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21st Century Church Specifies Adaptable Space

St Rollox church of Glasgow recently moved into a brand new, £2.5m community hub, with vibrant design and space flexibility at its heart. Partitioning experts Style was specified to install two semi-automatic moveable walls, allowing the main worship area to be opened out for large services or to be divided for smaller gatherings. The Activity Space can be subdivided to host different events including education and craft classes, exhibitions and concerts. Complementing the exciting interior décor, one moveable wall is double-glazed to maximise natural daylight whilst the other celebrates life, bringing sunshine into the space with brightly coloured solid panels.


Recently refurbished, Vodafone’s Manchester office is the first building in the UK to combine two electric moveable walls, delivering an entirely automated system for dividing room space. Working with architects, CMI Workplace and main contractor, Overbury, Style was specified to install a fully automatic Dorma Moveo Glazed ComfortDrive moveable wall adjacent to a Skyfold, the fully automatic, vertically rising operable wall, housed in the ceiling cavity. At the push of a button, the walls open and close with ease, offering a phenomenal lab tested 50dB Rw acoustic integrity for the glass system, and 51dB Rw for the Skyfold.

A Healthy Investment from Style

Saffron Health medical centre has successfully created highly adaptable space where doctors, nurses and other staff can run meetings and training sessions. Working with P&HS Architects and Wildgoose Construction, partitioning experts Style installed two manually operated Dorma Hüppe Variflex ML100 moveable wall systems, allowing the area to be quickly divided into up to three small rooms, as required. This capital investment will deliver a good return in the long run, saving money by accommodating several meetings at one time, avoiding the need to hire external training rooms or to pay for staff to travel to other medical centres.


Providing an aesthetically impressive divide that is also intensely practical, Style has installed a DORMA Moveo operable wall system in the boardroom of major fund advisor, Dimensional. With 55dB acoustics this semi-automatic moveable wall offers exceptional privacy when closed, allowing concurrent meetings to run either side, completely undisturbed. Perfectly complimenting the interior décor of this prestigious office, the panels have a chic fabric finish with a sophisticated dark timber skirting. As DORMA’s exclusive UK partner, Style is able to offer the very best choice of moveable wall systems from a global, market leading manufacturer.


Creating a fluid environment to encourage collaborative working, partitioning experts Style, designed and delivered a unique and highly innovative ‘working wall’ solution for Adobe’s new offices in the landmark White Collar Factory building, Shoreditch. The cluster of individual sliding and pivoting wall panels can be used to create numerous sized spaces for impromptu meetings and brainstorming sessions. They can also be pulled together to form a wider temporary wall. Delivering further flexibility, Style installed a fully automatic, Skyfold vertical-rising partition capable of delivering 55dB acoustic privacy, as well as a semi-automatic DORMA Moveo double-glazed operable wall.

Banqueting Hall Optimises Space

Moveable walls are a vital resource for the hospitality sector as they immediately enable businesses to increase revenue by using the same space for more events. Clearly demonstrating how a partitioning system can offer an excellent return on investment, Crown Banqueting, a lavish Asian wedding venue, recently worked with operable wall specialist Style to design and install a sophisticated partitioning system to their expansive event space. Delivering excellent acoustic privacy between divided areas, the sliding wall panels can be quickly manoeuvred into place, allowing Crown Banqueting to successfully cater for up to 700 guests split between two separate areas

Breath-taking Stepped Divide for University Auditorium

Newcastle University’s Frederick Douglass Centre is a £34 million flagship teaching facility. Seating in the impressive stepped auditorium is maximised thanks to Style’s installation of a world-first, bespoke set of moveable wall systems, dividing the room into two separate lecture halls, seating 500 and 250 students. Style worked in close collaboration with Sheppard Robson, and Sir Robert McAlpine, to design a solution that is fully automatic, concurrently moving a double skin of Dorma Hüppe sliding wall panels, up through the tiered seating. The final installation surpasses the client’s demands for acoustic privacy between divided areas.

Co-working auditorium benefits from flexible space

Paddington Works is an innovative space in central London, offering members a variety of stimulating environments in which to carry out their work, hold meetings and run events. With space flexibility an essential ingredient of the design, Style was contracted to install a Dorma Hüppe Variflex moveable wall, maximising acoustic privacy by effectively separating the main auditorium from other work areas. The Variflex range, available exclusively in the UK through partitioning experts Style, offers considerable adaptability to suit almost any location and includes a wide choice of panel sizes and finishes, parking arrangements, as well as acoustic performance ratings.

