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BB93 Solution for Teeside University

The original building was constructed in 1997 and incorporated some sound absorbent materials; the refurbishment had to inject new life into the interior whilst also enhancing the library’s acoustic performance. The open-plan layout, which can have up to 450 students using it at any one time, presented a particular challenge for controlling the build-up and spread of sound.

Regupol 4515: Ideal for Student Accommodation

Philharmonic Court, located on Catherine Street behind the historic Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, is a £25 million development of two linked structures offering accommodation for 354 University of Liverpool students. The new building, by Worthington Properties, replaces five outdated student blocks. Acoustics are a crucial factor in student residences, given the need to accommodate both youthful exuberance and the demands of serious academic study. As with all residential structures, the requirements of Part E (Resistance to Sound) of the Building Regulations must be adhered to. CMS Danskin worked with the architect and main contractor to find a suitable acoustic solution.

Regupol 6010BA used in RIBA Award Winning Building

When a client envisions a major redevelopment project that will “allow the whole building to become a vibrant, creative hub, by day and night” acousticians, naturally, get a little bit nervous. To an acoustician, vibrant is just another word for noisy. As for creative? That’s just another word for chaos. When the client proceeds to announce that this vibrant, creative hub is to include an assortment of quiet and loud spaces, nervousness may turn to panic.

Sound Absorption Solution for Moneypenny Call Centre HQ

With a purpose-built development on the cards in its home town of Wrexham, Wales; Moneypenny had a 10-acre plot with which to design a new office space which could house up to 1,000 employees. However, unlike many traditional office projects of this nature; Moneypenny approached the building design in a very unique way. The £15m headquarters’ top line brief was to create a development which would literally ‘put a smile on people’s faces’.

We put the "Shhh" in The Shard

When CMS Danskin Acoustics Limited was engaged by Progressive Group to ensure the Shangri-La Hotel’s 42 floors in the Shard were effectively soundproofed, it wasn’t a straightforward assignment. From the very first sketches drawn on a napkin by Piano during dinner with entrepreneur and property developer Irvine Sellar, the Shard was always intended to be ‘all about the windows’, with expressive façades of angled glass reflecting sunlight and the sky, and affording 360° views of the city.

Showing 1-5 of 5