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Automatic Barriers with LED strip Traffic Lights on boom

Automatic Barriers with LED strip Traffic Lights on boom. Frontier Pitts now manufacture automatic security car park barriers with LED strip traffic lights to signal when the barriers are lowered and traffic should stop and then green and barriers raised to indicate when to proceed

Frontier Pitts are pleased to announce that they have received official supplier designation by the British Olympic Association for Suppliers of Security Barriers, Blockers and Gates to the London 201

During the London 2012 Games, Frontier Pitts protected various Olympic sites including the Olympic Park, Greenwich Park, Old Trafford and St James Park. Three pairs of Frontier Pitts PAS 68 Terra V Gates were installed at Greenwich Park venue. VIPs to Greenwich Park during this time included members of the Royal Family. After the games, our client described the Terra V Gates as the ‘Best Security Gates of the London 2012 Games’. The Terra V Gates are a pair of bi-parting hinged gate leaves that were successfully impact tested to PAS 68 stopping a 7500kg vehicle travelling at 50mph.

Frontier Pitts Platinum Turnstile LPS1175 B3

The Platinum Turnstile successfully resisted an intensive attack test programme in accordance with LPS 1175: Issue 8 to Security Rating B3; toolkit B for 3 minutes. This involved a series of attack tests each lasting at least 3 minutes using a wide array of hand tools and battery powered tools. On the RedBookLive

Frontier Pitts receives LPCBs First joint LPS1175 & IWA14 certification

Frontier Pitts achieves a WORLD FIRST with joint approval of IWA14 and LPCB LPS1175 Security Rating for the Terra Bi-folding Gate Frontier Pitts Ltd has become the first company to achieve the LPCB certification for an HVM Bi-folding Gate to both the international standard for vehicle resistance (IWA14) and forced entry protection (LPS1175). The Terra Bi-folding Gate is the first and only HVM product to be listed in the Red Book Live to both IWA14-1 and LPS1175.

HVM Terra 180 Swing Arm Barrier - IWA 14

IWA 14 Terra 180 Swing Barriers, PAS 68 Compact Terra Barriers and PAS 68 Static Terra Venus Bollards at Spitalfields Market Bishops Square, Spitalfields, adjacent to the Old Spitalfields Market is located in the historic heart of East London, on a site that has had a market for over 350 years. Spitalfields offers an opportunity to experience this wonderfully authentic London area that is home to contemporary brands and innovative Street Food independents, all set against the backdrop of a world-famous City skyline.

IWA 14/PAS 68 HVM Terra Bifold Gate

IWA 14 – 7.2t @ 30mph Introducing the latest Terra Bi-folding Speed Gate which has been successfully impact tested to the International IWA14 Specification, stopping a 7.2 ton vehicle travelling at 30mph (48kph). **** Unique to the market this double leaf HVM Bi-folding Gate impact test resulted in minimal penetration *** This HVM Bi-fold Gate is the perfect solution for any building or perimeter fence line bringing together protection from the threat of VBIED’s (vehicle borne improvised explosive devices) and LPS1175 Security Rated Automatic Gates. Double bi-folding gate leaves Hinged Gates leaves can be automated with Actuators.

LPS1175 Platinum Bi-folding Gate with top guidance

The LPS 1175 SR1 (A1), SR2 (B3) & SR3 (C5) Platinum Bi-parting Bi-folding Gate with overhead top track is a security gate which is ideal for underground car parks and sites where there is a limited area for the gate to open and close. The gate has successfully withstood forcible attack to Security Rating 1 (A1) for 1 minute, Security Rating 2 (B3) for 3 minutes and Security Rating 3 (C5) for 5 minutes.

PAS 68 Terra Side Folding Quantum Bollard

Perfect for hotel drop off points, the PAS 68 Terra Side Folding Quantum Bollard is a retractable HVM Bollard which has been successfully impact tested to stop 7.5t at 30mph

Shine Like a Diamond

Frontier Pitts is proud and delighted to be awarded WINNERS of the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards International Business of the Year! The Awards acknowledges those businesses who have shown innovation and inspiration in their work, and have demonstrated a real commitment to the region. The Winners were unveiled at the 8th Annual Gatwick Diamond Business Awards at the Effingham Hotel in March When judging the International Business Award of the Year the judges looked for International growth benefitting the Gatwick economy. Frontier Pitts best demonstrated international growth that has achieved outstanding levels of sales, profit and market share improvement.

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