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Elefant Gratings Ltd - Inspiration product catalogue.

Stair Treads Type O5-M

Stair tread type O5TM-M is based on the type O5 pattern. Type O5 is identified by 5mm dia. punched and drainage holes and low visual transparency. This pattern is used commonly in high working areas to stop falling objects or in public areas requiring heel-proof flooring.

Stair Treads Type O5-M-"R"

Stair tread type O5TM-M”R” is based on the fabricated O5 M tread. Identified by 5 mm dia. punched and drainage holes is predominantly used in public areas and high working platforms. Available from stock offering added flexibility with the removable nosing. Enables the galvanised nosing to be used during construction stages on site; then replaced by the Powder Coated Nosing, if applicable, prior to completion. This ensures the paint is not damaged by contractors and provides a better finish as the nosing is fully powder coated. Manufactured from 2mm thick steel and available as Galvanised to BS EN 1461:2009. Optional Powder Coated to standard RAL colours available. For further information, please contact our sales department.

Technical Catalogue

Elefant Gratings Ltd has been successfully trading since 1998 specialising in the supply ofbespoke metal gratings & planks. We strive to find the best solution that suits yourrequirements. Utilising our experience & productknowledge, together with current British Standard guidelines; we provide unrivalled service. Elefant have developed a quality management system which contributes to ensuring that quality is paramount in all processes from servicing and consulting through production to delivery of the finished product.

UK Stock Catalogue

This document provides a stock list including details on gratings, louvres, planks, perforated planks and stair treads.

Showing 1-6 of 6