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Marmox (UK) Ltd

Insulation and waterproofing solutions

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Marmox (UK) Ltd is part of the CMB group; a company which manufactures construction chemicals, specialist building products and is one of the world’s leading producers of XPS insulation.

Its XPS is the core ingredient of the load-bearing THERMAL BRIDGING block: Marmox Thermoblock. This product is used to eliminate or reduce the cold bridge typically at floor junctions with masonry or timber framed walls. It is BBA certified and is also a BRE “certified thermal product” so can be guaranteed to reduce the emissions rate in order to meet the SAP, SBEM, DEAP or Passivhaus requirements.

XPS is also the core ingredient of Marmox’s range of TILE BACKER BOARDS. These include: 1. Multiboard, a BBA certified, CE marked board for use on internal and external walls and floors to provide a waterproof barrier, increased tile adhesion, decoupling and thermal insulation. 2. SoundBoard, a tile backer board for floors providing all the benefits of a Multiboard but with the added benefit of IMPACT SOUND REDUCTION. 3. Showerlay, a range of sloped, floor-level SHOWER BASES complete with drainage for use in tiled wetrooms and shower areas. 

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Trade names

  • Decotray
  • Marmox Multiboard
  • Marmox Showerlay
  • Marmox Showerstone
  • Marmox Soundboard
  • Marmox Thermoblock