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High performance standing seam, modified bitumen and cold applied liquid roofing systems

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Project Highlight - Compton School

The use of copper within construction is unmistakable due to the unique colour it inherits as a result of oxidation. Its warmth and beauty make it a preferred material for many architects. Unfortunately, due to the methods in which these systems were initially installed, weakness can develop and we are seeing an increasing number of failures nationwide including here at Compton School in London. Constructed over 50 years ago, the condition of the copper roofing systems were rapidly deteriorating and starting to show water ingress.


The manufacturing plant at GKN Bristol houses some very Hi –Tec production yet is housed in undistinguished brick built units. The buildings were leaking not from the roof, but through the external brickwork, where the steel frames had rusted to such an extent that the expanding steelwork had blown the brickwork resulting in large gaps and cracks.

Project Highlight - MHS Homes

Garland’s StressPly modified roof system replaces two-ply system improving efficiency for residential development Garland’s StressPly Flex installed restoring outdated 1980’s roof system and providing peace of mind with a 25 year single point guarantee for residential block.


The Garland Company UK completed a fantastic renovation project located in East Lothian, Scotland in December 2016 using our StressPly Evolution modified bitumen system . Garland helped the client replace an out-dated system that was in need of an upgrade.


In early 2017, The Garland Company UK surveyed a heavily used staircase which was proving dangerous in adverse weather conditions. The solution was to use Garland's Dura-Walk Balcony and Walkway coating system, not only offering an anti-slip coating but ensuring the walkway remain watertight, protecting the storage unit below.

Project Highlight - St Aidans Catholic Academy

In February 2017, The Garland Company UK assisted a school located in Sunderland to replace an out-dated and incredibly problematic single-skin GRP corrugated fibreglass roof sheet on their sports hall. Using our industry leading standing seam system, R-MER LOC,a great, modern look was achieved.


After an exceptionally harsh winter, Garland were approached by the university’s Estates Manager to find a solution to a leaking roof section causing disruption to lectures. A common issue we see with many types of standing seam metal roofing systems is water ingress through capillary action. This is typically caused by poor installation of the system and damage due to inadequate access for on-site maintenance. As the standing seam system in question was not fully supported, the panels were free to deflect under foot traffic which led to gaps allowing for water to enter the building


Bilston Fire Station has been protecting the local community for over half a century. However in recent years the building had started to show its age, in particular the roof structures, which have seen increasing stress through the application of roof lights and other services essential to the operation of the fire service. Attempts to repair the existing waterproofing system had clearly been made however, water ingress was still a common occurrence. Garland were approached to provide a complete solution to ensure that the building remained watertight for years to come.


Garland were contacted to conduct a full roof survey of the existing roof system at Wheelock Primary School in Cheshire, which over recent years had begun to show its age. Multiple repairs had been made to failing areas including joints and details. This led to internal leakages which started to disrupt the day to day running of the school. The main issues were around roof light kerbs where the felt had failed on the upstand, allowing ingress through the roof light seals and fixings. In some places, a temporary liquid solution had been applied in an attempt to fix delamination

Showing 1-10 of 10