Covid-safe space at University

Given the current imperative for socially distanced teaching space, it was fortuitous that the University of East Anglia had recently specified Style to install six moveable partitioning systems in various classrooms across the campus. Each Dorma Hüppe wall divides a classroom into two evenly sized areas that can cater for smaller bubbles of students. Boasting an incredible 55dB Rw acoustic integrity, concurrent lessons can run entirely undisturbed and, when a larger space is required for bigger groups of students, the rooms can be quickly and easily opened out.


A modern, high-end apartment building in Newcastle, the Forge combines apartment living with vibrant communal areas for the like-minded residents to enjoy. Style was contracted to create a flexible meeting area in the spacious club lounge, where tenants can gather to socialise or for work. The DORMA Varitrans Straightline glass-partitioning wall offered the perfect solution, allowing a meeting room to be formed with ease, whilst retaining the open-plan feel of the room. Creating a stunning feature wall, Style sourced and manufactured a bespoke metal frame that was bolted onto the glass panels, creating a uniquely original crittall-effect.

Demand for Automatic Walls Goes Through the Roof!

According to leading moveable wall specialist Style, demand for automatic moveable wall systems from architects, specifiers, contractors and end-user clients has almost quadrupled in the last 10 years. Reflecting a strong shift towards the automation of flexible space electrically-powered systems now make up 44% of the company’s total order intake, compared to just 27% in 2009 - a staggering increase of 388% in a decade. Style is the exclusive UK partner to DORMA Hüppe and Skyfold, both of which offer fully automatic solutions.


Over the last 12 months, partitioning experts Style, sole UK distributor for Dorma Hüppe, has seen a noticeable increase in demand for glass partitions from within the education sector. Combining transparency with exceptional acoustic privacy, glass systems create bright, open spaces which can be quickly reconfigured to meet the teaching requirements. Another trend in the education sector Style has witnessed is a shift towards fully automatic moveable walls, allowing teachers to change the space available at the push of a button. Automatic movable walls avoid any manual handling and ensure the most effective acoustic seal is formed every time.


Partitioning specialist Style, recently installed a comprehensive solution for another etc.venues event facility in Piccadilly, Manchester. This is the eighth time Style has worked with etc.venues and Synergy architects, having previously developed partitioning wall systems for seven prestigious room hire amenities in central London. On this occasion, Style was contracted to deliver flexibility to a large open area, allowing hire opportunities to be fully capitalised by dividing the space into numerous rooms of different sizes, exactly meeting the changing needs of clients. A total of nine DORMA Variflex moveable walls were installed, providing exceptional acoustic privacy of 55dB.


Designed throughout for adaptability, space at the new Emily Wilding Davison building, Royal Holloway University, benefits from the installation of numerous moveable wall systems. Partitioning experts Style, worked closely with contractor, Geoffrey Osbourne, and Associated Architects to assist and advise on the design, bringing practical, aesthetic and cost-saving benefits to the project. Demonstrating Style’s extensive portfolio, the final arrangement involved a 50 dB Rw DORMA glass wall in a seminar room, a DORMA Variflex system on which art can be displayed, two 56dB Rw acoustic DORMA moveable walls and a 46dB Rw folding wall dividing meeting/ training rooms.


A stunning project, the Gothia Towers Exhibition Centre in Sweden benefits from the installation of five, state-of-the-art, fully automatic, Skyfold vertical-rising partitioning walls. Dividing the cavernous space, the row of Skyfold walls can be individually lowered at the press of a button, forming an exceptional acoustic barrier in minutes. “The exhibition centre now has incredibly flexible function space, allowing various rooms to be created to match the needs of the moment.” said Julian Sargent, group managing director of partitioning experts Style, sole distributors for Skyfold in the UK.

Flexible education space in a post-virus world

Given the current restrictions required to manage the spread of the coronavirus, education estate managers must implement plans to allow students to return as soon as possible, whilst still maintaining social distancing guidelines. Part of the solution is to replace the dividing wall between classrooms with a moveable wall, allowing a class of 30 pupils to spread out and be safely taught by a single teacher. Partitioning expert Style, has a wide range of cost-effective solutions, ranging from manually operated systems to market leading fully automatic systems, with some packages available on short lead times for rapid installation.

Flexible office space in a post-pandemic world

Although home working has become the new norm, there will always be a need for people to meet for collaborative working and negotiations which just cannot be carried out as effectively using online technology. Allowing commercial offices to be quickly reconfigured, the use of moveable wall systems will be a cornerstone to the redesign process, delivering flexible space that can be quickly adapted to help ensure social distancing requirements can be safely maintained.


