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Aluminium Substructure Assembly Guide

Aluminium substructure assembly guide. Aluminium substructure and accessories are most often used with composite decking where a lightweight and long lasting system is required. The aluminium system can also be used with porcelain tiles and is particularly suited to flat roofs and balconies.

Castleflex Rubber Tile Laying Guide

Castleflex rubber promenade tiles laying guide. Castleflex rubber tiles are designed for use on flat roofs and balconies where a free draining and slip resistant surface is required.

GRC Promenade Data Sheet

GRC promenade tile data sheet. Manufactured from glass fibre reinforced concrete. Designed for use on flat roofs and balconies where a low threshold and lightweight paving solution is required.

GRC Promenade Install Guide

Grc Promenade Tile installation guide. Designed and manufactured for flat roofs and balconies where a lightweight and low threshold paving product is required.

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 certification for the sale and distribution of paving products and the manufacturer of concrete products.

Showing 1-8 of 8