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Ecoplan Rooflight

The Ecoplan system is a single or double pitch self-supporting aluminium rooflight system. A number of polycarbonate glazing options are available delivering maximum flexibility to meet a variety of project requirements. Ecoplans flexible modular design adapts well to all architectural concepts to enhance the building envelope roof or facade.

Kingspan Arcilite Glass Roof Structure

The thermally broken Arcilite glass roof structure is specially developed for standard forms such as pyramid, single pitch and double pitch with an angle of 15°, 30° or 45°. It is an easy glass structure with a self-supporting ridge structure combining durability, attractive pricing and easy assembly. Whats more, it allows for the trouble-free and aesthetic integration of smoke and heat exhaust ventilation windows and ventilators.

Kingspan BA-4 system

With this rod system, the glazing is 4-sided supported. Depending on the selected cover profile, the glazing can be clamped 2- or 4-sided. This system can be combined with large glazing sizes and has an excellent air and water tightness. The Kingspan BA-4 system also forms the basis of the Structural, High Efficiency, Rubber on Steel, Curved, Fire-Resistant and Sliding roof systems. Application Glass roofs in all possible shapes and curtain walls in insulated and non-insulated version.

Kingspan BA-Economy

Glass roof profile system with four-sided support. This system has excellent air and water tightness. The bottom profile consists of an extruded profile sealed with insulation and a drip rail. The bearing profile is tapered. This enables the drip rail to be made extremely small. The Economy system is applicable both as an insulated and an uninsulated lean-to roof or pitched roof at inclinations larger than 10° and with centre-to-centre sizes up to 1200 mm.

Kingspan Estra

Glass louvred ventilator suitable for daily ventilation as well as smoke and heat extraction in facades. Kingspan Estra is a transparent glass louvre system which is fitted vertically, and is suitable for both daily ventilation and smoke & heat extraction. Estra TG Roof is also applicable for sloped application. The Estras aesthetic and sleek design means that it really comes into its own in projects featuring substantial amounts of glass. The Estra has thermally separated profile sections, and is available with either single or double glazing. The choice of louvres available includes point-fixed, circumferentially framed and (semi-)structural glazing. Fields of application: atriums, shopping centres, industrial buildings and offices.

Kingspan Eura & Eura Excellent

Kingspan Eura and Eura Excellent is a multifunctional louvred ventilator that extracts large volumes of warm air and smoke within a short period of time. The Eura is both suitable for air supply (façade) and air extraction (façade and roof). The fail-safe Eura is available with a variety of louvre types, including a translucent design. The system offers a favourable price/performance ratio. Application: from industrial buildings and offices to shopping centres and atria.

Kingspan Eura-R

Kingspan Eura-R is a variation of the standard Eura and is designed to incorporate rainproof side louvres. The Eura-R is therefore ideal for all-weather day-to-day ventilation as well as smoke & heat exhaust. The structure has integrated rain gutters for controlled water drainage. Like the Eura this product can be customised with a variety of base and flange designs. Applications: atria, shopping centres, industrial buildings, train stations and ports.

Kingspan Incendia

Kingspan Incendia is an EN 12101-2 certified mono flap system and is suitable for the extraction of smoke and heat, daily ventilation and for daylight ingress. Its large dimensions, a geometric surface of up to 5.1 m2, makes the Incendia ideally suited to the effective extraction of significant quantities of (polluted) hot air and smoke. This flap ventilator is available with a safety mesh to prevent falls when open, and can be manufactured in any desired intermediate dimensions and is suitable for a flat (0-15°) build-in application. Area of application: particularly suitable for staircases, distribution centres, warehouses and production environments.

Kingspan Optima

The Optima is the most energy-efficient louvred ventilator for both smoke and heat exhaustion and ventilation. The Optima offers an optimum contribution to the fire safety, comfort and energy management of a property and is perfect for use in sustainable buildings. In contrast to other louvred ventilators, the Optima is completely thermally separated. Not only the louvres, but also the base gutter construction are thermally insulated, thereby combining the advantages of a louvred ventilator and the unique performance of a double flap ventilator.

Kingspan Sky-XS

Legislation is becoming increasingly tight with regard to the safety of roof access. These measures are designed to vouch for the safety of mechanics while performing installation and maintenance on roofs. The Sky-XS roof access hatch is therefore equipped with an easy to open/close hatch, which was developed not only all safety requirements applicable, but also the latest wishes in the area of energy performance.

Showing 1-10 of 10