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Aurubis Architectural

Aurubis is the largest producer of copper in Europe, with over 140 years experience, and is a world leader in copper recycling. The name Aurubis is based on the Latin for red gold reflecting the outstanding importance of copper since civilisation began. This brochure provides an introduction to the architectural opportunities and unrivalled freedom that architects can enjoy by working in partnership with us to realise their designs in copper, no matter how innovative. It explores how Aurubis Architectural redefines copper for contemporary design with the ongoing development of surfaces, forms and systems not as a prescribed range of products to select from, but rather a source of inspiration for architects and the starting point for a creative partnership with us.

GreenCoat Colours

GreenCoat PLX is available in attractive colours ranging from conventional natural shades to contemporary metallic tones. All colours are based on modern architectural trends. The colour offering is inspired by Nordic nature and developed based on feedback from leading architects and builders.

GreenCoat Installation Guide

GreenCoat® is the brand for innovative, sustainable colour coated steel solutions for roofs, façades and rainwater systems. Widely used in sustainable architecture, GreenCoat® products offer an extensive range of colours and coatings with Swedish rapeseed oil.

Metal Solutions Rainwater System

Metal Solutions are the UK's leading manufacturer of traditional copper, zinc and stainless steel rainwater systems. Rainwater systems in light gauge metals such as copper, zinc and stainless steel are becoming ever more popular as stand alone systems or to compliment a traditional metal roofing finish.

Metal Solutions Reveal Panel System

The reveal panel system is probably the most popular cladding system for traditional metals, such as copper, brass, bronze, zinc, stainless steel, precoated aluminium or GreenCoat steel. The reveal panel system is ideally suited to situations where traditional metals are preferred but with a requirement for a flatter appearance than standing seam systems.

Metal Solutions Shingle System

Metal Solutions shingle cladding is perhaps the most versatile of all the traditional cladding systems available. Shingle cladding makes an eye catching impression and can be adapted for complex roofing and cladding geometries and virtually all curves. Shingles can be square, rectangular, triangular, diamond or rhomboid in a range of differing sizes. The combinations are infinite......

Metal Solutions Snow Guard System

Snow Guards and ice guards prevent the dangerous movement of snow & ice, on sloping metal roofs, which can cause injury to people, and damage to plants and property below. All traditional standing seam metal roofs such as copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel, precoated aluminium & GreenCoat steel can be accommodated.

NedZink Technical Instruction Manual

NedZink is the leading Dutch zinc manufacturer of rolled titanium zinc for applications in façade cladding, roof covering, roof gutters and rainwater drainage systems. NedZink has been making the highest quality zinc products used in both large and small-scale projects worldwide, for over 125 years. As market leader in the Netherlands, NedZink promotes creative applications of zinc. The options include bright-rolled zinc (NATUREL), grey pre-weathered zinc (NEO) and black pre-weathered zinc (NOIR). Constantly applying the existing product in new ways, and in a new form, means that zinc continues to be a fascinating and inspiring product. This has resulted in the development of products such as NedZink Pro-Tec, NedZink NOVA COMPOSITE and NedZink NUANCE.

Roofinox Designs

Roofinox is nothing less than the complete evolution of the building envelope with HFX stainless as a material for roof and facade. All products have been specially developed for use in building envelopes. Roofinox HFX stainless combines aesthetics and resilience in a single material and offers a 60 years warranty.

Snaplock® System Installation Guide

The Snaplock® System from Metal Solutions is an evolution of the traditional hard metal roofing system. The Snaplock® system reduces on-site time and associated processes thanks to a quick installation procedure. Professionally manufactured off-site, it can be delivered in project specific panel lengths, reducing waste and scrap generated using other techniques. The simplicity of the system makes for a straightforward installation, without the requirement for seaming tools. Manufactured from lightweight corrosion resistant coated steel, this quick and ready to install system offers a durable low maintenance solution.

Topclip Capping System

The Topclip is a universal connector with double vulcanised seals, for the jointing of metal cappings. Topclip is suitable for all traditional metal roofing materials ie copper, zinc, stainless steel, precoated aluminium & GreenCoat, as well as PPC aluminium.

Traditional Textures Precoated Aluminium

Metal Solutions offer a complete range of precoated aluminium that captures the colour pigments and textures of real zinc, copper and other finishes. The result of this is a realistic and aesthetically pleasing product, all for the fraction of the cost of more expensive materials. Also available are zinc red, zinc blue & zinc green.

Zintek - The Coloured Ones

Always attentive to the latest trends, Zintek is proud to present a new proposal in the world of architecture and design: six colours that emphasize the nature of zinc-titanium zintek®, while maintaining its properties intact. Mediterranean Blue, Lagoon Green, Antique Red, Natural Earth Brown, Rock Grey and Graphite Black: colour meets material and becomes an actual architectural element.

Zintek Installation Manual

Zintek is the all Italian company which produces zinc-titanium zintek® for architecture. In its plant located in Porto Marghera-Venice, active since 1936, the company boasts a unique production chain which goes from the melting of the zinc and its casting up to the production, commercialisation and application of zintek®. To its customers Zintek offers a high quality product, professionalism and skills from designing to application, in order to make the best use of the qualities of zintek® and guarantee the aesthetics, long lifespan and authenticity of buildings with zinc cladding, with maximum attention to their sustainability.

ZM Silesia Application Manual

ZM Silesia zinc-titanium is a modern material produced of the highest purity zinc 99,995% with the addition of copper and titanium. Modern technology guaranties very good physical and mechanical properties and allows for wide range of applications in the building industry. NATURAL the metallic surface will gradually turn to a natural light grey zinc patina in response to local atmospheric conditions. PRE-AGED GREY a matt, light grey patina surface created as a result of chemical processes. It is recommended to use pre-aged material on elements such as facades. PRE-AGED CARBON a graphite-black surface developed using a complex technological process. The contrasting dark patina provides a distinctive identity whilst harmonising with other building materials such as slate.

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