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Dielectric Mirror - DM 30/70

Reflects 29% of light and allows 69% of light transmission when the display behind it is switched on, making it the optimal solution for when the TV or display function is a key aspect of the design.


  • 29% refelction outside
  • 69% light transmission
  • 2% absorption
  • Favours digital display

Dielectric Mirror - DM 60/40

Reflects more than 57% of light and allows 41% light transmission, making it ideal for applications when it is mostly used as a mirror.


  • 57% reflection outside
  • 41% light transmission
  • 2% absorption
  • Favours mirror appearance

ExtraClear™ Float Glass

ExtraClear float glass manufactured using the latest advances in glass making technology.

Guardian Clarity

Clairty is a range of Anti-Reflective glass products which use the magnetron sputter coating technique to limit visible reflection and glare from the glass surface. Using this technique enables Clarity to be available in sizes all the way up to Jumbo (3210 x 6000 mm) providing excellent optimisation.


  • Anti reflective glass
  • Less than 1% reflection
  • 97% light transmission

Guardian Sun®

Guardian Sun is a conservatory wall glazing solution, it is a high performance Low E glass which offers a 1.0 U value, combined with a low solar factor of just 43%. Guardian Sun is quite unique in its performance as it offers an exceptionally low reflection of 17% inside and 19% outside, which is rarely seen in thermally insulating Low E glass providing this level of performance.

Designed specifically for the residential window market and now for Conservatory wall glazing, Guardian Sun offers the ideal solution to help keep Conservatories cooler in summer and warmer in winter.


  • Wall glazing solution
  • Thermal insulation
  • Solar control
  • Natural appearance


A laminated safety glass designed to provide protection to people and buildings.


A perfectly uniform translucent acid etched glass.

SatinDeco Lami

A perfectly uniform translucent acid etched glass.

Showing 1-36 of 70