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1) Tesco roll out FlowControl to 1,100 stores

Following successful trials, Tesco is rolling out record's FlowControl people counting, traffic light system to 1,100 stores across the country to comply with Covid-19 social distancing guidelines and ensure customers and staff feel safe during the pandemic.

2) FlowControl installed at 9 EH Smith Depots

To put a people counting system in place to ensure Covid-19 social distancing guidelines are adhered to, to ensure the health and safety of their customers and staff at all times.

3) Automatic Choice for Total Fitness Health Club Ltd

To update four pairs of manual swing doors at the health club in Wilmslow, which over time had become tired looking and cumbersome after years of wear and tear and replace them with automatic doors to create a welcoming, contact-free entrance for members and staff.

4) Maintaining Openings at Swansea University

Helping to reopen doors at Swansea University by providing regular #service & #maintenance to all #automaticdoors on the Bay Campus to ensure they are in perfect working order at all times.

5) record FlowControl running smoothly at Budgens

Our FlowControl system is a big success at Knight's Budgens of Henfield. Not only has it helped save approx. £700 in gross wages per week, it has taken the onus off management & team members controlling customer numbers in-store.

6) record FlowControl at PetPlace

PetPlace considered a number of solutions to protect both customers & staff whilst providing reassurance & peace of mind that all new procedures facilitated safe social distancing. record's FlowControl system was installed on PetPlace's automatic sliding entrance door to control the number of customers entering the store. Whilst the visible surface mounted green and red LED stripes which clearly identify if entry is allowed or denied appealed to PetPlace, the ability to automatically deactivate the entrance door once the pre-defined people count is reached was a deciding factor, as it prevents further access until a customer exits the building.

CBRE, St Martin's Square

CBRE wanted to replace their existing automatic doors at the front and rear of their newly refurbished building with stylish doors which are safe, reliable and ensured effortless pedestrian flow. Two record K41 stainless steel four-leaf revolving doors constructed from glass to provide a modern, minimalistic look were installed. A stainless steel swing door complete with a record DFA 127 operator has also been installed next to revolving door at the main entrance to provide a wider opening for disabled access and deliveries of large, bulky items to the premises.

New Horizons for record uk

record uk installed a 3 wing all-glass revolving door with a stainless steel frame to provide an attractive and impressive entrance to Horizons House in Aberdeen, a development of prestigious serviced office suites built by Waterloo Quay properties. The revolving door complemented the modern and attractive interior and prevented through draft which otherwise may have posed a problem with the entrance opening directly into the reception area. This revolving door was fitted with a fully automatic in-ground electric mechanism and microprocessor control unit. Safety features are also built in and activated by infrared detectors and overload detection.

record Folding Doors and Radar Ensures Draught-Free Waiting Room

The waiting room at Houton Pier on The Mainland of the Orkney Islands was cold and draughty due to a weather-damaged door opening directly into the waiting area. An extension was built to create a weather break and fitted with record FTA 20 automatic folding doors which minimise the time the door is open to the elements but still provides good access. The doors are activated by a radar presence sensor for two way traffic. The old door was also replaced with a THERMCORD sliding door with energy efficient core panels to further reduce the ingress of cold air.

record uk's Precision Engineered Automatic Doors for Aston Martin's Newcastle Showroom

record uk was chosen to manufacture and install a six metre wide entrance solution to Aston Martin’s prestigious new showroom in Newcastle. The entrance was required to be robust, safe, quiet in operation and stylish in appearance. record installed two 3000 mm wide, clear toughened glass, STA 20 sliding doors. Their secure, elegant and efficient operation is guaranteed by a self-controlling microprocessor which continually monitors inputs, including from the three safety sensors, and adjusts performance accordingly. In the event of a power failure the doors can be programmed to remain secure or to open to allow emergency access.

Royal Blackburn Hospital

record uk has installed 5 STA 20 sliding doors at the front and rear entrances, which are ideally suited to handle the large volume of traffic the hospital receives. These doors have been customised with aluminium frames manufactured in blue polyester powder coat, to complement the look and style of this modern building. There are also 40 DFA 127 swing operators fitted throughout the hospital to enhance new or existing doors quickly and economically. On other entrances/corridors within the hospital where space is limited so excludes the use of sliding doors, record FTA 20 folding doors can be found.

Showing 1-11 of 11