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AQUAPANEL® Indoor Brochure

Knauf AQUAPANEL® Indoor Cement Board is an extremely durable tile backer providing peace of mind in wet indoor areas such as bathrooms, shower rooms and wet rooms. Resistant to mould and mildew, AQUAPANEL® Indoor will not deteriorate in water. It retains its strength even if fully immersed. A purpose designed tile backing board, AQUAPANEL® Indoor solves the problems experienced when traditional backing materials get wet. So no more costly call backs to replace rotten or damaged boards. AQUAPANEL® Indoor screws ensure a quick and easy installation with no special tools required. Knauf AQUAPANEL® Indoor is ready keyed to take tiles up to 50 kg/m2 as soon as the boards are installed.

AQUAPANEL® Outdoor Brochure

Knauf AQUAPANEL® Outdoor is ideal for use on timber frame, timber battens and metal framed structures. It is mechanically fixed to the timber/steel framework and the system build up is then suitable to receive a render, paint or further exterior cladding finishes, such as slip bricks or tiles. Knauf AQUAPANEL® Outdoor provides a fast, high quality and extremely economical alternative to traditional methods of construction.

Knauf Brio Brochure - High density flooring panels

Knauf Brio is a high-density gypsum fibreboard that helps reduce airborne noise to meet acoustic requirements whilst minimising floor build-up heights. Simple constructions, using no additional specialist trades, can easily meet Approved Document E of the Building Regulations. In fact Knauf Brio has helped the achievement of BREEAM Outstanding ratings thanks to acoustic results well in excess of Approved Document E and reduced water use on site.

Knauf CE Marking

A guide to CE Marking of Knauf products. Knauf products, that fall within the scope of a relevant harmonised European Standards (hEN)* are CE marked in accordance with the EU Construction Products Regulation. This means that the key requirements regarding safety in use (such as reaction to fire or tensile strength) are type tested in our laboratories. Being accredited ISO9001 means we continue to ensure compliance of product safety characteristics.

Knauf Cleaneo Akustik (Apertura) ceiling panels

Knauf Apertura perforated plasterboard is the ideal ceiling solution for large public spaces in retail centres, office complexes, hospitals, schools, showrooms, conference halls and galleries. Combining unrivalled sound absorption performance and attractive design in one easy-to-install board.

Knauf GIFAFloor Booklet - High density gypsum flooring

Knauf GIFAfloor systems use engineered flooring panels with a recycled material content of 50%. Fibres from wholly recycled paper are blended with a mix of natural and flue gas esulphurised gypsum to create non-combustible gypsum fibreboard panels with A1 fire rating. Knauf GIFAfloor panels are manufactured in a lamination process and pressed to the optimum density, resulting in an inherently strong and consistent product. Engineered tongue and grooved edge profiles ensure a strong bond when laid, creating robust monolithic floors with excellent loadbearing capability, the ideal substrate for natural stone or porcelain finishes.

Knauf Plasterboard Range Brochure

The right board for every application Manufactured from the highest quality gypsum, our plasterboards are versatile, strong and easy to use. Special additives are used to provide a full range of high-performance boards suited to acoustic, impact, fire-resisting and moistureresisting applications. Quick and simple to install and finish, our range covers everything you need to get the job done.

Knauf Safeboard Brochure - X-ray resistant plasterboard

Knauf Safeboard brings X-ray protection together with fire and acoustic performance in one easy-to-install board. Knauf Safeboard is simple to install as it can be scored and snapped like a standard plasterboard. Knauf Safeboard Joint Filler is used to fill joints to complete the radiation shield. The flexibility to redesign interior layouts and to build in changes of use to rooms is increasingly important when considering modern, future-adaptable healthcare projects. Knauf X-Ray Partitions can be inexpensively designed to suit mobile X-ray apparatus, and can be retro-fitted or removed far more easily than traditional lead-lined partitions.

Knauf Silentboard

Knauf Silentboard is a unique patented design plasterboard with a yellow face. Ideal for use in cinemas, nightclubs and other applications where exceptionally high sound performance is required.

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