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Aintree Racecourse - Koster Flooring Systems to Grandstand

Aintree Racecourse is located in Sefton, Merseyside. The racecourse is best known for hosting the Grand National steeplechase. The grandstand was suffering badly from water ingress to the areas below due to the floor coatings and joint seals which had degraded over years of exposure to the elements. Koster flooring systems were specified to provide a long-term solution to the exposed areas, providing a decorative, slip-resistant finish suitable for UV exposure and the weather conditions faced in the UK. The completed area is the perfect spot to enjoy the worlds’ biggest horse race in 2021 and beyond.

Koster Flooring Systems - Protection to Concrete bund

Koster Epoxy flooring systems were installed to the concrete bund of a chemical plant in Wales. There was a need to prevent chemical spillages entering the concrete so they could be cleaned in a safe manner. Koster Aquatecnic worked with the engineers and client to design a system which could be installed and offer the most suitable level of protection. The cleaned surface was prepared with Koster Polysil TG500 and Koster NB1 Grey. Koster SL Premium was used to provide a strong level surface to accept the Koster LF-VL on the floor and Koster EM-VS on the up-stands.

Koster Injection G4 - London Underground

Koster were asked to design a waterproofing system which wold be able to deal with the demands and stresses within the one of the London Underground tunnels. The most suitable system involved injecting the Koster Injection Gel G4 into the brick tunnel lining thus leaving an elastic resin within the pores and voids in the substrate. This acrylic gel would not allow water to pass, can flex and move with the anticipated vibrations in the tunnel and will not degrade over time. It was important for the solution to e environmentally stable so limit the impact on the environment.

Koster TPO Single Ply membrane - Overlay Project.

The Koster TPO Single Ply Membrane was chosen to overlay an existing and failed flat roof on a coastal school on the Isle of Man. The Koster TPO was carefully designed and installed over the old asphalt covering to thus extend the buildings life and provide a safe environment for the pupils and teachers. The Koster TPO was fully bonded and mechanically fixed to the main roof substrate in order to combat the anticipated wind loading. for more information please contact admin@kosteruk.com

Restoration of the foundations at a wind energy plant

Concrete foundations of a wind energy plant: Due to the influences of the weather over the years, the following damages were noticed: •Cracks due to movement •Moisture into the structure •Spalling of the concrete •Corrosion of the reinforcement •Flaking paint The first step in the restoration of the foundation was pressure injecting the cracks - through which an elastic closure of the cracks was realized. The total surface was strengthened with a unique sillicate liquid. A waterproof sloped layer was installed; finally, the moving joint between the foundations and the steel tower of the wind energy plant was sealed elastically.

‘Our Lady Star of the Sea’ Church in Amlwch - Isle of Anglesey

Our Lady Star of the Sea is a historically significant 20th Century building designed by Guiseppe Rinvolucri. Time and the elements have caused so much damage that this Grade II Listed building could no longer serve as a house of prayer and worship The products used were Restoration Plaster "E Fast White" which cures to a bright white finish and "Restoration Plaster Coat", which creates a smoother but still breathable finish. Polysil TG 500 a special salt blocking silicate polymer primer and Koster NB1 Grey, a waterproof sealing slurry that is effective against negative side water pressure.

Showing 1-6 of 6