Pilkington United Kingdom Limited

Pilkington United Kingdom Limited

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Pilkington United Kingdom Limited, part of the NSG Group, is one of the global leaders in glass and glazing technology. Pilkington manufacture and distribute glass for Architectural, Automotive and Technical glass markets across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Pilkington United Kingdom Limited employs around 2000 people in sites across the UK and manufactures a wide range of float, coated, rolled, laminated and toughened glass solutions as well as its own range of high-performance insulating glass units. Glass is distributed directly to customers, either as stock or as bespoke processed products, direct from St. Helens or through its network of nationwide branches. The Group's European Research and Development Technical Centre is also based locally at Lathom, Lancashire and allows the company to focus on providing innovative solutions to the end user.

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Trade names

  • Pilkington Activ
  • Pilkington Anti-Fade
  • Pilkington Cervoglass
  • Pilkington Eclipse Advantage
  • Pilkington energiKare
  • Pilkington Galleria
  • Pilkington Insulight
  • Pilkington K Glass
  • Pilkington Microfloat
  • Pilkington Optifloat
  • Pilkington Optilam
  • Pilkington Optimirror
  • Pilkington Optiphon
  • Pilkington Optitherm
  • Pilkington Optiwhite
  • Pilkington Oriel Collection
  • Pilkington Painted Glass
  • Pilkington Planar
  • Pilkington Plateau
  • Pilkington Profilit
  • Pilkington Pyrodur
  • Pilkington Pyrodur Plus
  • Pilkington Pyroshield 2
  • Pilkington Pyrostop
  • Pilkington Solar-E
  • Pilkington Spacia
  • Pilkington Spandrel Glass
  • Pilkington Suncool