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Consort Claudgen

+44 (0)1646 692172 www.consortepl.com

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Air Curtains Summary Sheet

Consort manufacture a wide range of surface mounted and recessed air curtains. Here is a quick summary of the complete range.

Consort Claudgen Heat Brochure

A complete listing of Consort Claudgen's range of electric heating. Included are: Electronic 7-day timer heaters, basic and advanced heating controllers, run-back timers, multizone and landlord control, wireless controlled heaters, slimline panel heaters, convector heaters, convector, Low Surface Temperature Heaters, LST heaters, free standing LST heaters, wall mounted fan heaters, bathroom downflow heaters, towel rails white and chrome, ladder towel rails, plinth heaters, air curtains, wireless control conversion units, recessed air curtains, ceiling heaters, quartz heaters, weatherproof outdoor heaters, ceramic heaters, frost protection utility heaters, glass element radiant heaters, metal element radiant heaters, soft start, air cleaners and electric sanitary incinerators.

Low Surface Temperature Heaters brochure 2020

Consort's range of LST heaters suitable for use in environments with vulnerable people such as schools, nurseries, hospitals, care homes, and anywhere where safety is paramount.

Showing 1-5 of 5