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0.74kN & 3kN Frameless Glass Balustrade TL3010/3030

Popular as it allows you to go directly to the balcony edge with its "F" shape design, our 3010 and 3030 profiles are ideal for private , commercial and public areas of high frequency use. Independently tested and certified to BS6180:2011.

0.74kN Frameless Glass Balustrade TL5010

Smart design requires only 3 fixing points per 2.5m run. Designed specially for applications on insulated flat roofs using posts which can be individually adjusted. For glass thickness from 12mm to 21.52mm. Uses our patented Flex-Fit glass adjustment system.

0.74kN Frameless Glass Balustrade TL6010

Quick and simple to mount glass balustrade system with our most economical configuration. Independently certified in the UK to 0.74kN and available in 4 finishes fir top and side fixing. Utilizes our Flex-Fit Glass Adjustment system for perfect alignment with or without handrails. For glass thicknesses' 12mm, 13.52mm, 15mm, 17.52mm, 19mm and 21.52mm. Accessories include preformed and welded corners, end caps, mounting blocks, spacers and cover cladding. Full drained system with 25micron anodizing for long trouble free service life.

1.5kN Balustrade System TL6020

Latest innovation from OnLevel is a balustrade system for frameless glass especially developed for the UK market with a certified 1.5kN line load to BS6180. Fast to install, easy to adjust and 25 microns anodising as standard for the harshest environments.

Kronos by OnLevel - the revolutionary glass clamp

A glass clamp that does it all, and more.... Made in Germany the worlds first fully adjustable glass clamp for balustrades made from one piece of high performance material. Fits all post connections, flat, 42mm and 48mm posts from 8mm to 12.76mm glass with no fiddly pieces to loose or buy separately. Covers protect the whole surface and ensure a sleek smooth professional look from both sides of the clamp. Unique !.

Side Mounted Point Fixings TL20 range

60mm and 80mm diameter point fixings for frameless glass balustrades. Glass adjustment system for simple constructions in private and light commercial applications. Especially popular fir glass staircases.

SKYFORCE Juliet Balcony

High Performance Juliet Balcony system with performance up to 3kN and single span widths up to 3000mm.

UK Test Report - TL3010

BS6180:2011 Test report for TL3010 - All tests with OnLevel products are independent and carried out by approved, respected and recognised UK testing institutes'

UK Test Report - TL3031

3KN system for side mounting frameless glass balustrade certified to BS6180:2011

Showing 1-20 of 20