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aVOID – mobile in style, Italy

Getting by with little is architect Leonardo Di Chiara’s modus operandi. With his tiny house, the young Italian architect made a dream come true: he can travel across the country independently with his own four walls. His transportable home comprises just 9 square meters but includes all the necessities, even including some luxury in the form of a “rooftop terrace.” The founder of Tinyhouse University in Italy relied on the HAWA Concepta 25 pivot/slide-in hardware system for his kitchen doors.

Chalet Chantemerle

The basement of a chalet in the Waadtländer Alps was converted into a self-contained apartment. As fixed components of the multi-functional element, the sliding doors play a rhythmical game with the adjacent monochrome niches. When closed, the rear wall appears homogeneous as it is made completely of fir wood. The striking colour scheme that becomes visible when the doors are pushed to the side indicates various functions. The architects chose HAWA Junior 80 B hardware for the three sliding doors that run in a concealed track.

Coplanar Doors - EKU Frontino

The unique furniture ranges combine the core values of Wackenhut at the highest level. Quality craftsmanship and technical know-how in demanding implementations make bedroom and living room furniture, that meets the highest of design demands and stands out with timeless aesthetics, possible. EKU Frontino 20, the fitting for flush top or bottom running applications, fulfils these demanding requirements. EKU Frontino 20: flush-fitting hardware solution for design-oriented sliding at sideboards and cupboards, and is suitable for creations in modern living rooms, kitchens and office environments. Multi-faceted product range – One hardware system for top and bottom running applications

Economical housing replaces factory: Merker-Park, Baden, Switzerland

The Merker site in Baden now houses 45 low-cost apartments where the enameling plant once stood. The five-story structure sets new standards with regard to insulation and energy consumption. Architects Zulauf & Schmidlin have designed 45 apartments as the second stage of converting the site of the former Merker factory in Baden. The owners wanted an energy-efficient building and apartments with different layouts – suitable for singles and families. The folding sliding shutters made of lasered, perforated metal plate are equipped with the HAWA Frontfold 20 hardware.The shutters are powered by the building's electric system.

Folkart Narlidere, Izmir, Turkey

Generous outdoor areas and a clear, reduced use of materials are characteristic of the gated community in Narlidere constructed by Emre Arolat. Folding sliding shutters play their part in the fascinating interplay between inside and outside. The new development near Izmir is characterized by the urban structure of a gated apartment complex with 168 units with floor areas ranging from 180 to 480 square meters. The wooden folding sliding shutters feature HAWA Frontfold 20 hardware which bathes the rooms in light when open. When closed, they offer an effective screen delicately integrated to protect from the sun and provide privacy.

German Embassy, Tajikistan

Functional, sustainable and adapted to regional conditions: the residence of the German Embassy in Tajikistan, designed by architect André Janka. The sliding shutters are exposed to extreme weather conditions: cold winters and hot summers with violent sandstorms. Following a year-long test phase with sample hardware, a total of 4 sliding systems with 2 or 3 leaves and equipped with HAWA Frontslide 60 matic hardware were installed on the ground floor and top floor. They are operated by push-button controls inside the building and can be moved into any position.

Health resort & spa hotel Rosenalp

Allgäuer Rosenalp is a hotel committed to tradition. The proprietors remained true to their principles during the refurbishment, subtly adding modern, stylish elements to the authentic ambience. The Allgäuer Rosenalp quite literally received a facelift in two short months. The hotel was refurbished and extended. The roof was raised to create 17 new rooms and apartments on the fourth and fifth floors with views stretching across Oberstaufen and the Steibinger Nagelfluhkette. Interior contractors Philipp Haas & Söhne used symmetrically opening wooden doors separating bedroom and living area. They open/close effortlessly thanks to HAWA Symmetric 80 Z hardware.

Holiday apartment Las Fluras, Flims Waldhaus, Switzerland

The Las Fluras residence was built on a beautiful, sunlight-soaked raised ridge in Flims Waldhaus. The multifamily residence feels part of the surroundings: generous, room-high windows and glass balustrades offer unrestricted views of the forest and mountains. Be it on the recessed terrace or in the living/dining area: nature is always included in the ensemble and is a part of the whole. The 3rd floor apartment on serves a married couple as a refuge; a large part of its furnishings and fittings are made from local materials. Internal sliding doors feature space-saving Hawa Junior 40 B

Hotel Hyatt, Abu Dhabi

EKU Porta Glass – specified as the all-glass sliding door system for the five-star Hyatt Capital Gate Abu Dhabi. The building is in the Guinness Book of World Records due to its 18 degrees plus incline. With its impressive design Capital Gate is home to Abu Dhabi’s premium business hotel – Hyatt Capital Gate Abu Dhabi, EKU Porta Glass promotes the aesthetic appeal of the hotel rooms and suites. Due to its completely concealed sliding system, EKU Porta Glass itself meets the highest demands in terms of design and technology and allows for a highly valuable and creative room division.

