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Sayfa Group design, develop and manufacture height safety, façade and access products.

We practice EveryoneSayfa by working with consultants during CDM stages through to users post-completion to ensure the products offer the highest safety and lifecycle value.

The Sayfa product range provides

  • EdgeSeil Post – Abseil post system for façade access
  • EdgeSeil Davit – Rope Deviation for façade access
  • EdgeSeil Mobile Davit – Rope Deviation for façade access
  • EdgeReil – Track-mounted Davit, parapet, or secondary steel mounted
  • EdgeReil Abseil – Uninterrupted horizontal and vertical rope access to the building façade
  • FallSecure Line – Life Line or Man Safe fall restraint post and line system
  • FallSecure Track – Rigid Life Line or Man Safe system
  • FallSecure Point – Mobile or Deadweight anchor
  • SayfaGuard – Guard rail for collective safety

EdgeSeilTM Post

Abseiling anchor point, variety of fixing bases or bracket arrangements, and options for weathering details. Single and Two user functionality as well as combined systems for fall restraint.

EdgeSeilTM Davit

A comprehensive range of bases or brackets for casting into concrete or fixing pre-weathering. Options for reach and height from 1000mm in 500mm increments up to 2500mm reach/project and 2500mm high. A quickly demountable system to move between the socket base locations.

EdgeSeilTM Rail

Abseil rail system provides a continuous rope access connection around the perimeter of the building without the need to disconnect around curves or corners. It has low visual impact and can be RAL colour matched, it is suitable for both internal use, recessed in an atrium area or externally, inside or outside the building perimeter.

EdgeSeilTM Mobile Davit

A free standing counter balanced Davit providing 1000mm reach, either as a supplement to fixed davits or where the building structure or roof arrangements will not permit the use of fixed sockets.

FallSecureTM Line

A fall restraint or arrest system for fixing to rigid structures such as concrete or cross laminate timber. Manufactured from aluminium and 316 grade stainless steel the system provides weathering posts from 150mm up to 650mm which is rigid up to loads typically associated with accidental deployment but in the event of a fall or arrest event crumples rather than damages the substructure.

FallSecureTM Point

Mobile Anchor Point is a dead weight anchoring system that can be installed on flat roofs and fall risk areas within minutes. It is designed for temporary or permanent installation to existing buildings where roof penetrations are not possible.


Guardrail system for edge protection on roofs. It can be installed on an area of height for temporary or permanent protection, including surface with a pitch of up to 10 degree. It could also be easily folded away when not in use to preserve the building appearance.


A seamless and continuous combination of rigid fall restraint track and abseil or davit rail to provide the lowest possible risk of fall and fastest possible maintenance of the building.

All of the Sayfa Group products are:

  • Independently tested to current BS EN standards and certified by SATRA.
  • Available with Sayfa+ Warranties of 30 to 60 Years.
  • Approved installation, maintenance and re-testing partners.

Sayfa Group are also members of

  • BSIF – British Safety Industry Federation
  • FASET – Fall Arrest Safety, Safety Equipment and Training
  • Made in Britain


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EdgeSeil™ Abseil Rail

EdgeSeil™ Abseil Rail

FallSecure™ Track - Fall restraint and fall arrest system

FallSecure™ Track - Fall restraint and fall arrest system

EdgeSeil™ Davit Arm

EdgeSeil™ Davit Arm

EdgeSeil™ Davit Base

EdgeSeil™ Davit Base

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Davits Systems for Rope Access - Clarendon

Davits Systems for Rope Access - Clarendon

FallSecure Safety Post Product

FallSecure Safety Post Product

Davit Arms - They are not sugar cubes

Davit Arms - They are not sugar cubes


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Technical Data Sheet- FSL.0270.0650.2U

Technical Data Sheet- FSL.0270.0650.2U

Technical Data Sheet- ESD.2000.1500.2U

Technical Data Sheet- ESD.2000.1500.2U

Technical Data Sheet- ESP.0300.0450.2U

Technical Data Sheet- ESP.0300.0450.2U

Technical Data Sheet- ESP.0300.0450.1U

Technical Data Sheet- ESP.0300.0450.1U

Trade names

  • EdgeSeil Post
  • EdgeSeil Davit
  • EdgeReil
  • EdgeSeil Mobile Davit
  • FallSecure Line
  • FallSecure Point
  • SayfaGuard
  • Sayfa
  • EdgeReil Abseil
  • Fallsecure Track
  • height safety
  • height access
  • fall protection
  • facade access
  • facade
  • rope access
  • mansafe
  • access system
  • platform
  • walkway
  • ladder
  • guardrail
  • davit
  • abseil
  • bmu
  • building maintenance
  • roof system
  • abseil post