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Hambleside Danelaw Ltd

Hambleside Danelaw Ltd

+44 (0)1327 701900 www.hambleside-danelaw.co.uk

Hambleside Danelaw manufactures GRP and injection moulded roofing products in the UK from two state of the art facilities. Their product range cross over three expertise, they are; Roofing and Ventilation, Rooflights and Cladding and Flat Roofing. Roofing and Ventilation - Including their original dry fix and traditional valley troughs, bonding gutters,soakers and verges, many of which offer a dry fix solution. In addition, Hambleside Danelaw also manufactures injection moulded roof ventilation and ancillary products, such as flush fitting slate and tile roof vents, eaves and soffit vents and cavity and underfloor vents. ZENON Rooflights - A unique range designed specifically to overcome specification issues. The solutions include a unique Insulator core which delivers improved light transmission, along with a more natural and enhanced diffusion of daylight. DRYSEAL Flat Roofing - A component based flat roofing system that is suitable for flat, low pitch and vertical applications on domestic, commercial and heritage buildings. The product provides an ideal alternative to lead and other metals. Hambleside Danelaw is an environmentally responsible manufacturer, working to reduce its production waste and carbon footprint through product innovation and sophisticated manufacturing processes.

Trade names

  • Archlight
  • Bonding Gutter
  • Conti Soaker
  • Danelaw
  • Dry Fix Valley Trough
  • Dryseal
  • Hambleside Danelaw
  • Insulator
  • Zenon Evolution
  • Zenon Pro