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Goelst G-rail system Electric curtain tracks

7800 Soft Release Roman Blind System

The Goelst system 7800 roman blind is suitable for both lightweight (transparent) and medium-weight (lined) fabrics. Equipped as standard with 1:1 operation, system 7800 also offers a choice of chain colours and 2:1 geared operation. The unique feature with this system is the optional semi-automatic control. One short pull on the control chain will smoothly and effortlessly lower the curtain cover; this can be stopped at any desired position. User friendly fixing of the wind-up cones ensures easy cleaning and replacement of the curtain covers.

Decomatic Roller Blind System

The DECOMATIC Roller blind System offers a solution for each installation situation. The fully compatible basic system faciliatates the planning and realisation of sun protection equipment. Whether a standard situation or a special case, the DECOMATIC Roller Blind System is always the right partner.

G-Rail connect and control - 6000 series

G-Rail series 6000 electrically operated curtain tracks with ‘built-in’ CAN-BUS switching allows for stand alone programming and control or integration with most Home Automation systems. Infrared remote control is supplied as standard with all 6000 series electrically operated curtain tracks.

G-Rail skylight system - 6700

G-Rail 6700 ‘Skyline’ is a powerful electrically operated roof blind system for skylights and horizontally glazed openings. Featuring all the benefits of G-Rail low Voltage (24V) electric motor technology, system 6700 has built-in G-Rail CAN BUS intelligence allowing cooperation with most home automation systems. Using special aluminium profiles, without any intermediate supports, openings up to 4 metres wide can be covered whilst maintaining the light, open atmosphere of skylights and glazed roofs. The perfect system to provide shading and control of solar glare.

G-Standard bracket fixing guide

The G-Rail program consists of many different profiles developed to suit various applications. Whether it is for a living room or a meeting room, a lightweight sheer curtain or a heavy lined curtain, every situation requires a practical and/or elegant solution.

RB30 Roman Blind System

The RB30 Roman Blind system has been developed with the emphasis on design, quality and functionality, to create a systen that suits the needs of the manufacturer, installer and end-user.

Showing 1-30 of 30