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Aker Solutions

Aker Solutions is a global Norwegian company that provides products, systems and services to the oil and gas industry. For the 350 offices and meeting rooms throughout the four floors, Planet used a combination of p100 and p20 relocatable partition systems, ensuring high sound attenuation. Full-height single glazed frameless glass doors complement the clean lines of the meeting rooms and offices. A small number of offices and meeting rooms have laminated beech timber doors too. Planet installed several atrium glass panels and glazed the recreational areas, including the squash courts. The job was completed over a three-month period.

Ampersand, London

Darling Associates and McLaren Group approached Planet Partitioning to undertake the internal atrium glazing and fire-rated glass doors for their fit-out of Ampersand, London. Planet was specified to design, manufacture and install all the glass partitioning for an internal atrium, balustrades and fire-rated and non–fire rated lift lobby doors. For the atrium, Planet Partitioning used full-height frameless 15.5mm low-iron toughened laminated glass. This highly curved atrium needed glass rising from the door plate to create a fluid feel, complementing the central spiral staircase. Planet then installed steel framework to support the atrium glazing.

Andrew Wiles Building

Laing O’Rourke approached Planet Partitioning to work in partnership with them and their primary architect, Rafael Vinoly, finalising the designs for all internal glazing as part of a Category A and B fit out. The work included designing and installing lecture theatre fronts, meeting and study room fronts, internal glass wall cladding and bespoke glazing. Planet installed p100 double glazed partitions to the front of all lecture theatres to ensure market-leading sound attenuation.

Bauer Media, London

Planet was bought on to design, supply and install the interior glazed partitioning and doors to the meeting rooms, lobby and corridors throughout Bauer Media. Working over a 6-month period, a wide range of products were installed to meet the various specifications. To compliment the building's heritage, the interior was based on the mid-century era. Planet's LOFT range perfectly encapsulated the vintage aesthetic, with both LOFT20 and LOFT54 being used throughout the scheme. In the lobby area FireTec doors were used to meet fire requirements. Transoms and mullions were applied to keep the LOFT theme.

Bexley Council, London

Planet provideded the internal glass soloutions for Bexley Council's new civil office. Planet installed a mix of fire and non-fire-rated glass, and two-metre-high glass balustrades, which were fixed underneath the floor to achieve a minimalist design. On the first floor, back-painted glass panels conceal structural steel work. p100 double-glazed partitioning and FireClear fire-rated glass partitioning features throughout the atrium. FireTec doors feature throughout communal areas. A number of new offices have p20 single glazing.

Birmingham City University, Birmingham

As part of ongoing improvements to Birmingham City University, Associated Architects, together with Willmott Dixon, asked Planet Partitioning to put together a specification for internal partitioning in the new purpose-built Curzon Building on the BCU campus. Planet designed and installed a combination of framed and frameless p20 single glazed demountable partitioning and p100 double glazed partitioning in the offices, meeting and lecture rooms, helping to meet strict sound attenuation requirements. Single and double glazed doors and several fire-rated screens feature throughout the building, alongside fire-rated and non fire-rated partitioning.

Boden, Leicester

British clothing company, Boden, found the perfect location in Leicester, to expand their warehouse and contact centre.With a fashionable interior at the forefront of architect, Spacelab’s, mind, LOFT20 provided the ideal solution. A fantastic alternative to slim framed office partitioning, LOFT20 was used throughout the interior, from meeting rooms, to the break-out spaces.Where fire rated partitioning screens and doors were needed, FireClear was the obvious solution, being fully compatible with LOFT20. Achieving E30 fire rating, FireClear had mullions and transoms applied, in the same width and colour as LOFT20, to provide seamless integration throughout the design.

