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Frameless glass balustrade systems, post and rail balustrade and handrails

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Curved and adjustable glass railing systems for German bank office

Volksbank Kleverland’s new customer centre is an eye-catching architectural masterpiece. The interior of the bank office consisted of curved and tapering shapes. This required bendable railings and a flexible solution for alignment of the glass infills. A combination of Q-railing’s Easy Glass Slim and Easy Glass Pro glass balustrade systems was the perfect fit. Easy Glass Slim had previously been installed with a bend radius of less than 500 mm, which is unique in the market. In total, more than 130 metres of glass railing was installed on the upper floors and stairways.

Curved glass balustrade for Signal Iduna Park football stadium

Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund is the largest stadium in Germany and home to Borussia Dortmund football club. Its shop was replaced by a spectacular new FanWorld, from where not only merchandise and tickets are sold, but also events are hosted and the BVB brand is experienced. The architectural design contributes to the brand experience without overpowering it. Transparency and safety are key. Q-railing’s Easy Glass Slim and Easy Glass 3kN glass balustrades were a solution for both the interior and exterior stairways and balustrades, including curved base shoes, glass and cap rails.

Easy Glass 3kN - High-tech college building UK

Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMet) is a leading provider of further and higher education courses in the UK Midlands. The project architects required a balustrade and staircase railing that reflected the dynamic, high-tech environment of the college. Q-railing’s Easy Glass Slim and Easy Glass 3kN systems were ideal for use on the staircases, and as balustrades on the upper floors, as they create a safety barrier without blocking views or compromising on design in any way. The installation included a bespoke cladding, which makes the railings appear to rise directly out of the floor or stairs.

Easy Glass 3kN glass balustrade - Dutch university campus

Extensive use of glass, and the careful articulation of forms, ensure a wonderful feeling of openness, whatever side you view it from. Q-railing’s Easy Glass 3kN glass balustrade system more than fulfilled the demanding safety requirements while still providing maximum transparency. In total, around 600 metres of glass balustrade were installed alongside stairs and landings. Attractive finishing touches were provided by wooden handrails and base shoes powder-coated in black.

Easy Glass cap rails - Vienna central station

Vienna Central station is a new, state-of-the-art railway station. The key architectural idea: Vienna should be open and free of barriers. Open halls, wide stairways and ceiling apertures create a sense of space and freedom. Simplicity and lightness are balanced by the use of high-grade materials such as natural stone and glass. About 1,100 metres of Q-railing’s oval-shaped, stainless steel Easy Glass cap rail on staircases throughout the station is a perfect example of this preference for quality. It also responded to the project’s demanding safety and accessibility requirements.

Easy Glass Max decking glass balustrade - Amsterdam tower rooftop

The A’DAM Tower is a well-known landmark in Amsterdam, the building rises to almost 100 metres and provides views over the whole city. Its renovation involved adding a glass balcony balustrade around the rooftop terrace. Q-railing agreed the use of the Easy Glass Max system with architect OeverZaaijer Architecture (OZ). This high-grade glass balcony railing solution can cope with line loads in excess of 5 kN/m, with modern looks and maximum transparency. OZ were immediately convinced that Easy Glass Max was a perfect fit. In total, 110 metres of railing were installed.

Easy Glass Max glass balustrade + Q-lights Linear Light LED for handrails- Leeds University

Modernising historic properties can bring major challenges. The architects at Fuse Studios gave careful consideration to this question as they prepared for a refurbishment of the Fine Arts building at Leeds University. Early on, the new access ramp at the front entrance was identified as an important visual centrepiece. The architects opted to use Q-railing products, including an LED-lit handrail, when creating an ultra-safe glass railing for the ramp. Q-railing recommended the Easy Glass Max system. It is highly robust, meeting all the relevant safety requirements with ease, and yet provides an uninterrupted glazed area.

Easy Glass MOD 0747 stand off balustrade - London private home

St. Elmo is a newly built private residence located in Epsom, London. The architects contacted Q-railing to inquire about a glass railing that would allow maximum light into the master bedroom and enable uninterrupted views of the garden. Q-railing recommended a fascia mount balustrade on the balcony using its Easy Glass MOD 0747 stand-off railing system and a 40 x 40 mm cap rail. The internal staircase is equipped with Q-railing’s 42.4 mm stainless handrails and MOD 0148 off-set stainless brackets. Outside, the elegant Easy Glass Pro glass balustrade was installed.

Easy Glass MOD 0760 stand-off railing system + Easy Glass Slim frameless glass balustrade - Shopping centre

Parc Central shopping centre in Tarragona, Spain, has been one of the leading shopping centres in the Tarragona province. In 2013 the second floor was fully refurbished. For the interior, the architects chose Easy Glass MOD 0760 balustrade and a combination of stainless steel and wooden handrails. On the roof terrace 100 metres Easy Glass Slim were installed, with a stainless steel cap rail to create a stylish finish. The full glass balustrade ensures the safety of people sitting outside while they enjoy a clear view of the surroundings.

