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GEOfabrics manufacture a diverse portfolio of world class leading geosynthetic solutions for a broad range of civil engineering applications including drainage, protection, separation, filtration, SUDs and invasive plant root barriers. GEOfabrics' HPS geotextiles are manufactured from high tenacity virgin polypropylene to a performance specification rather than weight ensuring they are suitable for the intended application. In addition to the inherent chemical and biological resistance associated with polypropylene, the polymer contains 1% carbon black to protect the long chain molecules from UV degradation. GEOfabrics cuspates are used to provide void space for the passage of either a liquid or a gas. Cups or studs are vacuformed with a variety of heights and spacing to create the necessary void space. Our FC and FCF products include a geotextile(s) to deliver a filtration of fill / sub-grade behind structures, gabion baskets, retaining walls, podium decks and other structures. GEOfabrics geocomposites are multi-layered combinations of geosynthetics. These combinations give benefits over individual layers by enhancing functions, increasing interface friction angles and reducing installation time. With careful design they can provide drainage, protection, reinforcement, filtration and barrier functions whilst decreasing imported fill, reducing cost and carbon footprint (BREEAM).

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