Brioche Pasquier UK, Milton Keynes

Bespoke Construction asked Planet to undertake the internal partitioning package for Brioche Pasquier.To meet the brief, Planet used its premium and highly flexible M100 modular system. The majority of the corridor partitioning was frameless, but with framed modular glazing to clearly define the offices, meeting rooms and testing facilities opposite. The installation achieved excellent sound attenuation for all office and meeting rooms, with film manifestation added for visual contrast and integrated venetian blinds for extra privacy. Single glazed glass doors with brushed steel handles and joints now feature throughout the building. The project took around eight weeks to complete.

British Museum WCEC

For the basement laboratories, Planet used p100 demountable double-glazed full-height partitions with two layers of 15mm toughened glass to reach heights in excess of three metres. The partitioning framework was set within the steel grid structure, ensuring an industrial look and incorporating slimline single-glazed and SonoTec double glazed doors with integrated venetian blinds. Planet provided a full blackout option for lab work on sensitive ancient human remains. Planet AG was responsible for the full-height atrium glazing, using 19.5mm toughened laminated glass. It required carefully spaced holes for securing attenuators that control airflow within the building.

Cambridge Sports Centre, University of Cambridge

Planet installed the internal partitioning at a new gym at Cambridge University. To ensure high levels of sound attenuation, we used M100 glass partitioning between the gym, communal and reception areas. IsoClear slimline glass doors provide a striking and minimalist feel. M100 double-glazing also features above key structural walls in the sports hall, which houses two full size courts for basketball, badminton, boxing five-a-side football and other games. The partitioning not only ensures very high levels of acoustic performance, but also follows the curved contours of the ceiling.

Carmelite Riverside, London

Morgan Sindall and Fletcher Priest Architects asked Planet for help with the design, manufacture and installation of a new central, frameless atrium as part of a Category-A refurbishment. The nine-storey atrium used hot-smoke-retardant frameless internal atrium glazing across three sides to ensure high transparency, improving the admission of natural light while protecting occupants from falls and maintaining the highest acoustic rating. In addition, Planet designed, manufactured and installed frameless glass balustrades and bespoke walnut timber spandrels. For the lift lobbies, Firetec doors provide outstanding fire integrity and insulation to these communal areas.

Chevron, Aberdeen

Chevron is an American multinational energy company, active in more than 180 countries. Planet had carried out all the internal partitioning for Chevron’s new 110,000 sq. ft. building eight years previously and stood the test of time, so JM Architects asked that Planet draw up the specification to meet the client’s acoustic performance requirements. Using p100 double glazed partitioning for all meeting rooms and offices ensured high acoustic performance, while applying a ‘V’ shaped orange design on both the inside and outside provided contrast and depth. Installing double glazed doors also complemented p100 in looks and performance.

City of Westminster Courts, London

The City of Westminster Courts is among London’s oldest.The courtrooms were on the first and second floors, each entered via a ‘sound lobby’ – a transition area between the waiting areas and the courtrooms – each to accommodate up to eight people at a time. The glass on either side of the sound lobbies had to achieve a very high acoustic performance (60dB Rw), a very high impact rating, and a fire rating of EI60. Planet also installed switchable glass in the waiting areas and anti-reflective glass in the courtrooms.

Criteo, London

Criteo is a global digital media and internet marketing company. Planet Partitioning were tasked with providing the interior partitioning and doors package for this 30,000 sq ft category B fit-out. Having recommended the LOFT20 partitioning and LOFT IsoTec doors, for their contemporary style, the system was installed over the 3 floors, in all meeting room areas. Combined with LOFT IsoTec doors, applied with the same coloured and size trims, a striking visual was created. IsoTec’s impressive acoustic performance, of up to 34dB Rw, made the system the perfect choice for Criteo’s meeting rooms.

DLA Architecture, Leeds

DLA Architecture asked Planet Partitioning to put together a specification for the internal partitioning of their meeting rooms and offices as part of a Category B fit-out. Working with Triton Construction, Planet Partitioning used p20 frameless single glazing to create meeting rooms, offices and corridor screens over three floors. This included applying a striking coloured graphic across the partitioning and installing glazed doors with a walnut timber surround. After project completion, Planet was asked to add extra partitioning to create more offices and to put together a specification for a new building in Leeds.

