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1. Licata External Wall Insulation

Many existing buildings have been built with obvious thermal aws, resulting in problems such as excessive costs for heating and cooling, mould problems, condensation, damp and heat bridges. The Licatatherm thermal insulation system contributes to eliminate such aws while at the same time signifcantly increasing comfort and wellbeing, supporting relevant energy saving and also preventing the formation of condensation from steam, mildew and mould on interior walls , and improving the overall look of your building.

2. Licata Render Systems

Although in the UK we have a Traditional Lime based render market in recent years applying modern thin coat render systems is considered quite a new building technique but throughout Europe the application of plaster coatings to the substrate has been used for over 1000 years. Rendering not only protects and improves the weathering and Fire protection of a building but improves the overall aesthetic look. aesthetic merits.

3. Licata Acrylic BrickSlips

Brick slips are available in several different colours, sizes and textures. They are almost totally mineral based. The product consists mainly of a mixture of assorted quartz sands and binding agent. The binding agent is a high-grade polymer dispersion and serves the role of clay in a traditional brick. It means that the product remains flexible. The UV-resistant colour pigments guarantee the colour fastness of the brick slip. The brick slip and the adhesive consist mainly of the same raw materials and, following application, from one whole. Thanks to the combination of high-quality raw materials and specific production processes, the acrylic brick slip is a unique and durable product. Brick slips cannot be distinguished from traditional bricks, but he do have many advantages.

4. Licata Clay Brick Slips

Clay Brick Slips are thin sections of brick that replicate the look of conventional brick work and can be used both internally and externally. They are a quick and cost effective way to replicate the look of conventional brick work, providing excellent durability and low maintenance, the brick slips are ideal for new build or renovation projects and are incredibly easy to fit and point. They are used across a wide range of market sectors: for residential and commercial applications, for smaller features, full rooms or complete building exteriors.

5. Licata Cement Board

With all the new building methods in the construction industry builders and developers are always looking for faster cheaper energy efficient methods of building and this is why more and more projects are utilising timber and light weight steel frame systems which enable the exterior façade to be closed off sooner and allows many different aesthetic finishes. This makes thin coat renders perfect for such applications, providing excellent water resistant finishes to a large range of substrates, including new and old brickwork / blockwork, concrete, steel and timber framed buildings, when used in conjunction with a suitable render carried board.

Licata & Environment

Licata 's history philosophy , working practices ,and product ranges.

Licata Aggrappante Primer

Multi-purpose blue coloured bonding primer. Licata Aggrappante Primer works by fixing small grains of quartz aggregates to smooth substrates, thus obtaining a rough surface with a high adhesive capacity, allowing a perfect adhesion of plaster and finishes with a gypsum-lime or lime-cement base and, at the same time, uniforming the absorption of the connecting underlays, especially the particularly absorbent ones.

Licata EPS Grey Insulation

Choose from our range of high performance insulation panels Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), NEOPOR Mineral Fibre (wool) to meet your thermal requirements.

Licata Fibre Glass Mesh

Licata Mesh 160 (certified according to ETAG 004) and 200, alkali resistant fibre glass mesh, meets the maximum safety requirements about crack-resistance and resistance to shock.

Licata Heavy Duty Cement Board

Licata HD Cement board is a rigid, high density, high performance cement bonded particle board. Not only is it an excellent board for racking providing great strength and stability, it also provides the perfect substrate for all types of external façade systems.

Licata Isolante LG Primer

Universal pigmentable primer made with acrylic copolymers and inert silica materials. It is ideal as a fixer before all decoration work with micro-coatings or synthetic binder based paste coatings.

Licata Lime Base Coat

Ecological White Rough coat made with natural lime and hydraulic binder for indoor and outdoor use White plastering mortar made with natural hydrated lime, hydraulic binder, selected aggregates and additives that, not altering the features of this natural mineral product, improve its adhesion, workability and regular evaporation.

Licata Monocouche Render

Licata Scratch Render is a one coat pre-mixed render. UV resistant and has waterproof natural additives. Scratch Render is ideally suited to create a rustic or stone effect and is designed for application at a thickness of typically 12 mm, before being scraped back using a nail float to achieve a thickness of approximately 10mm. It is a product with high reliability in terms of duration and is particularly appreciated for it’s aesthetic beauty. The water repellent surface reduces water absorption an dimples resistance to algae growth and requires very little maintenance.

Licata Multi Purpose Cement Board

Licata MP Render carrier FPB is a rigid, high density, high performance fibre cement bonded board. Not only is it an excellent board for racking providing great strength and stability, it also provides the perfect carrier substrate for external render systems.

Licata RasoTop 800

Raso Top 800 is a fibre-reinforced mineral adhesive/skim coating made with hydraulic binders, polymer-modified resins, selected inert materials and latest-generation additives, specifically devised for bonding and skim coating thermal insulation panels in ETAG 004 systems such as licatatherm. Raso Top 800 boasts an excellent degree of adhesion on any traditional substrate, whether new or existing, even with extremely low absorption, making it also ideal for façade restoration work, both indoors and out.

Licata Rock Wall Insulation

High density rock wool panel (120 kg / m3 or 90 kg / m3 – double density 155/80), ideal for use in thermal / acoustic coatings, in compliance with the ETICS standards. Thermal conductivity ?: 0,036 W / mK Steam permeability µ: 1 Reaction to fire: A1

Licata Waterproofing Hydromonoelasto

Hydro Monoelasto 100 is a single-component, polymer-modified cement waterproofing product made with high resistance hydraulic binders, selected aggregates and special additives.

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