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Intelligent Membranes

Liquid Applied Membranes , Airtight - Protection - vapour control

+44 (0)1223 208174 www.intelligentmembranes.co.uk

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Airtight Details

BBA approved , Passivhaus Certified Passive Purple- Airtight liquid applied vapour control

Intelligent Membranes Brochure 2020

Intelligent Membranes 2020 brochure cataloguing all products from Airtight Vapour control to Protection membranes. install guides and key information.

Intelligent Protect

spray applied window and façade membrane. leave on for 18 months externally and 24 months internally. Goes on Concrete Glass Aluminium UPVC

Passivhaus Certification

Passivhaus Certification of Passive Purple liquid Airtight vapour control membrane. 0.03ach

Surface Pro

Internal natural latex paint on protection for , floors , sanitary ware, kitchens, electrical hobs . Fully bio degradable

Showing 1-19 of 19