DVB Bank,London

ISIS Projects asked Planet to undertake the internal glass partitions of the Category B commercial fit out of DVB’s new London offices.Planet used p20 single-glazed demountable partitioning to create the offices and meeting rooms. Several of the offices opened onto corridors, which required a 30/0 integrity fire-rating. To address this, Planet used FireClear E30 doorsets with Pyran S glass. Solid American black walnut doorframes integrated beautifully to provide a striking and contemporary look to the offices. Planet had the doors manufactured to exact specifications, ensuring a seamless, high-quality integration with the demountable glass partitioning.


EQT Partners, have offices everywhere from Amsterdam to Shanghai, and recently acquired a new space in London to house their rapidly growing team. Scott Brownrigg approached Planet Partitioning requesting a glazed partitioning and door package. In areas where high acoustics were the priority, such as meeting rooms and the Boardroom, double-glazed LOFT54, partnered with double-glazed IsoPro doors, were specified.Additionally, the IsoPro doors had banding applied, to match the corresponding LOFT54 partitioning. Where acoustic performance did not need to be exceptionally high, p20 glazed partitioning screens and IsoTec slim framed glass doors were used for office fronts.

Equinox Gyms, London

Planet carried out all the internal glazing requirements as part of a Category-B fit-out for Equinox's new London flagship gym, the historic, Grade II listed Art Deco Derry & Toms Building. Planet Partitioning complemented the building's natural curvature by curving the partitioning channels gently before installing p20 curved glazing. As part of the schedule of work, we also provided bespoke offices frontages, including a striking triangular timber surround and Eclipse sliding doors. We were also responsible for installing the draught lobbies, with Firestop partitioning to ensure EI 30 fire integrity and insulation.

European Investment Bank HQ

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is the European Union bank. Planet Partitioning’s design team worked closely with Bradley Mallalieu Architects to fulfil the requirements of this premium and high acoustic-performing refurbishment. As all the Director offices needed to meet high acoustic attenuation, Planet Partitioning used p100 demountable double glazing partitioning to ensure conversation within these office spaces couldn’t be overheard. Frosting applied to the glass partitioning provides visual contrast and privacy. The project features a mixture of doors – some with black laminated finish, which complement the striking grey RAL9006 framework.

European Space Agency UK HQ

The European Space Agency (ESA) headquarters at Harwell Estate is a leading science, innovation, technology and business hub. Working closely with the architect and contractor, Planet Partitioning offered and installed M100, its premium modular partitioning system. For the crosswalls, Planet Partitioning used a solid core panel with a factory-laminated steel-faced panel finish and office fronts with built-in glazed units and door areas. A slim framework ensured a bright, clean and modern look for the meeting rooms and offices, while the steel-faced partitioning allowed the use of magnets to display large documents.

Ferrari & Maserati, Swindon

Planet Partitioning used p20 single glazed demounatble partitioning with a smoked laminate glass finish on optiwhite glass, then combined this carefully with low-iron glass to give the client the exact colour wanted. The requirement covered two floors and some of the partitioning formed a balustrade for the edge between them. Eclipse sliding doors ensured a highly premium, clean-like look and feel. Several doors were patch-hinged to address key deflection head requirements. As part of the package we also created a membrane ceiling across a recess area within the showroom, enhancing key illumination areas by softening the light.

Folkestone Academy

For the classrooms, p100 demountable double glazed partitioning ensures high acoustic attenuation. Planet Partitioning sourced and installed all the doors: timber-frame white doors that are easy to maintain and repair. At the academy’s heart is an atrium fire rated to 60/60 integrity and insulation, thanks to Planet Partitioning’s FireStop 25mm glass. These glass panels also feature in the library, which overlooks the atrium. For walkways and gangways, p20 demountable glass partitioning features where acoustic performance isn’t critical – but it ensures a modern and contemporary space in line with Foster and Partners’ vision.