Capital One, a top UK credit card provider, recently relocated their London offices to the White Collar Factory, a state-of-the art development in Old Street. A showcase for modern working practices, partitioning experts Style worked with architects, HLW International LLP, and contractor, BW Workplace Experts, to create flexible room configuration in the meeting area. Allowing the space to be rapidly reconfigured, Style installed a DORMA Moveo semi-automatic glazed moveable wall, which quickly forms a central divide to create two substantial meeting rooms. A second DORMA wall sub-divides that space into two further, smaller rooms.

Global Consulting Group Contracts Style Again

Delivering flexible space that can be quickly adapted to encourage collaborative working practices, moveable wall systems are fast becoming the norm for modern UK offices. Having enjoyed the benefits of a moveable wall that Style installed a few years ago, a major global consulting group recently invited them back to their London offices to install two further partitioning solutions, effectively sub-dividing a key meeting area. The Dorma Hüppe Variflex ML100 moveable walls allow the open-plan space to be closed off, creating three separate rooms. An incredible 59dB Rw acoustic integrity allows meetings to run concurrently, entirely undisturbed.

High Fidelity!

Providers of world class investment solutions, Fidelity International recently moved to newly refurbished London offices. Style was contracted to deliver flexible space to the meeting areas, installing four fully automatic Skyfold moveable walls finished in a stunning Kvadrat Floyd fabric. Housed discreetly in the ceiling cavity, Skyfold units take up zero floor space when not required, descending gracefully at the touch of the button to quickly sub-divide an area. With impressive 59dB Rw acoustic integrity, events can run concurrently, entirely undisturbed on either side of the wall. Fidelity has installed nearly 50 Skyfold walls in offices across the globe.


As part of a £2.4m transformation, Style was contracted to deliver flexibility to the ground floor meeting rooms of the Corby Holiday Inn, enabling the space to be quickly adapted to accommodate different functions and therefore maximise revenues. Working with CBP Architects directly with Holiday Inn, Style’s partitioning solution divides a single open-plan space for larger gatherings into two or three separate meetings rooms, using two DORMA Variflex moveable walls. Finished in a stylish antique oak laminate, and providing impressive 52dB Rw acoustics, concurrent events can take place undisturbed and the room can be reconfigured with ease.


The Enterprise Lab at Imperial College, London, benefits from the installation of a DORMA Variflex moveable wall system, allowing the room to be divided into a breakout area and workspace. Partitioning experts, Style was closely involved during the design stage of this project as the basement room is located at the bottom of a tight staircase, causing access issues. “We recommended Variflex as it is such a flexible and adaptable system,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director. “Most importantly, the panel faces are manufactured separately from the frames, allowing each element to be manually manoeuvred down the stairs”.

Ingenious Flexible Space Design from Style

Drawing on over 20 years of experience installing operable walls, Style was recently challenged to come up with a solution to divide a large meeting area, despite there being no suitable structure in the ceiling to utilise as a fixing point. After some lateral thinking and close communication with the client, a non-structural timber frame was created for support, with the weight of the folding wall being transferred to the ground via a surface mounted floor track. A Stylefold 120 folding wall system was chosen as the only operable wall that could realistically accommodate the room structure.

It's Child's Play!

Delivering privacy between the design office and meeting room of leading toy and games specialist, John Adams, Style has installed a chic moveable wall system that combines three glass panels with a single solid panel and solid inset pass door. The DORMA semi-automatic sliding partition allows natural light into the divided space whilst still offering 47dB Rw acoustic rating, for excellent privacy when required. Staff at John Adams can quickly and easily slide the panels into place, whereupon substantial rubber seals automatically expand to form the optimum acoustic barrier, every time.


Leading moveable wall specialist, Style Partitions, has launched a new website aimed at architects, specifiers, contractors and end user clients. The new site features a whole range of benefits including the ability to view case studies by industry sector, watch videos of moveable walls in action, view technical specifications and gain access to key tools such as the NBS Specification Generator and Style’s moveable wall range on the ‘National BIM Library’. There is also a section dedicated to Style’s moveable wall service and repair division, with its UK-wide support team.

Limited Space Solutions from Style

With floor space at a premium, partitioning expert Style strives to deliver solutions that minimise space needed to create an effective room divide. For example, the fully-automatic Skyfold Zenith is stored out of sight in the ceiling cavity. At the touch of a button it slides down as almost entirely flat panels, allowing a room to be quickly divided without even moving furniture. There are four Zenith models capable of delivering laboratory tested acoustic performance ranging from Rw48dB right through to an incredible Rw59dB. There is also the sound absorption Zenith with a 0.65 NRC rating.


