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Argent Alu, founded in 1909, has already been active in the production of hinges in over a 100 years. Argent alu is Belgium's market leader in sale of hinges, and with innovations such as the cottage hinges and the drawer fitting the company profiles itself as the benchmark for opening doors.


Cilium® is a dynamic sunshade by RENSON® that can be transformed from a vertical sunshade in front of a window to a horizontal, open position above a window.


The Fixscreen® is the first external screen in the world that is truly wind tight. Fixscreen®, the technological performer in terms of comfort and ease of use, can be used in residential, offices and project buildings.

Healthbox® II

For several years now, SYSTEM C+® by RENSON® has been a very successful ventilation system thanks to its simplicity, ease of maintenance and energy efficiency. Now however, RENSON® succesfully launched the new Healthbox® II which includes new innovative technology. SmartZone technology ensures that the house is optimally ventilated, according to the resident’s activities. The new TouchDisplay allows the residents to set their own personalised ventilation program and displays the actual indoor air quality. This ventilation system can help homes reduce their energy consumption while creating a healthy indoor environment. Read on to find out how the new Healthbox® II makes energy saving and a healthy indoor environment possible!

Healthy Apartment Concept

The RENSON® Healthy Apartment Concept (HAC) offers innovative ventilation and sun protection systems that also make an energy-efficient apartment healthy and comfortable - with due attention to design aspects as well.

Healthy Residential Comfort

To achieve optimal living comfort, it is important to take account of the orientation of the building, the influence of the different seasons, and the lifestyle of the people who live or work in this environment. That’s why it’s important to evaluate the different systems during the design phase and incorporate the most suitable elements in the design. This ensures home owners optimum, long-term enjoyment of their home.

Horizontal sun protection

A building or home with large glazed surfaces facing south offers many advantages. During autumn, winter and spring, you enjoy the benefits of the incoming sunlight. But in the summer this can create an uncomfortable indoor climate and irritating light reflections. Structural sun protection and screens prevent overheating. They stop the suns rays before they come into contact with glazed surfaces. Undesired heat and blinding light do not enter the building.


Icarus® blades are extruded aluminium profiles for use as sun protection, wall cladding or visual barriers.


An ingenious aluminium interior door frame, where it is possible to achieve integrated doors in walls with a frameless appearance. With the Invisidoor® the door is lined up perfectly with the wall allowing architects to create clean lines.

Invisivent® EVO

The Invisivent® EVO is a thermally broken window ventilator that is installed on top of aluminium, timber or uPVC window frames. This almost invisible installation guarantees maximum light penetration since the glass size is not reduced plus the Invisivent® ensures the supply of fresh and healthy air without draughts (thanks to its self-regulating flap).

IRISS (Integrated Radiant Image Solar Shading)

With IRISS, a building can be equipped with a dynamic transparant video image system, with minimal impact on the architectural design. In fact, the IRISS video image enhance sun shades, are part of the architectural look of a building. It is the best of several worlds. It provides design (opinion) and dynamic imaging.


All louvres in this brochure have been manufactured from aluminium profiles AlMgSi 0,5 (according EN 12020-2).


Argenta introduces the argenta® pivotica®, a new, minimalistic and invisible pivot hinge with several unique characteristics.


RENSON SUNPROTECTION SCREENS introduces the TOPFIX®: zenithal sunprotection using a revolutionary new technology: a combination of our well-known FIXSCREEN® technology and a tension system. The result is exceptional fabric tension.

Vertical sun protection

Structural sun protection and screens prevent overheating. They stop the suns rays before they come into contact with glazed surfaces. Undesired heat and blinding light do not enter the building. This means no blinding or annoying reflections on TV or computer screens. And yet you still retain visual contact with your environment. The view outside is important, and it is respected.

Window ventilators

Continuous and controlled ventilation is the only effective method to ensure a healthy indoor climate.

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