Hotel La Maison in Saarlouis, Germany

The automated floor-to-ceiling folding sliding shutters on the facade of Hotel La Maison in Saarlouis not only provide protection from the sun and noise, they are also an important element of design: when guests open and close the shutters, they exert an influence on the design of the façade. the façade consists of room-high folding sliding shutters equipped with HAWA Frontego 30 matic hardware. Guests can open and close the shutters at the touch of a button. In doing so, they determine their privacy and view and also create a new façade appearance every time.

Living space as a power plant: Solar house

The «Plus-Energie-Haus» constructed by the Technische Universität Darmstadt is a Solar Decathlon winner. The competition has been held each year since 2002 by the US Ministry for Energy. The task is to design and build a residential house to suit life that is self-sufficient with regard to energy. The houses must cover their entire energy requirements through self-produced solar power. Between two layers is a protected external area with sliding windows and folding slat shutters that can be opened and closed as needed. The folding sliding shutters are equipped with HAWA Variofold 80 H.

New life for an old Bergelle house Casa Sott Pare 31

The conversion of a centuries-old house in Soglio presented an interesting challenge to the interior designer and the joiner. The end result is a residential house where the old building fabric and modern comforts complement one another perfectly. The interior designer and the joiner worked closely together to develop the interior. A sliding partition wall separates the bathroom from the bedroom. HAWA Junior 80 Z hardware makes sure it slides smoothly and quietly. Although sliding partition walls are rather atypical for the building type and its era, they are perfect for a house with confined spaces and slanting walls.

Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa has stood in view of the famous castle at the heart of Edinburgh for over 30 years. Every one of its 269 rooms was renovated in 2010. Traditional Scottish colour tones, classic design and high-quality materials create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Hawa's sales partner Häfele UK Limited recommended the all-glass hardware system HAWA Puro 100-150 in response to the demand for complete transparency.

Solid Energy Building, New Zealand

EKU Porta Glass – the elegant all-glass sliding door system is being used in the newly built offices of Solid Energy in New Zealand. The building is home to the company’s headquarters in New Zealand and is especially captivating because of its individual architectural appeal.A highly modern and ecologically pioneering office building came into existence based on the plans by the architects Wilson and Hill Architects, in a popular business park in Christchurch. EKU Porta Glass architectural sliding door hardware is the perfect choice for designer glass doors in upscale living rooms and office spaces.

The Invisible Kitchen, Paris, France

Living room and kitchen form a single area in many modern homes and often feature open-plan design. People cook where they eat and eat where they live. The owners of the 150 m2 period apartment in Paris had a clear concept: Kitchen should be located close to the living room or, better still, be an integral part of it. To fulfil this wish, Dutch firm i29 interior architects designed a kitchen island that's really a piece of furniture. Unusually high MDF panels pivot easily and slide into the recess thanks to pivot/slide-in hardware HAWA Concepta 50.

Vienna Twin Towers

EKU Porta Glass – The visual impact and outstanding quality of the all-glass sliding door solution highlights the aesthetics of the Vienna Twin Towers designed by Massimiliano Fuksas. The tallest building showcases the business park Wienerberg. The Massimiliano Fuksas designed Twin Towers impress with their transparent construction of steel and glass and fulfil even the highest demands of visual appeal. The visual impact continues inside the building. For international media company MediaCom, Vienna architect Karl Langer created a flexible, open concept and transparent office space to meet the company’s innovative, dynamic and future focused approach using EKU Porta Glass.

Visionapartments, Alexander Parkside, Berlin

The demand for centrally located, furnished apartments with services similar to the hotel trade is on the rise. The apartment block in Berlin offers 135 apartments with made-to-measure floor plans and designs à la carte.Depending on their needs, tenants choose an apartment ranging from 17 to 54 square metres that combines all the comforts of an exclusive hotel suite with the feeling of being at home. The sliding doors are made of toughened laminated glass with grey mirrored film and – depending on building structure – attached to either the wall or the ceiling with HAWA Junior 80 GP hardware.

Warren Wixen Real Estate, Los Angeles CA

Modern, light, open, inviting – this is the new look of the office rooms at Warren Wixen Real Estate in Los Angeles. The same applies to the solution developed by architects HLW International LLP in cooperation with Pulp Studio. Glass from floor to ceiling – not only a functionally convincing approach but also a concept with a high degree of aesthetic appeal. Pulp Studio's recommendation of using the Interzum award-winning HAWA Puro 100–150 hardware for all-glass sliding doors defined the perfect solution. Concealed suspension made it possible to achieve the ideal of "glass from floor to ceiling".

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