Fora, Reading

Located inside in Reading, Fora have opened their first flexible workspace outside of London. Planet worked with ISG and Piercy & Co on the internal glazing requirements for the new location. Planet’s LOFT54 partitioning was specified for the rentable meeting rooms and offices. The demountable partitioning was paired with Planet’s IsoTec doorsets which are a perfect aesthetic match for the LOFT system. LOFT100 was used for the first and second floor meeting rooms, due to its excellent acoustic ratings. The glazing consists of two layers of glass, 12.8mm and 14.8mm, which combined reached a 54dB Rw rating.

Formica Group, North Shields

The iconic Formica warehouse was first built in 1945 and needed a complete CAT A and B fit-out over 3 years. Planet Partitioning's northern division were perfectly placed to provide the partitioning screens and glass doors, for both the offices and warehouse. For the upstairs meeting rooms, acoustic was priority; both p54 and LOFT54 were recommended to Main Contractor, Sanderson, for the systems' impressive acoustic attenuation of up to 46dB Rw. Combined with SonoTec glazed doorsets, that achieve up to 42dB Rw, the system provided the privacy needed. For the corridors and warehouse, FireTec was used.

Hill Partnership, Essex

Hill Partnership asked Planet Partitioning to oversee all the internal partitioning requirements at its new two-storey Head Office – an old gunpowder mill in Essex. The atrium voids and room frontages featured p100 single-glazed demountable partitioning – chosen because its thick framework complemented the robust and open steel framework of the building. Planet Partitioning used vertex dry joints to ensure a virtually invisible glass partitioning joint and the highest acoustic insulation. Manifestation film applied to the partitioning provided visual contrast and added privacy. Eclipse sliding doors maximised usable floor space in all offices and meeting rooms.

Hill Partnership, Essex

Hill Partnership is a Top 25 builder of houses that offer stylish and contemporary living. They asked Planet Partitioning to oversee all the internal partitioning requirements at its new two-story Head Office. The atrium voids and room frontages featured p100 single-glazed demountable partitioning - chosen because its thick framework complemented the robust and open steel framework of the building. Planet used vertex dry joints to ensure a virtually invisible glass partitioning joint and the highest acoustic insulation. Manifestation was applied for additional privacy and Eclipse sliding doors maximised floor space in all offices and meeting rooms.

Hilton Garden Inn, Doncaster

The Hilton Garden Inn is a global brand facet of the Hilton Worldwide group, with over 780 locations across the world. In the hotel’s lobby area, LOFT20 single glazed partitioning was installed, reaching 3500mm high. The designs were made to allow for vertical and horizontal polyester powder coated aluminium trims, set at different heights, to compliment the style of the hotel. IsoTec doors were used, reaching 3000mm in height, and the doors included LOFT style aluminium trims, bonded to both sides of the doors, to provide a uniform style throughout.

Holland Park School, London

Planet used p100 demountable double-glazed screens for all the classroom frontages and set black laminated timber classroom doors, and for the offices, 30-minuet fire-rated glass doors into our white aluminium slimline door frames. P20 single-glazed demountable partitioning features in the library and sixth form, which includes a gap between each panel of glass, an aesthetic feature to complement the internal atrium glazing. Eclipse sliding doors were used throughout. Planet's Architectural Glass' in-house design team worked with Aedas to make sure the angled atrium glass was in line with the design intent.

Horizon Nuclear Power HQ

Main contractor Kier Construction asked Planet Partitioning to put together the specification for the internal fit-out of meeting rooms and offices over three storeys.Working with architects Harmsen Tilney Shane and Frank Shaw Associates, Planet Partitioning designed, manufactured and installed p54 double glazed partitioning, in line with the architects’ vision. Planet Partitioning needed to adhere to sound attenuation levels of 45 dB Rw, so Sonotec doors were installed throughout the meeting rooms and offices. These are Planet's premium door range – widely considered to be the best performing acoustic glass doors on the market. Work completed in November 2015.

