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Barrot Urban Pedestrian Grating

Barrot represents a totally new concept in the design of steel floor grating for pedestrian areas; it will also accept a standard car loading up to a maximum span of 367mm.  The exceptional characteristic of the grating is achieved by incorporating bearing bars which are shaped to a reversed U-profile providing a broad surface area which is both safe and comfortable for walking on. The innovative design also includes a unique dimpled anti-slip surface.

Drainage Channels in Stainless steel

Lang+Fulton offer a range of stainless steel drainage products: fissure channels in standard and custom sizes and box channels in square and rectangular sizes.

Floor Grating: AntiVertigo

The AntiVertigo flooring system complies with BS4592-0 for people evacuation and has been specifically designed as a grating for elevated flooring, stairs, high-level walkways and fire escapes as a non-transparent grating for public safety and reassurance.

Grating Fences

Lang+Fulton offers the widest choice of grating fences for a contemporary aesthetic in a range of aperture sizes and weights which provide performance characteristics appropriate to specialist applications. The rigid panels are made from flat bearing bars and an attractive plain round bar in large sizes up to 2382x2000mm (hxw). The modular system can be stacked to create any fence height. Specialist fencing: anti-climb (particularly appropriate for schools), barrier crowd control, green wall and MUGAs. Custom designs can be created for individual projects such as waved top, decorative rails, finials, laser inserts or radiused panels. Swing, sliding and pivot gates are made to match. All fences are hot-dip galvanized with optional polyester powder coating in any RAL colour.

Grating Fences: Premium Range

Lang+Fulton pressure-locked fencing is a superior range of products for prestige projects. The process of pressure-locking produces a very high quality material with perfectly formed intersections, resulting in the most aesthetic grating material. The fence panels are constructed entirely from flat bars by pressing a series of cross bars into notched vertical bars and secured with a framing bar. In addition to standard sizes, panels can be ordered to nonstandard heights and widths. Taller fence heights are achieved by an arrangement of stacked panels. Fencing can be supplied with a choice of posts for either ground fixing or wall mounting.

Gratings for Cladding, Screening and Balustrades

Lang+Fulton supply a comprehensive range of pressure locked and electrofused products. The open mesh gratings offer a practical and economical solution for cladding, screening and infill panelling. They are particularly suitable for balcony balustrades, security screens, plant housing, stairs, brise soleil, wall cladding and creating green wall trellis. Lang+Fulton has specialist experience in the supply of large sized panels for multi-storey car parks, allowing through ventilation and natural daylight, yet sufficiently robust to secure large openings without extraneous bracing. All panels are bespoke: cut and framed to custom sizes before hot-dip galvanizing (BS EN ISO 1461) with optional polyester powder coating in any RAL. colour.

Louvre Wall Cladding: specialist steel products - Corona, CoronaBrise and DeltaMax

Louvres for wall cladding and larger scale projects with excellent anti-climb properties. Corona Range A totally new and uniquely practical system with an attractive organic quality. The unusually generous scale of the profiled louvres delivers a striking visual statement. Panels are fixed directly through the top flange of the louvre without any framing bars and can therefore be seamlessly stacked or joined for a continuous appearance. DeltaMax Made from inclined steel flat bars with a profiled nosing which are pressure locked to vertical transverse bars. The deep louvre has a bold appearance and the manufacturing process creates perfectly formed intersections for a crisp aesthetic. All panels are framed and made to custom sizes, with the economy of little or no wastage.

Louvred Fencing and Compounds

Lang+Fulton louvred fencing combines an aesthetic appearance with many practical advantages for a wide variety of applications including: compounds, plant housing and wheelie bin stores. It provides all the privacy and security of a solid wall with easier installation at lower cost and total or partial degrees of visual screening according to product selection. Louvre fencing is supplied up to 3,000mm high; fences above 2,000mm use a combination of panels. Panels and posts are made to standard widths with closing panels in custom sizes to suit site measurements. The rigid steel panels provide excellent perimeter protection with direct fixing between panel and post and the angled louvres have effective anti-climb properties.