Easy Glass Pro glass balustrade + stainless steel balustrade Q-line – Lancashire apartment development

A fascinating contrast between authentic stone constructions and modern stainless steel. This apartment development is located in the middle of a leafy area and now features state-of-the-art Q-railing balustrades that empower the its natural looks. The all-glass Juliet balconies are nearly invisible, leaving the attractive stonework on full display. The Easy Glass Pro frameless balcony railings allow for beautiful views of the surroundings. In the interior, Q-railing’s Q-line baluster railing system was installed on the internal staircases.

Easy Glass Pro glass balustrade - Spanish university building

The design of the new University of Gibraltar building emphasises transparency and openness while retaining the integrity of the historic structure. Glazed facades and glass balustrades are positioned in striking contrast with original structures such as brick vaults. Fusing a historic fabric with modern design elements presented numerous challenges. It required close cooperation between Q-railing and the architect. In all the glass balustrade systems, they needed to achieve a demanding resistance parameter, in accordance with British Standards. Q-railing provided the Easy Glass Pro structural glass railing and constructed and tested the balustrade, certifying values required by Building Control.

Easy Glass Pro glass railing - Museum Vlaardingen (NL)

In Vlaardingen Museum, the Netherlands, old meets new. The use of concrete, aluminium and glass creates a powerful sense of open space and transparency. The many level changes and loft-like spaces meant it was important to find a balustrade solution unobstructed by a conventional handrail or metal grip. The Easy Glass Pro structural glass balustrade offered the ability to make fine adjustments to the positioning of each glass panel from the installation side – invaluable when being installed on the various sections of finished concrete flooring levels.

Easy Glass Pro outdoor glass balustrade - Amsterdam rooftop garden

The vibrant city of Amsterdam has a stunning new architectural highlight. Discover De Boelelaan, a modern building containing both residential and office space. The feature that really sets it apart is a magnificent rooftop garden. Safety barriers are an essential feature. Q-railing’s Easy Glass Pro glass balustrade system offers maximum transparency with the highest standards of safety. In this case, the balustrade is frameless, with a minimalist U-shaped stainless steel Q-railing profile on top. The 245 metres of glass railing also provide a useful wind break.

Easy Glass Slim + Q-line: FIFA World Cup stadium Brazil

Located in Manaus, the heart of the Brazilian rain forest, the Arena Amazônia stadium was a FIFA World Cup 2014 venue. It features Q-railing glass railings, posted balustrades and handrails. The handrails and railings run between stadium areas and are used in staircases and exits. Faced with stringent requirements, Q-railing’s record in other stadium projects spoke volumes. Nearly 8,000 metres of Q-railing products were installed, including Easy Glass Slim, Easy Glass 3kN glass balustrades and Q-line baluster railings. Q-railing products, with their clean, contemporary design, are a perfect match for its unique architecture.

Easy Glass Slim all-glass railing - VW flagship showroom London

Q-railing was asked by Bond Bryan Architects to provide specifications for a glass balustrade that would surround the escalator void on all 3 floors. The Q-railing architectural team was involved very early in the design process and could therefore provide tailored advice on which type of balustrade and fixing to use. The Easy Glass Slim glass balustrade contributes to the state-of-the-art appearance of the new building. This flagship showroom now is a natural fit with what VW wants to reflect: continuing growth and success.

Easy Glass Slim glass balustrades for Lake District boutique hotel

The Brimstone is a luxury boutique hotel. It is located in the beautiful Lake District, and their view of the famous Langdale Pikes would be difficult to beat. In order to provide a clear view of the countryside, the balconies of the rooms and suites were fitted with Q-railing's Easy Glass Slim all-glass balustrades. The railing system's large glass expanses, maximising light and visibility, plus unbeatable quality and safety, made it the obvious choice. A total of 116 metres of glass balcony balustrades were installed in just 2 weeks.

Easy Glass Slim glass stair and atrium railings for research centre

Over 200 linear metres of Q-railing's Easy Glass Slim full glass balustrade feature in this high-tech spectrometry research centre. This is one of the sleekest and most affordable systems in Q-railing’s range of minimalist glass balustrade systems. 175 metres of structural glass railing were installed to the atrium, and a further 25 metres were used on the two staircases leading up to the atrium level. Q-railing was selected for the high quality finish and ease of assembly, which speeds up installation while able to achieve the loadings required.

