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The GCP Applied Technologies ADPRUFE® SYSTEM comprises a range of innovative products and services that combine superior integral waterproofing with maximum scheduling flexibility and control over your programme. Combining its expertise in structural waterproofing and concrete chemistry, GCP has developed a system designed to meet the needs of todays specifers and contractors challenged with building increasingly complex structures on fast track programmes.

GCP International Projects for Airports

When it comes to air travel, two words come to mind - safety and performance. The same values hold true for aviation related structures. Moisture intrusion, structural & aesthetic deficiencies in concrete or inconsistencies in the fire protection can result in significant damage to the structure, high replacement costs and lost revenue. This is where GCP Advanced Technologies can help.

GCP International Projects for Commercial Buildings

For over half a century, GCP Applied Technologies has provided solutions to many of the most challenging commercial construction projects worldwide. Impressive commercial structures, including retail plazas & shopping malls, high rise office and residential buildings, convention centers, mixed-used developments, luxury hotels and governmental facilities have relied on GCPs advanced technologies over the years to enhance structural performance and ensure longevity. Such structures often employ complex and striking designs, which demand high performance protection. GCP offers it all.

GCP International Projects for Sports & Stadiums

Many world famous sports facilities rely on GCPs premium products to enhance structural performance and ensure many years of uninterrupted service. GCP has participated in the construction of a wide variety of sports complexes and stadiums: football, baseball, hockey, cricket, judo, swimming, golf, car, motorcycle, or horse racing, to name a few. Architects, designers and contractors choose GCP to solve their complicated problems from providing structural durability and improving the aesthetic appeal of concrete structures; to waterproofing below ground building components; providing air, water and moisture protection to walls and roofs; and fireproofing the structural steel elements of the building.

GCP Underlayments

GCP Applied Technologies roofing underlayments can be found in many of the worlds most renowned buildings ranging from the Emirates Towers in Dubai to the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

Preprufe Plus - Pre-applied Waterproofing Solutions

A high performance, fully adhered, pre-applied waterproofing system for critical below grade applications. Below ground waterproofing is a standout challenge for any construction project. Leaks from groundwater, storm water runoff or irrigation water may impact the foundation of any building that's improperly waterproofedand when concrete is involved, there are any number of ways that water can travel into and around a structure. The PREPRUFE® waterproofing system products are specifically designed to perform in critical applications and incorporate Advanced Bond Technology to ensure fully adhered and long lasting product performance. This technology allows the PREPRUFE® system to form a continuous unbroken seal with the concrete for the design life of the project.

SILCOR® Seamless Waterproofing

Silcor® seamless waterproofing is a range of spray and hand applied liquid waterproof membranes based on advanced polyurea and polyurethane chemistry. Developed by GCP specifically for structural waterproofing of commercial and residential buildings, Silcor® liquid systems creates seamless, fully bonded and damage resistant membranes. Designed to link with Preprufe® System, Silcor® provides highly durable waterproofing and structural protection without laps or complex detailing. Silcor® is suitable for roofs, decks, balconies, for new substrates or refurbishment, also for exposed applications.

Showing 1-28 of 28