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ATM Receipt Bins

Stainless steel construction receipt bins. Low cost. Immediate availability . Optional installation by Safetell directly employed technicians.

Bullet and Blast Resistant Walling

CityWall is a modular security walling system designed to construct secure enclosures both internally and externally, offering protection against intrusion, manual attack, ballistic, fire, and blast.

Cash Drawer

Safetell cash drawers are a secure cash drawer unit with locking removable cash box, that incorporates configuarable inserts. These drawers are of a rugged high quality design suitable for heavy commercial use.

Cash Scoop

Cash Scoops & Pass Trays. With or without slider. Immediate availability from Safetell stock, low cost. Customer specified sizes on request. Stainless steel construction. Stock or special sizes call Safetell 01322 223233.

Cashfast Nightpay Hatch

The Safetell Cashfast unit offers full protection for staff whilst providing a cost effective and reliable solution that allows easy transfer of cash, credit cards and goods whilst maintaining essential security. The cash tray slides within the main drawer, allowing the passage of larger items (such as a 5 litre oil can) without the need for a second drawer or removable tray. The insert tray incorporates a flat “signing area” for credit card slips or the use of chip and pin machines.

Cashier Pedestal

Safetell Cashier Pedestals have been designed to protect cash from theft and robbery. A cash drop facility allows cashiers to drop cash into the armoured secured time delay enclosure at the base of the unit. The upper two drawers are secured either by a central “push to close” key lock, supplied with two keys, or optionally with individual drawer locking. The second drawer contains the cash drop facility allowing cash to be dropped into the armoured enclosure below.

Desk Guard

High-quality screening system for desks. They are designed to protect staff working in office environments and to help maintain social distancing measures.

Extending Transaction Drawer

Safetells bullet resistant Extending Transaction Drawer allows the secure transfer of cash and documents through a bullet resistant line. Typical applications include guardhouse, gatehouse, checkpoints and any high security exterior applications.

Eye2Eye Moving Counter

Eye 2 Eye is a moving counter, a complete unit that allows for a range of Equality Act counter heights at once and allows staffs to raise or lower the counter as they wish. The counter can be used as a ticket office security window for railways, offices and hospitals.

Facial Recognition

Safetells Facial Recognition device controls access to any entrance or secure area with the use of facial biometric data. It has the ability to detect whether a user is wearing a face mask, denying or granting access based on that.

Fast Rising Screens

Safetell Fast Rising Screens are bullet resistant screens concealed within counterwork allowing easy communication between staff and customers with open counter trading. The screens provide a bullet resistant barrier within half a second of activation in the event of an attack or attempted robbery.

Flexiglaze - UL

Safetell UL security hampers are a versatile anti-physical attack hamper system, designed to match client corporate requirement.

Flip Top Tills

Safetell Flip Top Tills have a robust steel construction and external security key lock, to secure cash within.

Framed Fixed Glazing

Framed Fixed Glazing is a secure area, steel framed, anti-physical attack glazing system designed to provide staff and counter areas with protection from physical attack and robbery, with a high quality aesthetic appearance in keeping with high street commercial environments.

Frameless Fixed Glazing

Frameless Fixed Glazing is a secure area glazing system designed to protect staff and counter areas against lower level physical attack and vaulting of the counterwork in operations that require the transactions of goods past the glazing line.

Full Height Turnstiles

Single, full height turnstile. The three sections of the rotor arms allow for comfortable passage. The device is designed to assist pedestrian access control at guarded passage ways. Typically used in airports, seaports, border crossing points, government offices, museums, theatres, cinemas, exhibitions, show facilities, paid toilets, sports facilities, leisure centres, stadiums, universities.

Glazed Security Doors

Glazed security doors protect employees and organisations from many types of attack whilst maintaining the buildings aesthetic. Manual attack and bullet resistance can be provided.

Hamper Screen

Bespoke hamper screens, designed to be counterfixed, providing a protective barrier between staff and customers. The screens are designed to be spaced out to allow transfer of items while providing protection for staff from vaulting attack and company assets from theft.

Hygiene Shield

A quality screening system for tills and counters. It is designed to protect staff in public facing environments.

Interlocking Doors

Safetell Interlocking Door Modules are bullet and attack resistant and designed to securely control the access of persons from one area to another; typically from a public area to a secured area such as an office, reception, jewellers, or other at risk area. The outer door can only be opened when the inner door is secured, and similarly the inner door can only be opened when the outer is secured. The Safetell Interlocking Door Module contains tailgate detection systems that prevent the inner door from opening when more than one person attempts to pass through the interlock.

Meridian BulkTransfer Units

Safetell Cash Transfer Units are designed to ensure the safe transfer of bulk cash and other items from public areas into secure enclosures

Meridian Module

The Safetell Meridian Module combines two proven Safetell products; the Stalwart steel door and Bulk Transfer Unit. It provides a solution for the secure transfer of cash and valuables in external locations. The whole unit offers significant manual and ballistic attack resistance.

Nightpay Hatch

Designed to enable the continuation of trading at times of high risk, through the separation of staff from would-be assailants.Typically used in petrol forecourt, late night pharmacy, and other operations in which payment and goods need to be transacted.Safetell nightpay hatches feature movable upper payment tray, and extending lower bulk item drawer For Nightpay Hatches call Safetell 01322 22 32 33

Pay Windows

Protect staff securely and enhance the ticketing, information and payment process with Safetell Pay Window units.

SA243 SA246 Square Base Security Portals

Square-based security portals with single person detection and abandoned object detection. Specifically designed for protecting internal areas of banks, embassies, corporate buildings, prisons, data centres, ministries, jewellers and high-value areas.

Showing 1-36 of 54