Imperial College, London

The Research and Translation Hub at Imperial College, London forms the centrepiece for the innovation district in White City. The completed design for the central atrium wholly pushed the boundaries of performance glazing. Planet AG worked with PLP Architecture to ensure the project stayed commercially viable whilst maintaining the desired impressive design. Curved glass, which reached up to 3.4 metres tall on floors 2-6 and a staggering 5 metres tall on the ground floor had to be heat soaked toughened and was up to 25.5mm thick to support the weight.

Moneypenny, Wrexham

Billed as the 'UK's happiest office' this 91,000 sq ft building is home to the telephone answering service; Moneypenny. Planet won the project after impressing AEW Architects with stylish and cost effective products. FireStop doors were installed to compliment the earthy tones and playful 'outdoors' theme of the office design. For the meeting rooms and office partitioning, Planet's p20 slimline glass partitioning was used along with full height glass swing doors to maximise the light and airy feel of the the office and atrium areas.

Monsoon Accessorize HQ

Monsoon Accessorize is a privately owned British company with two internationally renowned clothing brands: Monsoon and Accessorize. HMM Architects asked Planet to provide a specification for all the internal glazing and partitioning for the client’s striking new head quarters, known as the Yellow Building. On the lower ground floor, Planet Partitioning’s demountable p100DG double glazing provides frontage to all executive offices and meeting rooms. At the centre of the building, Planet AG installed full-height atrium glazing to the working areas looking directly into the atrium. On the top floor, Planet AG installed six-metre high glass partitioning.

Network Rail Control Centre, Basingstoke

Working with GMW architects and BAM Construction, Planet devised a highly effective partitioning strategy. Where trains pull directly into the building, Planet Partitioning used FireStop single-glazed fire-rated partitioning. FireClear and FireStop doorsets were used throughout the rest of the building. p100 double glazed partitioning features throughout offices and meeting rooms, to ensure excellent levels of acoustic performance, with several meeting rooms also created with p20 single glazed demountable partitioning. For meeting rooms and offices that required additional privacy, Planet installed integrated venetian blinds. A striking coloured manifestation film in the meeting rooms and offices provided visual contrast.

Network Rail HQ, Milton Keynes

BAM construction approached Planet to supply and install interior glass partitioning as part of a Category B fit-out of Network Rail's new HQ. To ensure outstanding sound attenuation, we fitted p100 double glazed partitioning and IsoClear glass doors. To ensure time and cost efficiency, our design team worked with BAM and GMW Architects to ensure the right choice of standard deflection heads and allow for +/- 25mm movement rather than designing and manufacturing a multitude of bespoke deflection heads. We also installed p20 single glazed demountable partitioning for a range if brightly coloured 'eco cabins' dotted throughout the building.

Novotel, Canary Wharf

Built to celebrate the Novotal brand’s 50th anniversary, the flagship hotel is housed in a 39-floor skyscraper in the heart of the City. Planet worked with Inco Projects to provide an interior glazing solution for the gym and meeting room areas. To complement the industrial aesthetic of the hotel, LOFT100 was used throughout the project, paired with SonoTec double glazed doors with aluminium tracks applied in the same width and colour, providing a uniform style throughout. With LOFT100 achieving up to 56dB Rw and SonoTec up to 42dB Rw, the privacy of the hotel’s guests was ensured.

Oxford Brookes University

Laing O’Rourke approached Planet Partitioning for help refurbishing the Abercrombie building and fitting out a brand new, purpose-built structure adjoining it. Planet used p100 double glazed partitioning and p20 relocatable single glazed partitioning in a wide range of formats throughout both buildings. For areas where sound attenuation was important, p100 double glazed partitioning at cellular soaces – and for rooms and offices requiring additional privacy, integrated venetian blinds. For communal areas, p20 XL reached to heights of over three metres still using the 27mm framework line. Planet also installed a range of fire-rated frameless screens throughout the buildings.

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