Flexi Support Systems from Pump House

Flexi Support Systems from Pump House

Building Services Support Frames

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Pump House is a leading supplier of ancillary products to the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration markets, with a range of over 2200 products which are defined by market sector. Their products are available via most major and independent wholesalers / merchants across the specified market sectors. Flexi Support Systems offer a complete range of free standing building services supports. These flat roof, non-penetrative support frames and feet are designed to support plant rooms, chillers, air-handling units, condensers, heat pumps, fans, pipes, ducts, cable ladders and cable trays. Pump House also provide standard safe access solutions such as Step-Overs and Hop-Overs, and also offer bespoke plant decks, walkways and ramped access platforms which are all designed to comply with British Standards. All steelwork is hot dip galvanised, and their frameworks are supplied with M24 adjustable leg assemblies to cater for typical flat roof falls. Pump House has a network of Regional Specification Managers who can attend your offices to provide you with an in-depth understanding of our products. They can attend site to carry out site surveys, or to attend site meetings. All their products are backed by their company warranty.

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Trade names

  • Flexi 320mm H Frame Kit
  • Flexi 500mm H Frame Kit
  • Flexi Access Platform
  • Flexi Base & Extender Frames
  • Flexi Base Frame
  • Flexi Bespoke Walkways
  • Flexi Cat Ladder
  • Flexi Companion Way Ladder
  • Flexi Custom Access Solutions
  • Flexi Custom Frames
  • Flexi Extender Frame
  • Flexi Foot Universal
  • Flexi Foot with Strut
  • Flexi Heavy Duty Frames
  • Flexi Hop-Over
  • Flexi Light Duty Frames
  • Flexi Modular Frames
  • Flexi Plant Deck
  • Flexi QUAD Frame
  • Flexi Solar Eco-Packs
  • Flexi Solar Frames
  • Flexi Solar Support
  • Flexi Step-Over
  • Flexi TWIN Frame