Easy Glass Slim outdoor glass balustrade for Luxembourg apartment buildings

The 10 apartment buildings of the Cerisier Residences development in Bertrange, Luxembourg are surrounded by green spaces. The balconies with glass railings make for a stunning, modern appearance. Q-railing’s Easy Glass Slim glass balustrade system was identified as the perfect fit. It's extremely cost-efficient, since it is quick and easy to install – an important factor, given that more than 1,600 metres of glass balustrade were required for outside balconies and penthouse roof terraces.

Glass balustrade + Spotlight - Central staircase The Building Centre London

The Building Centre, London’s premier architecture and construction gallery, invited Q-railing to re-design its central staircase. It supplied a staircase balustrade with LED lit handrails and a frameless glass balustrade for the void. John Bonning, the Building Centre’s commercial director said: “We applied glass risers to each solid oak tread, which safely created the same floating stair effect as the original but made the stair compliant with modern building regulations. The materials reflected the quality of the Building Centre, whilst drawing natural light into the lower gallery.”

Glass balustrade system Easy Glass Slim selected for Volkswagen head office Germany

Hall 90 B is Volkswagen’s new centrepiece facility for the development of electromobility. The building brings a new dimension to Volkswagen’s e-campus. Q-railing’s easy to install Easy Glass Slim glass balustrade system provided the architects with an affordable and slender solution that contributes to the open feel of the interior design. Around 800 metres of glass railing, topped with a high-grade stainless steel cap rail, were installed on the building’s galleries and bridges.

Glass balustrades for atrium and balcony in luxury villas

The 61 spacious villas of Raffles Park, a gated community in Bengaluru, India, blend contemporary design with the love of green spaces. The residences make maximum use of natural light, giving you the feeling of living amidst nature. There were clear requirements for the atrium and balcony railings. To create that feeling of being surrounded by nature, maximum transparency and a high safety level were required. The Easy Glass Slim and the rectangular shaped Easy Glass MOD 0763 glass balustrade systems were the perfect fit. Both are quick and easy to install, which means big savings during the installation process.

Private apartment building in Denmark features Easy Glass Slim glass balcony railings

Skolegade, a street in the Danish city Aarhus, is known for its interesting restaurants, pubs and characterful timber-framed homes. A brand new three storey apartment building was added to the street. The spacious apartments each have access to an ample balcony surrounded by an Easy Glass Slim full glass balustrade. These balustrades allow maximum visibility of the building’s facade, with its striking steel structures. Easy Glass Slim was installed without making any special adjustments to the existing design. The back of the building features Q-railing Juliet balconies.

Q-line posted railing for art deco glamour hotel Spain

The Portals Hills Boutique Hotel in Mallorca consists of 29 condos and 2 penthouses. Visitors are immediately struck by the flawless white facade and soft, rounded corners. With floor-to-ceiling glazing, extensive balcony and terrace areas overlooking the Mediterranean and an infinity pool, balustrades were a key design element. The balustrade not only needed to provide transparency, but also an ornamental appearance. The Q-line posted railing system ultimately comprises 316-grade stainless steel posts and handrails with delicate steel bar infill running horizontally. For some parts, curved bars were installed.

Q-line stainless steel baluster railing adds to waterfront entertainment venue

Club Venu is a premier destination for dining, dancing, arts and culture. Set in a beautiful waterfront location, it’s undoubtedly one of the most stunning attractions in North Wales. The architectural plan included a roof terrace on the second floor, which incorporated a balustrade. In total, more than 40 metres of stainless steel Q-line balustrade with glass clamps, handrails and offset handrail brackets were mounted. Modern and minimal in appearance, this solution nevertheless offered considerable time and cost savings. The exterior balustrade delivered unbeatable safety without sacrificing transparency. The result is a stunning, uninterrupted view of the waterfront.

Square Line 60x30 stainless steel balustrade + handrail lighting for London pontoon

The sides of the pontoon, bridge and ramp at Battersea’s river boat service required ultra safe balustrades. These had to be a natural fit to the industrial environment. The Square Line 60x30 stainless steel balustrade perfectly suited the job. Its stainless steel posts were welded to the pier for extra robustness, and toughened glass infills of 10 mm thick were added. The Q-lights Spotlight LED system was invisibly embedded in the handrails for extra safety at night. The industrial looking stainless steel elements of the Square Line 60x30 system add to the appearance of the pier.

Stand-off glass balustrade - Conference venue UK

Looking as though it were poised to take flight, the Blackburn Wing is a multi-award-winning venue. Glass balustrades on the balconies and runways – created by Q-railing – together with floor-to-ceiling curtain walls allow for stunning unobstructed views of the surrounding woodland. In total, 140 metres of stand-off balustrade were installed, with Easy Glass MOD 0763 glass adapters and stainless steel cap rails.

Showing 1-26 of 26