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record C127-SU under-floor swing operator

The record C127 underfloor drive for swing doors adds another type of application to the range of the DFA 127 product range that has been truly tried and tested for many years. The record C127 can be used for the msre diverse applications and is extremely quiet and had a high level of momentum, even heavy doors weighing 400kg can be easily operated.

record CLEAN

The record CLEAN series of automatic door models are used when there are requirements for hermetic seals with clearly defined properties. Ideal for operating theatres, record ClEAN doors support the maintenance of a sterile environment by their hermetic closing and easy-to-clean qualities. These tightly closing doors are available as single or twin leaf models.

record DFA127 swing operator

record DFA 127 is a universal drive system for the automation of swing doors. It is characterised by sophisicated technology, compact design and especially record's legendary smoothness of operation.

record FlipFlow Breach Control System

The record FlipFlow provides a high level of security for a wide range of applications. The user friendly, one-way traffic, security system delivers a high volume throughput, without jeopardising controlled access.

record FTA 20 automatic folding door system

record uk's folding doors and their variants. If there is a limited space for door leaves to open in the passage area, which excludes the use of sliding doors, an automatic folding door provides a good solution.

record PROTECT EXV 25 Bomb Blast Resistant Doors

The record PROTECT Bomb Blast Resistant Doors are security enhanced single or double doorsets that can withstand a bomb from 45m or 25m, making them ideal for security sensitive locations.

record R 62 Security Interlock

The record R62 security interlock provides pedestrian traffic separation with a range of security levels. The interplay between cutting edge technology and proven engineering techniques ensures safe, secure access control for vulnerable and specially protected areas such as can be found in banks, airpors and other sensitive applications.


The record SPEEDCORD can be used as the connecting element between two storage areas with different temperatures. The high opening and closing speeds mean on the one hand short hold-open times, which counteract thermal exchange, and on the other, virtually eliminate possible waiting times in front of the doors. The record SPEEDCORD is also very well suited as a noise barrier at the end of assembly line areas.

record system 20 (featuring the STA 20 & TSA 20)

The record system 20 enables the construction of a vast range of door models. Designed using modular construction principles, it can be adapted to suit the widest range of conditions and yet is largely based on the same components. Within the range are the STA 20 linear standard sliding door and the TSA 20 linear telescopic sliding door.

record's portfolio

record has been designing, developing, building, selling, installing and maintaining automatic door systems for 60 years. Whether the functional applications such as escape routes, fire containment or separating two climate zones; whether enhancing convenience by providing barrier-free acress in nursing homes, or enabling touch-free access to operating theatres, or as a welcoming gesture in department stores; whether functioning as a security interlock in sensitive areas, permitting one-way access only, or functioning as a representative telescopic, reolving or curved sliding door: record makes all these options possible.

Showing 1-11 of 11