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K Rend Silicone Coloured Renders

K Rend Silicone Coloured Renders

Reliable, Innovative, High Performance - The UK and Ireland's Market Leading Render Manufacturer

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Why K Rend?


Established in 1989, K Rend is the UK and Ireland’s market leading through coloured render manufacturer. As a local manufacturer, we are focused on prompt and reliable service and to be on hand when you need us.


The limestone used in K Rend renders is mined from our quarry in County Antrim, Northern Ireland enabling us to ensure consistency of raw material quality which is manufactured on site allowing us to maintain the highest quality standards. K Rend products are accredited by NSAI and the BBA, ensuring you have peace of mind of the quality and reliability of the solutions we provide.


We continue to invest in our in-house R & D function to ensure we lead the market, with innovative high quality solutions which are easy-to-use but provide a long-lasting, low maintenance, stunning aesthetic solution.



The Benefits of K Rend’s Innovative Silicone Technology


The silicone technology used in our silicone render range is unique to K Rend offering a superior product with breathability and water repellency. The silicone significantly reduces the amount of water absorption on the render surface, whilst allowing water vapour to pass freely through the render, granting the property optimum breathability.


The water repellent surface ensures a freshly rendered and aesthetically pleasing appearance for a prolonged period. Additionally, the finish is drier, therefore more resistant to algae growth and easier to maintain.


It’s only one example of the innovative approach our R & D team take to deliver new and exciting solutions which offer trustworthy, easy to use, high quality products to you.



• Water Repellent

• BBA and NSAI Accredited

• Low Maintenance Required

• Freshly Rendered Appearance for Longer

• Allows Structure to Breathe

• Natural Looking Finish

• Extensive Colour Range and Textures to choose from



Product Range

As a specialist render manufacturer, K Rend has a portfolio of products to suit any substrate and project requirements. We offer a wide range of textures and finishes to suit the design needs of your project. Our core product ranges are available in 20 standard colours with the ability to colour match to NCS colours if required. We provide products which are optimised for hand or machine application depending on the preference of the applicator and the scale of the project. K Mono, the latest product added to the portfolio has been optimised for machine application, ideal for larger projects and can be applied in one coat, one pass. It offers exceptional workability and market leading setting times making it a pleasure to use but also giving flexibility and time savings to the applicator.



Sales Support


We have an Area Sales Manager for each area within Ireland and the UK, available to make site visits and provide support or advice as required. They are also backed up with an internal salesperson who can offer additional help for your region. The internal salesperson is office based and easy to contact, ensuring a timely response at all times. This also offers consistency, talking to the same team members each time, allowing your unique mini team to become familiar with your team and the projects being carried out.



Technical Support


K Rend has a strong, widely experienced Research and Development department that incorporates Technical Support members who can offer advice for more challenging or less routine projects and can make site visits or offer remote support as necessary. The team are happy to provide practical help on all of our products and also supply detailed drawings and best practice tips to ensure you have the best technical information and support available. They can also discuss the wide range of specifications we have available, ensuring the most appropriate specification is used for your project.



Training & Support


K Rend training courses are offered through our K Academy and are mainly delivered at our new purpose-built facility in St Helens, Merseyside, alongside our headquarters in Larne, Northern Ireland.


Our courses, both standard and bespoke, aim to support applicators, merchants, contractors, architects and local authorities in accelerating the skills development of their teams. Whether you want to learn more about K Rend or improve your skills, perfect a project or invest in your team, our training courses can help you achieve your goals. Courses offered will involve a mixture of hands on training and classroom based learning for applying our K Rend through coloured renders, as well as RIBA and RIAI approved CPDs.


The K Rend CPD seminar we currently offer is ‘Principles of Render Application over Masonry Substrates’. This CPD allows you to achieve ongoing professional development at your own convenience. Our Principles of Render Application over Masonry Substrates CPD includes:


·     Coloured silicone renders features and benefits


·     Design details and specification


·     Render application



Our Offering


Our aim is to ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Below is a summary of some of the key documents and support that we will provide when working on your projects.


• Full site-specific specifications

• Pre-start site inspections

• Site registration form

• On-site technical assistance

• Comprehensive list of regional recommended applicators

• Best Practice guides

• Plot product warranties

• Dual branded after-care brochure

• On site demonstrations for new K Rend applicators

• Regular updates to commercial teams

• Rebate per m squared applied on site

• Extensive nationwide distribution network


Contact us today to discuss your project!


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Silicone K1

K Rend Silicone Thin Coat - Multicoat render system

K Rend Silicone Thin Coat - Multicoat render system

K Mono - Cement based, polymer modified render

K Mono - Cement based, polymer modified render

Dash Receivers

Dash Receivers


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97/3428 K-Rend external renders

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97/3428_5 K rend Silicone TC15 Render System 3

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13/5080_1 K Rend External Wall Insulation System 1

K Rend Brochure

K Rend Brochure

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  • K Mix
  • K Rend
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