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Hussey Seatway Ltd

Specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of retractable and fixed seating systems.

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Bideford College

PROJECT OVERVIEW The requirement was for three different areas to be fitted with foldaway bleacher seating - the main hall, sports hall and drama theatre. Hussey Seatway was chosen after a rigorous selection process to design and install the required retractable seating systems. SOLUTION In both the main hall and drama theatre, Seatway TP platform systems with accompanying Integra chairs were chosen due to the high specification finish, comfort and durability of the product. In the sports hall a 360 seat Maxam bleacher was installed with Courtside benches which retracts into a recess pocket when the seating is not required.

Chobham Academy - Retractable Seating Sports Bench

PROJECT OVERVIEW Chobham academy required a flexible seating solution to enable their theatre to be used as multi- purpose space. With performances, rehearsals and lessons taking place in the hall a seating system that could be quickly closed away at the touch of a button was a key requirement. SOLUTION Hussey Seatway installed an electrically operated retractable seating system with 161 Sports benches. Special features included integral folding side rails to reduce the set up time plus a custom row rise on the platforms was designed to allow access to be gained from the seating unit to the side balconies.


PROJECT OVERVIEW When Glyndebourne Opera House took the decision to develop the Ebert Room into a performance and rehearsal space they set an interesting but very demanding brief. SOLUTION Hussey Seatway Ltd won the bid and because of the complexity of the design brief every component was custom designed and manufactured to suit Glyndebourne's exacting standards.


PROJECT OVERVIEW The school recently undertook the construction of a new performing arts centre. An integral part of their vision for the multipurpose studio was to incorporate a retractable seating system that featured a high end appearance whilst also offering flexibility. SOLUTION We designed and manufactured an upholstered bench seating solution to meet the schools' requirements. Our Club Bench was chosen due to the outstanding levels of comfort and flexibility it offers. The installed seating system features wooden acoustic panels that seamlessly blend with the room and custom engraved name plates installed to the school’s specifications.


PROJECT OVERVIEW With rapid growth, Gideon Hausner had a desperate need to expand their facilities. The lack of gymnasium/theater space prevented the school from hosting their own home games and productions. SOLUTION The platforms feature self-storing side rails and removable front rails, both with tinted acrylic infill panels, as well as twist & store P rails in the aisles. The platform decks are carpeted as standard and the system features laminate fascias to improve the appearance of the unit when closed.


PROJECT OVERVIEW The Jao Tsung-I Academy was developed by the Hong Kong Institute for Promotion of Chinese Culture. The former Lai Chi Kok Hospital, a Grade III historic building, was transformed into a dynamic complex for promoting cultural activities. The site reconstruction included landscaped gardens, galleries, exhibition halls, restaurant, theatre, 19 classrooms/workshops, information and resources centres and reading rooms. SOLUTION We designed a bespoke seating solution encompassing 84 chairs over 8 platforms, with an additional 10 nose mounted row zero chairs to maximise capacity within the venue.

Library of Birmingham

PROJECT OVERVIEW New 300-seat studio theatre with custom retractable seating system. SOLUTION Many bespoke features including: ‘Row zero’ chairs featuring two stabilising wheels, allowing sections of seats to easily be removed. American Black Walnut veneered fascia boards to allow the closed seating to seamlessly blend with the room’s panelled walls. Custom engineered solution for the orchestra pit which features removable seating frames that can be used elsewhere in the studio. Added functionality of electronic partial opening to provide flexible arrangements. High specification Gallery Extra chairs, aisle lights and integral side rails to give a true theatre feel.


Hussey Seatway were delighted to recently complete a very bespoke project at New York University, USA. In collaboration with our dealer Bob Keller at Nickerson Corporation the university chose the Hussey Seatway TP Retractable Seating platform with a Gallery 3 chair. The chair was upholstered but the base of the seat, the back rest and the fascia's were all a custom Red Gum veneer. We worked with great precision to ensure the grain and layout of the veneer to provide the most visually pleasing result. The installation looks incredible both open and closed in its recessed area.


