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Innova are the professionals for all your healthcare equipment needs. We specialise in combining functionality and aesthetics to create unique, subtle solutions for any end users. Our product range is reliable and long-lasting to ensure that every patient and carer’s needs are met with ease. Having recently been chosen to supply and install ceiling track hoist systems to major NHS hospitals in England, Scotland, and Wales, we are specialists are creating the perfect solutions for our clients. Our patented hoist systems are built with smart components that automatically move and adjust to save the carer’s time and effort, providing a smooth and easy transfer every time. We manufacture a discreet hoist system, Integralift. This hidden hoist sits in a bespoke bedhead cupboard and is folded out to provide support whenever it’s needed. It can then be stored away in the cupboard to maintain a homely environment. These cabinets can also be built to store medical gases and other items. We specialise in creating bespoke solutions so if you need a more customised item or drawing, then feel free to get in touch.

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Trade names

  • AirGlide360™
  • AirRise200 ™
  • AirRise260™
  • Innova™
  • Integralift™
  • AirRise350
  • AirRise500