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Manufacturers of a full range of Engineered Fall Protection and Access Solutions

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Steve Jervis



At Bettersafe International you are our priority. Enabling ease of access to detailed information to allow a simple and straightforward specification journey using our products.

As manufacturers of Height Safety and Fall Protection equipment, and as Recommended Suppliers to Kingspan we understand the need for impeccable performance and detailed specifications, and the ease of access to that information, and our entire business model is designed to provide you with what you need when you need it.

Like most companies we say that we can offer you the best quality product, the best quality service and a complete product range offering. Where we differ is what we have built our company on. Relationships – our customers are our partners, and their customers are our priority.

We understand you need information, specifications, documentation and pricing, and that you need them when you need them, not at the leisure of Bettersafe International. So, we make all our technical and marketing information available to everyone, easily obtained from the downloads section of our website, in addition to be fully available on the NBS Source Library.

We don’t have password protected areas, or request forms. If you need the information, you invariably need it now, not tomorrow.

We add more to our partnerships than you would receive from most others, and we believe this is what you should expect as a minimum. And then we do more. This is why we are different. We don’t treat people differently based on the size of their company, their title or their spend. We are here to work with you, partner with you, help you simplify the process of adding Fall Protection to your project.

With our family style ethos we are always looking to help you by supplying service over and above what you expect, products which have the best quality possible and with no compromise.

We offer another key defining point. Sustainable Height Safety Solutions under our STEM Initiative.

The STEM Initiative is the promise of a tomorrow through what we do today.

From small ideas grow large changes, and in order to achieve our aspirations for a better tomorrow Bettersafe International applies the philosophy of The STEM Initiative to everything we do, from our products to our offices to our travel itinerary.

We are advocates of carbon neutrality and have our target set on carbon negativity, with any carbon positivity in any of our sites being offset in our other regions.

The STEM Initiative is the backbone of our decision-making process, making sure that all our company decisions, developments and directions are 100% adhering to the overall aspiration of delivering tomorrow.

This translates to our products, where recycled materials are used wherever it is possible, and where it is not possible then we ensure that the design allows for very simply disassembly at the end of its product life to enable simple recycling.

Fully ISO Certified, with products manufactured right here in the United Kingdom we pride ourselves on not only providing the best possible support and service to your project, but also the quality expected of UK manufacturing and the additional bonus of helping our economy stay strong!

Who are we?

We are specialists in Working at Height. Nothing else. No dilution, no separation, no compromise.

With over 40 years of experience within our walls we offer our partners high quality, industry leading Fall Protection Equipment and unique solutions. Couple this with extensive training courses, exceptional quotation and technical support, and a very rapid response to required solutions, you have a winning formula to partner with.

We have worked alongside some of the leading companies in the construction industry, with installations of our products being in some of the most prestigious of locations, such as football stadiums, airports and Government buildings across the globe.

We have key installations in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, United States, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Eire, Italy.

What do we do?

Fall Protection. It’s what we do at Bettersafe International. It’s how we do it that is different.

Unlike the majority of suppliers our single focus is ensuring that you get the product and support you need when you need it. This is done through large stocks, rapid response, extensive technical libraries and an open ear. We are relaxed and responsive, we always answer our phones and we are always willing to assist in whatever means we can.

For far too long product developers have been listening to the market through the ears of manufacturers. The voices of the specifiers, architects, users, installers, safety managers and building owners seem to have been lost in the wind.

Bettersafe International are doing things differently. We are listening.

We work alongside development partners to ensure that the products and support we deliver to you are already field tested and designed for the market into which they are being placed. We offer a product developed for the market into which is to be used, support it to a level that surpasses expectations, and we price it to win. Simple as that.


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Axxess Abseil

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AxxessLine - Horizontal Safety Lifeline - Safety Line System

Guard Angel - Edge Protection Systems - Safety Guard Rail Edge Protection

Guard Angel - Edge Protection Systems - Safety Guard Rail Edge Protection

Walk Angel - Walkway and Access Systems - Roof Access Walkway and Step System

Walk Angel - Walkway and Access Systems - Roof Access Walkway and Step System

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AxxessLine - Horizontal Lifeline for Kingspan Roofing Systems

AxxessLine - Horizontal Lifeline for Kingspan Roofing Systems

AxxessLine - Kingspan Roofing Systems Applications

AxxessLine - Kingspan Roofing Systems Applications

Roof Angel - Horizontal Lifeline

Roof Angel - Horizontal Lifeline

Axxess100 - Kingspan Recommended Supplier Products

Axxess100 - Kingspan Recommended Supplier Products

Trade names

  • Roof Angel
  • Guard Angel
  • Walk Angel
  • Sky Angel
  • Weight Angel
  • AxxessLine
  • AxxessGuard
  • AxxessWalk
  • AxxessSky
  • Kingspan Recommended Supplier
  • EN795
  • Guard Rail
  • Guardrail
  • Walkway
  • Fall Protection
  • Safety Anchor
  • Safety Line
  • Edge Protection
  • Rooflight Covers
  • Skylight Covers
  • Fall Arrest
  • Collective Safety
  • guided type fall arrest system
  • Working at Height
  • Work at Height
  • BS7883
  • Bettersafe
  • Bettersafe International
  • Fall Angel