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Combined Contemporary Seating Brochure

Furnitubes combined contemporary seating range brochures. Furnitubes offers a variety of contemporary outdoor seating designs in a range of materials including concrete, timber, steel and stainless steel.

Combined Cycle Parking, Railings & Signage Brochure

Furnitubes combined Cycle Parking, Railings and Signage brochures. Furnitubes offers a wide range of low maintenance cycle parking solutions. An extensive range of railing systems to suit schemes and our signage products offer a range of standard, traditional and modern designs.

Combined Litter Bins Brochure

Furnitubes has a comprehensive range of outdoor litter bins for a variety of external applications, including general street waste, dog waste, cigarette waste and recycling. Materials include cast iron bins, steel bins, stainless steel bins, concrete bins, timber bins, and many more. Furnitubes high quality and functional outdoor litter bins add aesthetic value to an area and therefore encourage use.

Combined Planters & Tree Protection Brochure

Furnitubes combined Planters & Tree Protection brochures. Furnitubes has developed our range of street furniture planters, tree grilles and guards and hanging baskets to be flexible enough to complement any location, whether it's streets, parks or other outdoor public spaces.

Combined RailRoad Range Brochure

RailRoad is based on a simple series of inter-changeable straight and curved modules, which are designed to be joined to create seamless runs of continuous seating. The design is based around a standard module that comfortably accommodates 2 people, with the start and end units also including small extension sections at one end. Just like with a model train track, straights and curves can be mixed to create interesting configurations. A double-end unit offers a small independent seating solution to complement longer assemblies. Double width seating and complementary planters, which can be added at any point along a seating run, are the latest additions to the range.

Combined Wall-top & Gabion Seating Brochure

Furnitubes combined Wall & Gabion top seating brochures, Furnitubes offers a wide range of wall-top and gabion-top seating products, each with a different character and designed to suit a range of budgets.

Furnitubes Combined Bollards Brochure

Furnitubes combined bollards brochure. Furnitubes has one of the largest bollard selections in the UK. Our high quality, long-lasting bollards come in a variety of styles and functional features, to suit many different applications. We offer a vast range of materials including cast iron, steel and stainless steel, timber, concrete, polyurethane, polymer and recycled plastics, many of which are offered as a coordinated range of fixed, removable and fold-down versions.

Furnitubes Oxford Westgate Project Brochure

Furnitubes Special Projects Brochure. Furnitubes designers worked closely with landscape architects LDA Design to develop a series of planting and seating solutions for the award-winning retail destination Oxford Westgate.

Showing 1-14 of 14