For many hotels, adaptable space is key to maximising revenue from hiring out of function rooms. Recognising this, Rushton Hall, a magnificent Grade I listed country house hotel in the Midlands, contracted Style to add flexibility to the newly refurbished Library and main function rooms, allowing privacy when required but also ensuring the area could be opened out for larger gatherings. DORMA Variflex was agreed as the most suitable moveable wall for this historic building and Style installed two separate partitions to give maximum flexibility across three rooms, all in a stunning finish to complement the elegant interior design.

Maintain social distancing rules with regular servicing of moveable walls

According to Jovan Nel, head of Style’s moveable wall service and repair division, the need to ensure that operable walls are in good working order has caused a surge in demand. “Businesses, hotels, education facilities, local authority venues, community centres and healthcare trusts have all been booking our technicians to carry out routine servicing and inspections while lockdown restrictions eased,” said Jovan. Style has a nationwide team of fully trained engineers who are fully accredited to service and repair all makes of moveable wall, even if Style didn’t install it, from fully automatic systems to simple folding partitions.”


Style was recently contracted to design and install a creative moveable wall system to divide the main space at the Kadampa Meditation Centre in London. Allowing different groups to enjoy this quiet haven in privacy, the DORMA Moveo glass partitioning wall delivers an incredible 50dB Rw acoustics, thanks to semi-automatic seals and toughened safety glass. DORMA’s products lead the way in sustainable solutions with environment product declaration (EPD) in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804, meaning that this is not only a highly practical solution, but an ethical one too.

Midland’s School Maximises Teaching Space

Working directly with St. Jude’s Academy in Wolverhampton, leading operable wall specialist Style installed a moveable wall to separate a dual-purpose classroom. Dramatically improving the use of space, the sliding partitioning system allows teachers the flexibility to quickly reconfigure the classroom from a single large teaching/activity space into two smaller classrooms that can operate side-by-side. Following the installation, Style was also appointed as the servicing and repair agent for this and five other moveable walls within the school. Routine servicing will protect the school’s investment by ensuring smooth and safe operation of each wall.

Motoring Ahead

After a £2m refurbishment programme, the British Motor Museum recently opened its stunning new hospitality and event facility. A showcase area, the Sky Suite boasts magnificent panoramic views over the Warwickshire countryside. Delivering flexibility to the suite, partitioning expert Style, was contracted to install two Dorma Hüppe Variflex semi-automatic, glazed moveable walls. Allowing the area to be quickly adapted to meet the needs of the day, the toughened glass panels are manually manoeuvred along a whisper-quiet tracking system. Once in place, powerful seals automatically expand to exactly the required pressure to ensure optimum acoustic integrity between the divided areas.


Located in the prestigious No.1 St Peters Square development, the offices of international business law firm, Addleshaw Goddard, benefit from the addition of three hi-tech moveable partitioning walls installed by Style. Two semi-automatic DORMA moveable walls combine with a fully automatic Skyfold to create two rooms (one large and one small), three smaller rooms or a complete open-plan space, depending on the client briefings, conferences and partners meetings that are planned for any particular day. All three walls boast impressive 55dB acoustic integrity, with a mix of fabric and laminate finishes to complement the interior design.

New School Hall Wall

The main hall at Bohunt, a state-of-the-art secondary school in Wokingham, benefits from superbly adaptable space thanks to a contemporary DORMA Hüppe Variflex operable wall, installed by UK supplier, Style. Meeting the demand for a system with a particularly narrow stacking solution, the Variflex incorporates panels and pass doors that can be as little as 976mm wide, as opposed to the more standard 1200mm width. Recognising a high level of commitment to craftmanship in the finishes and interiors section, Style recently won their 10th Gold in the prestigious FIS Contractor’s awards.

New School Hall Wall

The main hall at Bohunt, a state-of-the-art secondary school in Wokingham, benefits from superbly adaptable space thanks to a contemporary DORMA Hüppe Variflex operable wall, installed by UK supplier, Style. Meeting the demand for a system with a particularly narrow stacking solution, the Variflex incorporates panels and pass doors that can be as little as 976mm wide, as opposed to the more standard 1200mm width. Recognising a high level of commitment to craftmanship in the finishes and interiors section, Style recently won their 10th Gold in the prestigious FIS Contractor’s awards.


A new, multi-purpose parish hall in Loughborough, offers the community exceptionally flexible space thanks to the inclusion of three separate moveable walls, installed by partitioning experts Style. By dividing the different areas of the hall to match changing user requirements, revenue from hiring charges can be maximised, delivering a truly vibrant and active local resource. Working with Franklin Ellis architects and contractor, Stepnell, Style was specified to install three moveable walls. To protect the longevity, and acoustic integrity, of all moveable walls. Style recommends its aftercare and servicing package, with routine, scheduled servicing from its national team

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