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Apartment block Sint-Niklaas - Solar Shading Sliding Panels

This external solar shading system with aluminium sliding panels in front of the glazing means the sun's rays do not get a chance to heat up the interior directly. DucoSlide also ensures maximum privacy by screening off the glazed areas, while maintaining the view outside. DucoSlide also adds value to the façade of the building from an aesthetic point of view. The slim and robust frame profile, light weight, fine louvre blades and aluminium colour of the panels, perfectly complements the colour of the building.

De Amazones, Den Bosch - Window Ventilators

Duco responds to the requirement to create a healthy as well as (acoustically) comfortable indoor climate by using self-regulating window ventilators in the form of DucoFit 50 ‘SR’, DucoMax ‘SR’ and GlasMax ‘SR’. “DucoFit 50 ‘SR’ lends itself perfectly for use on the lower floors of the tower blocks whereas DucoMax ‘SR’ and GlasMax ‘SR’ window ventilators are eminently suitable at heights between 20 and 40 metres.

Laidlaw Library Leeds - Solar Shading

In close consultation the decision to use DucoSun Cubic 300, combining functionality and aesthetics, was made quickly. The unique rectangular louvre blades in DucoSun Cubic 300 not only ensure that the heat from solar radiation gets absorbed efficiently, but they also give a sleek, linear accent which definitely adds architectural value. The blades of DucoSun Cubic 300 were installed vertically in front of the glass windows. Vertical solar shading guarantees maximum privacy, while still allowing an adequate outside view at the same time. Using DucoSun Cubic 300, we were able to achieve the desired aesthetics and performance requirements.

Livingstone Brussels - Solar Shading Brise Soleil

The elliptical louvre blades on the DucoSun Ellips 150 that are incorporated in the construction as a terrace cover, fulfil both a functional and an aesthetic role. "This type of solar shading system with its elegantly shaped blades, minimalist fixings, simple fitting system and the way that the shade tapers at off at the end with the inclination angle of the blades, fits seamlessly into Livingstone's architectural concept", states Archi 2000. "In addition the light grey of the DucoSun Ellips 150 reflects the light perfectly so that the blades blend in beautifully with the sky."

Power Solutions, Wijnegem - Solar Shading

There was a requirement to cut down directly incident sunlight, the idea came up to work with DucoSun Wing in front of the façade. These large, wing-shaped louvre blades were made of a black perforated sheet that was made in special non-standard sizes for this project. This system therefore works as solar shading on the one hand as well as fulfilling an architectural function on the other, which is a defining factor in the architectural appearance of the office building.

The Lexicon Bracknell - Louvre Wall & Louvre Doors

The bulk of the project, spread over seven large blocks, used DucoWall Basic to provide plant screening. One element, where higher level glazing needs privacy screening from the walkways below, DucoWall Classic W 50Z is installed inverted so that the areas gain maximum light without sacrificing privacy. Another challenge was to incorporate louvre doors into the plant screening areas without interrupting the aesthetic appearance. Here again a standard DucoDoor solution provided exactly what was required. The DucoDoor can use the full range of DucoWall blades to provide a beautiful and uniform result.

Showing 1-6 of 6