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Design Install Guarantee of Basement, Podium Deck & Green Roof Waterproofing Solutions

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Traditionally architects specify a manufacturers products directly sometimes with advice from that manufacturer who can only offer advice on their own products, often shoehorning the project around their offering.  

With regulations tightening, especially with NHBC who now insist on a CSSW qualified waterproofing specialist being included in the design team.  We now find that building owners, insurance companies and structural warranty providers now require that a warranty or guarantee is provided with the waterproofing of  basement structures.  

To be of use to the building owner and other interested parties, this warranty should guarantee that the structure will remain watertight (as opposed to the manufacturer stating that the products are fit for purpose or a groundworker stating that they were installed to the manufacturers instruction).

This can only be achieved if the same waterproofing specialist designs and installs the waterproofing systems specifically for the project.  

With this in mind we carry full PI for design, £10M, so If the project is D&B or if waterproofing is a contractor designed portion (CDP) we can offer you an unbiased design solution for the project including site specific cad details, NBS specification clauses, qualified installers and an insurance backed guarantee for your client if required.

Trade names

  • BASF, Fosroc, GCP, Juta, Master Builders Solutions, Sika