Louvred Gratings for Screening, Ventilation and Security

Lang+Fulton offers the widest choice of louvred products to the UK and worldwide markets. The mild steel construction is not only more economical than aluminium but has a much greater intrinsic strength which is particularly important as the linear nature of a louvred material will highlight any distortion. There are several distinctive ranges, Delta, Italia and Croona, each of which offers an alternative aesthetic, a variety of screening properties and a choice of fixing methods. Applications include: wall cladding, multi-storey car parks, roof-mounted plant housing, compounds and security screening, balconies and balustrades, wheelie bin stores, ventilation grilles and sunscreen, gates and doors.

MUGA and Playground Fencing Systems

Lang + Fulton (formerly Orsogril UK) fencing systems can be used either for MUGAs, or as a full ball court or goal ends, or to provide a secure playground area. The solid construction of the grating panels and heavy duty posts avoid the possibility of loss of shape or sagging which can be a problem with welded wire mesh. The panels are designed to withstand the pressures of high impact sports such as football; hockey; basketball or cricket.

Open Mesh Floor Grating

Lang+Fulton supply a comprehensive range of pressure locked and electrofused gratings for all flooring and ventilation applications. Alternative gratings are recommended for landscaping, vehicle loadings, the built environment or internal use. There are also specialist products: Barrot for pedestrian areas and AntiVertigo which is non-transparent. The Technical Department can advise an appropriate product for a particular project before preparing the most economical panel layout. A complete package of CAD drawings, support steelwork, fixings and loading specifications are provided. All panels are bespoke: cut and framed to custom sizes before hot-dip galvanizing with optional polyester powder coating in any RAL colour. Gratings are available in mild steel or stainless steel.

Railing Fences: Modena, Siena, Siena Sport & Rimini

The range includes a variety of styles with different features offering particular suitability for residential, commercial, municipal, sports, play and security applications. Modena: a prestigious solid bar railing with unique styling, developed by a leading Italian designer. Siena Sport: a conical railing with an an unusually robust 33.7mm diameter tubular pale for stadia, crowd control or heights 2400-3000mm. Siena: a tubular railing with a conical top in seven different heights. Rimini: a railing with a modern angular appearance made entirely from flat bars.

Stainless Steel Gratings

Stainless steel gratings are used for balustrades or security screens as well as prestigious flooring with specific markets in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries MADE TO MEASURE FRAMED PANELS Lang+Fulton provides a bespoke service: - specialist supplier of non-standard panels, cut and shaped to individual requirements. - alternative apertures can be designed for a particular project with the bearing bars and transverse bars set at intervals of 11mm e.g. 22x66 or 44x44mm - AISI 304 is used as the standard grade of stainless steel. AISI 316 should be specified, if required. - non-slip gratings - all gratings are available with serrated bars for environments with oily or slippery substances.

Stereo Kinetic Wall Cladding

Stereo-kinetic wall cladding is made using hundreds of stainless steel sheets which are suspended from grating panels. Gusts of wind or the movement of traffic cause the metal rectangles to ripple in an everchanging display. Lang+Fulton work closely with the architect from concept to final design, preparing CAD drawings and advising on support steelwork, alternative fixing methods and loading specifications to current British Standards. The finished panels are supplied to custom sizes together with all components to provide a complete package.

Wheelie Bin Stores and Bike Storage

In addition to the Europa range of standard designs, Lang+Fulton specialise in the design and supply of bespoke installations. With clean, simple lines our bin stores provide visual screening and security, as well as ventilation and natural daylight. All of our bin stores are made from a practical system of modular steel louvred panels and doors with or without roofing. They are supplied with all accessories and a full set of drawings for easy installation. All components are hot-dip galvanized finish with an optional polyester powder coating to BS 1722 - Part 16 in any RAL or BS colour for a tough, low maintenance finish.

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