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Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Metal Technology's Bi-Folding doors are the perfect solution to open up your home and bring the outside in, while keeping the elements out. Our Bi-Fold doors offer a wide range of designs from two to six panes and up to 6 metres in width giving architects, clients and specifiers total design flexibility. Door sashes can accommodate either open in or open out applications, with both curved and flush profile door leaves and fully rebated or low thresholds.

Aluminium Brise Soleil Solar Shading

Metal Technology's aluminium brise soleil system offers the specifier practical solar control options with attractive and clean lines that would enhance any façade. This easy to erect system can be fitted directly to the building structure or be integrated into the Metal Technology curtain walling system

Aluminium Commercial Door

Metal Technology's commercial - non thermal - door, has been designed to act as a single door or as multi-acting doors. In combination with the other Metal Technology Systems, a variety of door jamb and stile formats can be achieved to give the entrance required

Aluminium High Rise Curtain Walling

Metal Technology's aluminium framed curtain walling, with feature caps externally, both vertically and horizontally. Its attractive and clean lines will enhance all types of projects, with the added benefit of simple fabrication.

Aluminium Latitude Curtain Walling

Metal Technology's aluminium framed walling. This system offers flush joints vertically while emphasising the horizontal external transoms with aerofoil aluminium caps

Aluminium Louvre System

Metal Technology's louvres offer a system that can meet the differing demands in weathering, ventilation and aesthetics. Louvres can be offered as stand alone or integrated within other Metal Technology systems.

Aluminium Low Rise Curtain Walling

Metal Technology's Low Rise aluminium curtain walling, with feature caps externally, both vertically and horizontally. For simple, low rise, ground floor applications only.

Aluminium Parallel Opening Vent Window

Metal Technology have developed an aluminium framed Parallel Opening Vent (POV) Window. This design of window offers double the airflow of a traditional top hung window with its utilisation of both high and low ventilation zones. The system also incorporates High Insulation Thermal Break Technology.

Aluminium Secondary Glazing Window

Metal Technology's Secondary Glazing is a cost effective and efficient method of insulating/sound proofing existing window systems

Aluminium Sliding Door

Metal Technology's sliding door has been designed to offer the specifier a door with pleasing sightlines, and all the benefits of weather performance, thermal enhancement and security

Aluminium Tilt & Turn Window System

Metal Technology's Tilt & Turn window system utilising a wider thermal break, maximising the insulation capabilities. The frame depth front to back is 75mm

Aluminium Top Swing Window System

Metal Technology's Top Swing Windows principle advantage over other window types is that it can easily and safely be cleaned from within the building as the opening vent reverses through 180degrees

Aluminium Vertical Sliding Window

Metal Technology's aluminium sliding sash windows are hung on spiral spring balances, designed to support the frame in any designated vertical opening position.

Metal Technology High Insulation Door System

A high insulation door system that will provide structural integrity, weather performance, thermal enhancement and security. A highly cost effective entrance door solution it is weather tested to BS6375 and security tested to PAS 24

Showing 1-18 of 18