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DucoDoor Aluminium Louvre Doors

Choose from the DucoDoor Wall, DucoDoor Louvre and DucoDoor Grille in our range to find a louvre door that meets the buildings aesthetic, technical and legal requirements. Ducos louvre doors are suitable for fitting in technical areas - either on ground level or not, in car parks... both ventilated or as a (draught-proof) false louvre doors. All doors will guarantee a sleek and uniform frontage.

DucoGrille Acoustic Window & Wall Louvre

Recessed window louvres manufactured from extruded aluminium profiles. With one kind of louvre blade two aesthetic applications are possible: Z and L. The louvre blades are fitted with the sound-attenuating, inflammable mineral wool on the inside. The aluminium louvre blades are locked into place on plastic blade holders.

DucoGrille Close Multi Leaf Damper

The DucoGrille Close 105 is a blade damper which, as a result of its high airflow rate, is perfect for use in ventilation applications of buildings. A llowing fresh air from the outside to directly enter a building through the building envelope. The ultimate guarantee of a healthy indoor climate. Designed for wall mounted applications in supply mode, the DucoGrille Close 105 is fitted with a grille on both sides for aesthetic purposes. This blade damper is ideal when combined with a DucoGrille Solid series. Thanks to its high air flow rate the DucoGrille Close 105 is also suitable for adjustable extract. Blade dampers are motor controlled and can be connected to a Building Management System thus allowing for a fully-fledged ventilation strategy.

DucoGrille High Performance Window & Wall Louvres

DucoGrille high performance louvres have been developed especially for intensive ventilation. The resistance factor is exceptionally low which allows large quantities of air to be introduced into or removed from spaces, using only a limited surface.

DucoGrille NightVent Ventilative Cooling

The DucoGrille NightVent is a glass-replacing ventilation hatch (for glass thicknesses from 24 to 48 mm) protected from outside by an aesthetic window ventilator, with the option of an intrusion-resistant version. Thanks to the flat inside panel, this system boasts a sleek design. A new feature of the DucoGrille NightVent is the ventilation hatch control, which can now be done with manual or fully automatic operation. When choosing for a motorised system, the optional intelligent control based on CO2 and temperature measurements can open/close the ventilation hatch as necessary. In addition, the DucoGrille NightVentcan be connected to a building management system (BMS). In addition, the outside grille is also available in a vandalism-proof or burglarproof version.

Ducos Intrusion-Resistant Solutions Ventilation Louvres, Continuous Louvre Walls and Louvre Doors

As a manufacturer of products including ventilation louvres and louvre walls, Duco's range offers a number of innovative, patented solutions that comply with RC2 resistance class according to European standards. Duco has quite a few intrusion-resistant solutions that are extremely suitable for night ventilation / purge ventilation. Duco's intrusion-resistant ventilation louvres, continuous louvre walls and doors can be used in access areas, datacentres, bicycle storage, plant and technical rooms. Test reports of all products are available on request.

DucoSlide Architectural Aluminium Sliding Solar Shading Panels

With DucoSlide not only do you keep the sun's heat out but every façade also receives additional radiation thanks to the interplay between the façade and solar shading. The DucoSlide range comprises sliding panels, with wooden or aluminium louvre blades in a frame or side profile.

DucoSun Architectural Solar Shading & Brise Soleil

With DucoSun not only do you keep the sun's heat out but every façade also receives additional radiation thanks to the interplay between the façade and solar shading brise soleil. At DucoSun there is a choice between fixed or adjustable louvre blades which can be installed horizontally as well as vertically.

DucoWall Aluminium Louvre Plant Screening & Roof Turret

DucoWall is ideally suited for projects where the primary function of the continuous blade louvre is to offer an effective cosmetic covering ("screening"). This system is often used on projects as a screening louvre. Additonal to this aluminium roof cowls or turret offer the possibility of concealing air vents in roofs in an aesthetic manner whilst at the same time, ensuring sufficient intensive ventilation of the screened areas.

DucoWall High Performance Continuous Louvre Wall

The DucoWall high performance continuous louvre wall range have uniquely shaped high performance louvre blades which results in excellent air flow and water repellent characteristics.

Louvre Wall

Aluminium continuous louvre walls, whereby the aluminium louvre blades are locked into place on plastic blade holders. These are firstly secured into place on the aluminium support profile using Duco's patented 'Three-Click' system. The louvre blade holders can be positioned separately in the support profile, enabling a perfect finish. The DucoWall Classic range offers many different louvre blades.

Louvres Grilles Window & Wall

Ducos wall and window louvre combine intensive ventilation with an aesthetically pleasing design. With a great variation in forms and colours Duco offers the architect many installation and modular options. The wall louvre are easy to install and fitted as standard with an insect screen. Duco provides a full range of wall and window louvre from standard Classic louvre, and closeable Close louvre and sound absorbing Acoustic louvre through to exceptionally tough Solid wall louvre, both vandal-proof and burglar-resistant.

Mechanical Air Extraction & Ventilation

The DucoBox Silent, combined with exhaust vents, ensures efficient mechanical extraction of stale and/or moist air. As far as exhaust vents are concerned, you can choose between a basic version (DucoVent Basic) and an aesthetic version (DucoVent Design). In addition to this, with the Intelli Air Valve, Duco has a compact system available for common exhaust in high-rise as well as multiple dwelling buildings, student accommodation or non-residential property.

Natural Ventilation System

The Duco Comfort System is an easy to install Demand-Controlled Natural Ventilation System (VNV) and provides natural air supply via self-regulating window ventilators in the façade and a mechanical extraction of stale and/or moist air via the central extract unit. This, in combination with the minimal investment, ensures that this system is ideally suited for new buildings and renovations. Indeed, considering that all communication between the different components is fully wireless via an independently developed communication protocol.

Solar Shading Brise Soleil

External brise soleil solar shading not only keeps the sun's heat out, but also guarantees a 63% reduction in the cooling load if used together with intensive night ventilation. Solar shading combined with ventilation are therefore a natural way of ensuring that a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate can be established in any building.

Warranty & Maintenance Information

Duco Projects provides 10-year warranty cover on Duco system materials covering potential defects in materials and surface treatment, applicable from the date 3 months after delivery or from the date of installation, whichever is the sooner.For motors and for components subject to wear as a result of movement, however, this warranty is limited to 1 year. This warranty is only valid for building projects in European countries (other countries upon request only) and provided normal use and maintenance have been observed. This warranty is on a sliding scale, reducing by 10% a year (e.g.: during the third year 80% of the claim will still be covered by this warranty).

Window Trickle Ventilators

With Duco's Demand-Controlled Natural Ventilation Systems a wide range of self-regulating (SR) window ventilators is available for the supply of fresh air. From standard self-regulating tricklevents which can be fitted in every kind of window or installation site, to window vents with sound absorbing qualities for projects where there is exposure to (mild) levels of noise, fire-resistant louvres, custom window ventilators for high-rise buildings, to ventilation and solar shading in a single product or electronically controlled louvres with preheating.

Showing 1-19 of 19