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3 Easy Steps to Choosing Rockfon Metal Acoustic Ceilings

Suitable for offices, retail etc, Rockfon Metal tiles are a combination of a proven, high performance stone wool core and attractive metal surfaces. Our metal tiles provide the highest w = 1.00, Class A sound absorption and the safest possible A1 reaction to fire. Their factory-installed stone wool core is retained by a unique tab, for quick and reliable installations. - Benefiting from a modern, white surface, with excellent light reflection, the ceiling tiles contribute to a bright and comfortable indoor environment. - Available in a popular range of formats, in clip-in concealed, semi-concealed and visible grid options, with a choice of two modern, perforated surfaces.

Acoustic Ceiling Islands with Rockfon Eclipse

Install attractive acoustic ceiling islands in any shape or colour to enhance your room acoustics - either from a design perspective or when a traditional wall-to-wall suspended ceiling cannot be fitted due to other elements in the ceiling itself or thermal mass builds.

Beautiful Renovations and New Builds for Ceilings (3)

In this edition of Inspired by You we focus on the inner beauty visible in a wide range of projects from around the world. Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. But at Rockfon, we think that it starts with the inspiration of the designer, who sees the potential of a new build or an existing structure. Before that beauty is revealed to the occupants, it has to be imagined and brought to life.

Colourful Acoustic Ceilings from Rockfon

Choose from our standard range of 34 modern and attractive colours or personalise your room design with your own bespoke colour. Add interest to classrooms, offices, in fact any space - plus benefit from Class A sound absorption to create optimum acoustics in any room.

Designing Ceilings for Tomorrow with Rockfon (4)

Rockfon showcase the build, design and acoustics of spaces - from restaurants and office buildings to museums carved into rock and award-winning aquatic centres. They speak with architects and business owners from across the globe who worked on these incredible projects.

Optimise office acoustics with Rockfon dB ceilings

By offering the best combination of sound absorption and sound insulation, the Rockfon dB acoustic suspended ceiling tile range provide a documented noise control solution that is music to your ears.

Rockfon Acoustic Ceilings and Walls for Education Buildings

How to choose the right ceiling or wall for successful education buildings. The importance of acoustics and the effect it has on a pupil's ability to learn and the teacher's ability to be understood and heard. Choose acoustic solutions which are non-combustible and modern to create attractive indoor learning environments.

Rockfon Acoustic Ceilings for Healthcare Buildings

How to choose the right ceiling or wall for healthcare buildings. The importance of acoustics and the effect it has on recovery of patients and creating a healthy indoor environment to aid recuperation. Choose acoustic solutions which are non-combustible and modern to create light, hygienic indoor environments.

Rockfon Mono Acoustic - a seamless, Class A acoustic ceiling and wall system

Modern monolithic architecture calls for undisturbed, expressive surfaces. Modern building design requires good acoustics, convenience and flexibility. Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic brings the two together with amazing results. Flat or curved. White or custom colour. Ceilings or walls. Rockfon Mono Acoustic is more than a ceiling. Its a surface solution designed to enrich the beauty of your monolithic design while delivering a world of practical benefits. Beauty and brains. All in one to shape your world.

Rockfon Sustainability Report, part of the ROCKWOOL Group

Rockfon stone wool acoustic ceilings and walls are part of the ROCKWOOL Group. We are committed to empowering everyone to rise to the challenges of modern living. We use a natural material stone to create products that have a positive impact on the environment and improve peoples lives. Our 2017 Sustainability Report shares our progress in helping to shape a more sustainable world. You can read about the work we are doing to create new solutions and to measure and improve the impact of our products and operations. Youll find examples of how we are tackling the big issues, from climate change to urbanisation, creating healthier, more resilient places for people to live, work and play.

Taking Ceiling Design to a Higher Level (2)

Rockfon suspended acoustic solutions are evolving beyond the highly successful grid ceiling. They are changing shapes, hiding their gridlines and adding curves and colours. They are even leaving the ceiling entirely, floating in space and hanging on walls. They are doing this in order to meet the demands of all the latest trends in architecture and interior design. Whether multifunctional or monolithic, minimalist or inspired by nature, even mixing old with new, suspended acoustic ceilings and wall panels are reinventing themselves. In this edition of Inspired By You, we go in search of projects that are pushing the boundaries of acoustic control. Its time to suspend your beliefs about suspended acoustic ceilings.

Showing 1-18 of 18