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Guardian Glass UK Ltd

+44 (0)800 032 6322 www.guardianglass.com/gb/en

Addresses and contacts

Head Office

Tom Pudding Way

East Riding of Yorkshire

DN14 8GA

Simran Bansal

Architectural Specification Manager

East of England, West Midlands

& South Wales

John Elliott

Architectural Specification Manager


Olcay Parikka

Architectural Specification Manager

South England

Richard Mayall

Architectural Specification Manager

Scotland, Ireland

North of England & North Wales

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Trade names

ClimaGuard, Floatglass, Guardian Clarity, Guardian Inspiration, Lami Bronze 3628, Lami Green 3773, Lami Grey 6544, Lami Light Bronze 5558, Lami Opal Diffused 2165, Lamiglass, Neutral 60/40, Satin Deco, Satin Deco Lami Bronze, Satin Deco Lami Green, Satin Deco Lami Grey, Satin Deco Lami Light Bronze, Satin Deco Opal Diffused, SunGuard, SunGuard HD Diamond 66, SunGuard HD Light Blue 52, SunGuard HD Neutral 67, SunGuard HD Royal Blue 20, SunGuard HD Silver 10, SunGuard HD Silver 20, SunGuard HD Silver 70, SunGuard HD Silver Grey 32, SunGuard High Performance Amber 41/29, SunGuard High Performance Bright Green 40/29, SunGuard High Performance Bronze 40/27, SunGuard High Performance Light Blue 62/52, SunGuard High Performance Neutral 41/33, SunGuard High Performance Neutral 50/32, SunGuard High Performance Royal Blue 40/29, SunGuard High Performance Silver 35/26, SunGuard High Performance Silver 43/31, SunGuard SNX 50, SunGuard SNX 50 Ultra, SunGuard SNX 60, SunGuard SNX 60 Ultra, SunGuard Solar Bright Green 20, SunGuard Solar Bronze 20, SunGuard Solar Gold 20, SunGuard Solar Grey 20, SunGuard SuperNeutral 29/18, SunGuard SuperNeutral 40/23, SunGuard SuperNeutral 51/28, SunGuard SuperNeutral 63, SunGuard SuperNeutral 70/35, SunGuard SuperNeutral 70/37, SunGuard SuperNeutral 75, SunGuard SuperNeutral 75 Ultra, SuperNeutral