully automatic partition within the Variflex portfolio a model that offers outstanding convenience in flexible space utilisation. At the push of a button, Comfortdrive enables offices and conference rooms to be adapted quickly and efficiently to daily changing requirements. With this system, multi-functional space management is a truly simple affair.

Working Wall - collaborative workspace solutions

A big step away from being locked in a formal, claustrophobic room for hours, Styles agile, floating panels offer a more open and flexible work culture. They remove the usual barriers of meeting and training rooms, segregated work desks and cubicles, instead offering companies a space where individuals can group together, team up quickly on projects, share ideas and change their environment to suit the task in hand. Available in an almost endless variety of finishes, you can choose from writeable glass, beautiful fabrics, white board for those brainstorming sessions, quirky pin boards and art hanging displays all designed to enhance your office design and be used as a practical addition to meetings and gatherings.

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