PROJECT OVERVIEW Hussey Seatway were asked to design and manufacture a custom Retractable Seating system to meet the schools' specific requirements. SOLUTION As part of the redevelopment, Hussey Seatway were chosen to provide new Retractable and Fixed seating for the Theatre, in total 630 Arts chairs were installed on Seatway TP platforms on the ground floor and fixed tiers on the balcony.


PROJECT OVERVIEW At the heart of The Place is the Robin Howard Dance Theatre, a venue which offers an intimate setting for dance and currently plays host to over 200 performances a year. SOLUTION After intensive design meetings we developed a scheme that would ultimately provide a bespoke seating solution for the theatre. The Gallery Extra chair was the specified seating type, chosen for it’s outstanding levels of comfort and high specification finish. In total 140 chairs were provided on power operated TP retractable platforms with an additional 138 fixed chairs for the balcony.


PROJECT OVERVIEW To supply a Retractable Seating System that would provide the school with the upmost flexibility and enable them to host an array of different events. SOLUTION Hussey Seatway were selected to design and manufacture a Retractable Seating unit for the school. The Retractable Seating solution consists of a 16m wide, 16 row high travelling bank, accommodating 380 seat places. The travelling feature enables the operator to move the entire bank of seating up and down the hall and to set it in the desired position specific to each performance requirement.


PROJECT OVERVIEW Build a seating system for the university which was a flexible and durable bleacher seating system that would meet the venues changing audience requirements. SOLUTION Over a two phase period Hussey Seatway have successfully installed 1800 Courtside bench seats on Maxam retractable platforms. The bleacher seating units were fitted with integral movement system that enables the customer to move and deploy the seating units at any location in the hall to meet the requirements of a range of different events.


PROJECT OVERVIEW The bespoke hall was designed to be a purpose-built, flexible performance space that can accommodate a wide range of musical activities. SOLUTION The two banks of retractable seating were designed to allow the hall to be able to accommodate everything from intimate chamber recitals to large-scale choral and orchestral concerts. When functioning at full concert capacity, there is seating for around 400 audience members, a 200-strong chorus, and up to an 80-piece orchestra. Once the retractable units are closed, the hall can accommodate up to six hundred audience/performers combined.


PROJECT OVERVIEW Seating needed to be extremely flexible, comfortable, intimate and that would accommodate in excess of 300 people. The seating on the balcony also had specific requirements, not only did they need to be removable but also needed to either face the stage or directly forward for performances below. SOLUTION We provided a bespoke seating solution, the main floor consisted of three retractable seating units with the outside two set at an angle to ‘embrace’ the stage and bring the audience as close as possible to the performance.


PROJECT OVERVIEW The school recently undertook a complete refurbishment of their theatre. An integral part of their vision for their multipurpose arts studio was to incorporate a fixed seating solution that offered a high level of ergonomic performance whilst also offering an elegant design giving the space a ‘theatre look’. SOLUTION Our Arts chair was nominated due to the outstanding levels of comfort and stylish aesthetic it offers. The installed chairs are finished with wood veneer arms, outer backrest and seat panels, giving the finished seating an appealing, contemporary look


PROJECT OVERVIEW The schools objective was to achieve unique, state of the art performance theatre and integral to this was the incorporation of retractable and fixed seating. SOLUTION Hussey Seatway successfully installed 400 seat places on an electronically operated retractable seating system. The chairs were spread over 3 banks of platforms with the outside two incorporating a ‘wing’ feature enabling the units to be angled and therefore providing a more intimate space for the performers and audience alike.


PROJECT OVERVIEW Øvre Eiker is situated in the Eastern part of Norway and the area is well known as a cultural hub hosting a variety of activities, from popular community initiatives to professional art and culture events. The Øvre Eiker municipality buildings and library offer a multi-functional campus hosting seminars, workshops and presentations, events for local schools, community outreach, arts & culture activities and events in support of the local world-class business community. The municipality required a high-specification, multipurpose seating system with a contemporary aesthetic.

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